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Butter, Cream, Peach, Vanilla, Floral, Smooth, Sweet, Bitter, Seaweed, Vegetal, Custard, Grass, Oak, Tart, Autumn Leaf Pile, Candy, Creamy, Dry Grass, Green
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  • “Super sad sipdown! I quite like this tea, I wish it was a little more peachy, but the creamyness is really tasty. Reminds me I’m due for a Lupicia order, though I really hate their shipping price...” Read full tasting note
  • “It’s not as cold anymore (Okay, Canadians, I know 10 C doesn’t seem very cold to you considering your current weather situation, but it’s really been unusually chilly and wet here.) so I can drink...” Read full tasting note
  • “Odd! I know this is supposed to be peach but it tastes kinda almondy to me. Like in an almond flavor kind of way. I get the texture and mouthfeel of matcha here from the added matcha powder. I...” Read full tasting note
  • “I decided I was going to cold brew this last night and it is pretty good that way, which is fortunate since I didn’t care for it very much when it was hot. It’s a beautiful sunny day here and it’s...” Read full tasting note

From Lupicia

Luscious peach and sweet vanilla flavored green tea captures the enchanting nature of a graceful Japanese beauty.

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101 Tasting Notes

1271 tasting notes

Super sad sipdown!
I quite like this tea, I wish it was a little more peachy, but the creamyness is really tasty. Reminds me I’m due for a Lupicia order, though I really hate their shipping price and the store is a little out of the way. I’ll hold out until a sale or the New Year mystery bags.

I did a review of Momoko on my tea blog, Oolong Owl – one of my early posts!

Now to modpodge the pretty artwork packaging onto a tin!

Boiling 1 min, 45 sec

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303 tasting notes

It’s not as cold anymore (Okay, Canadians, I know 10 C doesn’t seem very cold to you considering your current weather situation, but it’s really been unusually chilly and wet here.) so I can drink copious amounts of iced tea again.

I saved the last of this much beloved and somewhat aged Lupicia tea in order to try it iced again. It’s absolute perfection – delicate, with that perfect natural peach perfume and some lush vanilla to round it off.

Nothing beats a just-opened package of Lupicia tea, but I must say I feel they age exceptionally well.

Necessary repurchase.

[Purchased at Lupicia in Honolulu, December 2012.]
[Polished off in Rome, March 2014.]

Iced 8 min or more

Ok ok, shopping list


Ha ha, well the temperature is all relative compared to what you are used to. I can’t wait until it is 10C. Ha ha.


Ok ok, shopping list!


whoops—that posted twice. And yeah, I can’t wait until it’s 10C here, either! either that or we can all move into anna’s house in Italy. I bet it’s either massive and sprawling and majestic, or tiny and dainty and quaint.


It’s a big, hulking research institute with stray archaeologists wandering around muttering to themselves, and the occasional fresh-faced, bright-eyed flock of classicists materializing in the yard.


I’m all over it.

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525 tasting notes

Odd! I know this is supposed to be peach but it tastes kinda almondy to me. Like in an almond flavor kind of way. I get the texture and mouthfeel of matcha here from the added matcha powder. I can taste the flowers and the smoothness of the vanilla. Yes, there is peach here, but an odd almond like peach. Of course, peaches and almonds are in the same family so I can see why they might taste similar. Actually, the peach maybe tastes more like apricot? Hmmm… I need another cup to make sure. Yeah, the peach is not as strong as I would have liked. Still pretty tasty though. I think the Super Grade Momo Oolong is infinitely better, but this is a nice affordable green tea version. :) I also like that this green tea doesn’t taste like the typical Chinese sencha so many green blends are made of.

Also, I stayed later at the office than was wise today and left in a rush. As a result, I left behind one critical piece of equipment that would allow me to work at home should that be necessary tomorrow. I suck. Hopefully I’ll be able to get back to work. And hopefully the heat and electricity will still be on.


Aaaand I just notice that I had actually had this tea before. Apparently it tasted better last time if my previous note is any indication. I’m doing a second steep with the leaves in the fridge so hopefully that one will be tasty.


Hopefully the snowstorm will be flurries and we can all go to work tomorrow. :) Sorry this tea wasn’t as good this time around. Maybe it’s just too old? It is amazing when it’s fresh!


I must have brewed it differently. I think last time I brewed it as a green tea with lower temp because… well, it’s a green! But this time, I followed the directions on the bag and used boiling. WIll stick my with intuition in the future. And this tea is definitely fresh as it only arrived from Lupicia last week. Or at least I hope they are not sending me old tea. :p As for the snow, there’s definitely a few inches on the ground but it’s not worse than any other winter snow storm. I’ll be back in my cube and working like usual by morning. :)


Oh, I didn’t realize you had just bought it. I thought it was only available in the springtime. Sticking with a lower temp will probably be better. :)

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2816 tasting notes

I decided I was going to cold brew this last night and it is pretty good that way, which is fortunate since I didn’t care for it very much when it was hot.

It’s a beautiful sunny day here and it’s also my birthday. yippee!

Iced 7 min, 45 sec

Happy Birthday =^_^=


Happy Birthday :)


Hope you have a wonderful day!!


many happy steppings and a grand year ahead!


Happy birthday! hope you have a good one!




Aw, happy birthday! <3


Happy birthday! I hope it was great!


happy birfday!


Happy birthday! Make it last a few extra days!


Happy bday! Hope it was an excellent day :)

Charles Thomas Draper

Happy Birthday!!

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1353 tasting notes

I just had a small sip of Husband’s mojito. Bleurgh! Not for me at all. I don’t actually like alcohol much and don’t find it refreshing no matter how many ice cubes are involved so, I suppose I could have told myself that it would be a bad idea.

I need something to wash that down with. Sil to the rescue! This one is a green tea with peaches and vanilla and Sil shared a few bags with me. I see that she didn’t much care for it herself, which makes it easier for me to say that I’m sceptical because I don’t actually much care for peach in tea. Peach everything else? Yes. Peach in tea? Not so much. And it appears that the deal-breaker for Sil was a strong floral note, something which I don’t really care for either.

Yeah, I’m beginning to expect something pretty dire here. But hey, at least I discovered that it’s a green base before I poured boiling water on it, so that’s a good sign right? Right!

Besides, it also has vanilla in it, and we all know what I’m like with vanilla, don’t we? Also, it’s been a long time since I actually had a peach flavoured tea, so my tastes might have changed in the meantime. These things do happen, you know. (For example, I used to really like Darjeeling. Now I just don’t care for it at all.)

There is definitely loads of peach in the aroma. It’s like when taking the very first bite of a peach or nectarine, and the fruit aroma comes up through the nose. There’s something green smelling in the aroma as well, sort of along the bottom and the edges and that note has a touch of something floral to it. I can’t immediately find any vanilla in the aroma, but there’s something sweet sort of hovering around the other notes which could be it, but might also simply be a peach fruity-sweet aspect.

Yeah, the flavour definitely has vanilla in it. It’s the first thing I find. A creamy thick sort of sweetness that reminds me a little of melted ice cream. A long with that, the green base comes out in force, and I can see what Sil means about something floral behind the vanilla. That’s exactly the way I’m experiencing it too. This is one of those teas that feel like they’re layered and the floral green tea is the bottom layer with vanilla right on top of that.

The floral aspect is quite obnoxious, but not completely undrinkable I don’t think. Sil shared two satchets with me, and I’m going to try and coldbrew the other one. It’s finally the weather for it too. This is just exactly the sort of tea that I’ve had good experiences with in coldbrew.

The peach flavour is mostly going on in the aftertaste for me here, with some modest overlap between it and the vanilla. This was the note that I was feeling the most sceptical about and it turns out to not actually be so bad. In fact I feel quite ready to dip my toes cautiously into the peach-flavoured tea pool again, so perhaps my tastes in that regard really have changed.

Not awesome, but it could have been much worse. I think it’s saved by there being two notes in here that I actually like. If either the peach or vanilla, and I don’t think it matters which one, had been missing, I wouldn’t have liked this at all, I don’t think. It’s drinkable as it is, and it’s infinitely better than Husband’s alcoholic concoction.

Edited: The cold brew is actually much nicer. The peach is very much at the forefront here, and although it’s still pretty floral, it’s not quite as obnoxious. Unfortunately the vanilla seems to have got slightly lost, though. I really very much prefer it brewed this way, but that doesn’t surprise me. It’s something I’ve noticed before with these sorts of blends.


This tea has rose petals, cornflowers, and lavender-flavored sugar crystals that contribute to the heavy floral notes. It really grew on me over time, and now I love it! :)


I suspect it’s the lavender that’s really showing up for me here. The other two tend to come over a little milder, I think.


Lol well I’m glad there’s hope for this tea. I really like the vanilla idea…floral just doesn’t work for me


Yeah, I’m the same way. Vanilla plus fruit almost always works for me. In some cases it works extremely well. The flowers just felt a bit like… pollution. :p

Terri HarpLady

I didn’t care much for this one. Too perfumy, & made my tongue hurt. My guess was artificial flavorings…


Yeah, it was quite perfume-y. You’re probably right about the artificial flavouring. Perhaps you have some sort of allergy.

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871 tasting notes

I received this one a super long time ago, it was from my very first swap with Sil, which would have been over a year ago. I recall trying it at work and thinking this would be awesome cold brewed. So I brought the rest of the sample home and I am pretty sure it has been sitting on the counter for a year. I was moving things around this weekend and found it shoved into a corner so I thought I better get on that cold brew.

This makes and excellent cold brew. Brewed for about 13 hours. It is peachy, and vanilla-y. Very creamy. There is a very light green tea undertone to the tea. I am glad I finally tried this one cold.

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1220 tasting notes

Meh. I am just not impressed with Lupicia’s peach flavor. Even if it tasted like peach candy, I’d be happy, but I just don’t get peach at all. This one at least is the most tolerable out of all momo related teas, which is good because I got an entire tin in that happy bag.

The green tea itself is really good though, I wonder if it’s the vanilla that just throws everything off for me. I may have to try cold brewing it to see if I like it better cold and maybe prepared a different way.

I decided I’m not going to class tomorrow because I am afraid of going downtown until this Final Four stuff is done. Also pollen but that’s a terrible excuse as I’m going to be planting. My city started up a community garden and I may get a plot! I just have to keep living here then…I was considering going back into Atlanta proper when my lease was up but I am dying to be part of a community garden, especially if it’s just starting up.

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1629 tasting notes

I love this tea! I was happy to find this at the Mitsuwa near me! The packaging is super cute too.

I love the thin green leaves and the small pink flowers in this pyramidal tea bag. The smell is great! I love peach teas, and this one is a very good blend. I could taste the warmth and creaminess that the vanilla flavors give. The fruity and slightly floral notes play their tune as well. Delicious and refreshing!

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1442 tasting notes

Thank you for the great sample and the funny Christmas card, History Laced. It really brightened up my day! Lupicia is a place that would have otherwise been off my radar if not for you!

The dry leaves of Momoko smell near the same as fuzzy peaches: sour and peach-like with a dash of vanilla. Already we are off to a good start; I do not pass up fuzzy peaches. Steeped, the wet leaves gain a salty seaweed scent that is not unpleasant and not as overly present in the liquor. Isn’t that usually a characteristic of Sencha?

The green is more astringently vegetal than buttery mellow to start but it picks up more of those latter qualities near the finish and as it cools down. It starts strongly green that transitions down into sour, then sweet, vanilla peach.Ten minutes later and it’s almost all creamy soft peaches with a floral streak. There are some very subtle notes of sour and salt that creep in too.

Sipping this makes me think of sandy beaches, sun tan lotion, and tropical fruits. It’s amazing it can transport me somewhere like that when frosty patches of snow on the ground are visible from my window.

This is the first time I’ve had peach tea with a green base. Peaches are usually one of my least favourite fruits in yoghurt, juice drinks, etc. but I’ve loved almost all the peach infused teas that have stumbled my way!

195 °F / 90 °C 1 min, 30 sec

Peach yoghurt literally makes me gag! But I love Gurmans’s peach green tea called Madame Butterfly.

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464 tasting notes

Momo box tea! I had this in the morning as my calm before the storm I’m a bridesmaid and this weekend is totally taken over by wedding stuff.

As for the tea itself, it was ok. Nice base and overly flowery decor. I didn’t get any each in this. Oh well. Not bad, but not overly impressed.


It is definitely underpeached, but Lupicia’s bases are so good (I know, I go on and on about this) I rarely mind their underflavoured teas at all.


I really like this one. It grew on me over time.


Anna- The base was pretty good!

Charoma- I have a few more cups worth to play with, so I’ll have to see if it grows on me.

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