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  • “the first tin of Bogart we bought in San Fran is gone. I think that’s a record for this household. It’s also the first loose-leaf tea that my husband drank more of than I did. But I got the last...” Read full tasting note
  • “Oh…so you want to be center of attention!? Oh…you want to be the leading man? Well, let’s just see what you’ve got, sir! This has a bit of nose trickery going on! At first sniff it reminds me of...” Read full tasting note
  • “Drinking the last of my tin. I loaded up two heaping teaspons into my 12oz. mug. The taste is so potent it’s almost like I’ve added hazelnut coffee creamer to this! But it’s so much...” Read full tasting note
  • “I have a cat named Mrs. Palmer, who has an enormous crush on my oldest son. Mrs. Palmer looks at me with disdain and superiority (which I love—every cat lady loves a superior cat) and she...” Read full tasting note

From Leland Tea Co

The smooth, warm, soothing, familiar flavors of cinnamon, buttery hazelnuts and vanilla anchor us in this ever changing world. These spices blended together with the finest black tea create a hug in a cup. Wonderful to sip as a dessert tea or just to enjoy on a cool morning or evening (Blended with Lapsang Souchoung it is a coffee lovers tea dream come true).

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29 Tasting Notes

2977 tasting notes

the first tin of Bogart we bought in San Fran is gone. I think that’s a record for this household. It’s also the first loose-leaf tea that my husband drank more of than I did. But I got the last cup today :-)

205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 0 sec

Oh, this sounds good! I’ll need to go to Leland Tea again soon, it’s been a while!


This sounds really good!

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6768 tasting notes

Oh…so you want to be center of attention!? Oh…you want to be the leading man? Well, let’s just see what you’ve got, sir!

This has a bit of nose trickery going on! At first sniff it reminds me of a chai. 2nd sniff it changes it’s mind and resembles a perfect wintery-type blend. Then…just when you think you’ve figured it out…the individual components smack you in the face! You are quite bold, mister! I can smell Cinnamon, Vanilla, and almost a buttery-creme in there with a bit of nuttiness.

The color is a rich brown.

My first sip was very slippery…yes, slippery! Smooth and buttery cream-like tones. The after taste is reminding me of Hazelnut. The 2nd taste…still slippery with the cinnamon popping out more. As I continue to sip I inhale at the same time to be presented with an ever-so-slight smokey scent that passes just like a breeze.

This is an interesting cup to say the very least.

Almost a competition for the leading role? Perhaps. I’m so happy Doulton let me “bogart” some of this from her stash! (har, har)

190 °F / 87 °C 4 min, 0 sec



Teahee! Fantastic note :) Doulton sent me some of this too and it’s one I’m dying to try. Okay, so almost everything she sent me I’m dying to try. ;) But between this one and the other smoky teas she sent – whoowee does my bedroom smell awesome!


i so wanna try that one…


Btw if you or your followers that are reading this got a minute of free time, i’m ordering some tea from the states (aunt flying over fro the summer) that cant normally ship to my country or they do for huge fees (only Adagio teas i can get rather easily). Could you recommend me a couple of teas that are made by USA based tea companies? Some teas that are quite particular and cant be found everywhere…
Thanks in advance ;)


Malomorgren…Sure! I can…I’ll ponder that for a little bit. Have you tried posting in the discussion/forums??? I’m sure TONS of others will respond if you post a new topic in there, too!!!


oh ya that would prolly be a good place to ask lol


I second TeaEqualsBliss: I’ll ponder as well, but I also highly encourage you to post your inquiry to the Discussions. I was scared the first time posting a topic there, but the help from the entire community has been invaluable! :)


Can we FEEL the Steepster LOVE!? :P




lol it’s on the discussions now. i’m still both tea and Steepster newbie ;) figured it’s smart to ask the one that drinks teas all day long every day hehe


:) Thanks!!!! Sure…I will PM you and see what kind of things you are thinking and see what I might be able to suggest or help out with.


thanks whole bunches :) you can see what i got lately in my cupboard. it’s been very diverse and exploring path. from quite yummy to some that were barely drinkable. but i like to try anything. for example still didnt find a pu ehr that i actually like but i dont give up that easy. i’m not very much into very fruity teas but some are good. i love black teas, like to drink plain green and oolong, adore some whites too (adagio’s silver needle my fav) – those i kinda almost prefer without blending – just trying out different kinds of them.
but then again, anything goes at this point really ;)
pure jasmine tea is the only one i couldnt drink. idk why. hate that smell brrr. but when jasmin is a minor part of the blended tea then i dont mind it…


HEY!!! COOL! :P I have recently obtained a Vanilla Mint Pu-erh from Rishi that I hope to try for the first time later today…so be on the look out! I, too, have struggled with Pu-erh’s!!!! Haven’t really found any I LOVE yet…ya know!?


i do however like raw pu-ehr way better than ripe. i’m certain there is one for me out there. gl with your search. i’m keeping an eye on your logs as usual ;)

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314 tasting notes

Drinking the last of my tin. I loaded up two heaping teaspons into my 12oz. mug. The taste is so potent it’s almost like I’ve added hazelnut coffee creamer to this! But it’s so much healthier.

Until we meet again, Bogart! This was only the beginning of a beautiful friendship. ;)


I can’t wait to try this!


I think I’ll need to buy this one.


I think this was very good for a hazelnut flavored tea. Very rich-tasting. But it was my first hazelnut tea so I couldn’t say if it is the best. But there were raves on Yelp about it and I just had to get it. So, Morgana and Doulton, if you get this I still recommend it highly! It’s kind of addictive—it surprised me on how often I reached for this!


I just placed an order. I couldn’t get your review out of my mind. And that name—-so very clever. I get easily hooked by names.


I hope you enjoy it! I loved the name too and for some reason, the tea conjured up images of grainy b/w films and trenchcoats!

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259 tasting notes

I have a cat named Mrs. Palmer, who has an enormous crush on my oldest son. Mrs. Palmer looks at me with disdain and superiority (which I love—every cat lady loves a superior cat) and she tolerates my husband. When my son comes around she gets this goofy dazed crazy happy expression on her face that I call “Spring Awakening”.

Leland Tea’s Bogart has given me “spring awakening”. I am a somewhat cautious tea drinker—I prefer to start out with a small sample at 1 or 2 bucks. Then I might buy more. Untasted, sight unseen, nothing known about Leland Teas, I purchased not one but two full orders of Bogart (and quite a few of their other blends). I ordered on April 12 and today, April 19th my tea has arrived. Very good record, considering that I also got teas today that were ordered on April 3rd.

Upon first sniff I fell in love; first taste confirmed the love, and I think that the explanation is that Leland Teas uses some Lapsang Souchoung in the blend. If you don’t like smoke, you would barely notice it, however. The predominant taste is the hazel nut, followed by the vanilla and the cinnamon. The nuttiness is divine and the vanilla is excellent. The cinnamon wisely remains a back-up player and does not try to take over the show.

I’m ready for more and I still have that “spring awakening” expression on my face. The question is will I be able to stop and try other teas? I have, from Leland, “Tiffany,” and “Garbo’s Peachy Blend” and “Kisses!” and more!

200 °F / 93 °C 4 min, 15 sec

every cat lady loves a superior cat

That is SO true. The loveliest cat I’ve had was also the one with the worst temper.


My “avatar” is another cat of great distinction, discernment, and superiority. I have three boy cats who love me; they are cuddly, soft, fuzzy, uncomplicated. The two girls, however, know that I am on the bottom of the food chain,


I love cats for the same reasons that people who don’t like them don’t: their independence, their disdain for humans, and their tendency to chase invisible objects (ok, this is not actually something that gets listed all THAT often). I’m not sure what I would do with an affection cat.

Also, this tea sounds YUMMY.


Oh yes, I know exactly what you mean. My favorite cats are tortoiseshells/calicos, because they are known for having what people call “tortietude”—they know they’re better than us, and when they deign to acknowledge us, it’s just that much better.

On the other hand, my current cat (not my avatar) is an affectionate tortie fluffball, but when she’s around other cats, she turns into the Queen, tortietude and all. So, I plan on keeping this a single cat household, for now. :)


I have some of this as well and I’m really looking forward to it. Geez. I really really have to finish drinking up some of my lesser teas so I can get to the good stuff.


I have 2 miniature poodles and I am convinced that they are the felines of the canine world. My female poodle prances around the home and yard as if she is superior to all…


Yay! I’m so happy you like Bogart! It’s like a validation—if you like it, then it must be good! :)

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1353 tasting notes

I’m letting myself be inspired by the Steepsterites and trying this one tonight, also a Doulton tea

this smells absolutely lovely. It reminds me of these biscuits that my mother bakes for chirstmas, but it doesjn’t actually smell jparticularly christmassy, which is kind of weird when you think about it considering the biscuit-y smell. Supposedly if you blend it with laspang souchong the description says that it will supposedly become ‘a coffee lovers dream of tea’.

Errrr….. Right. Except coffee isn’t smoky and lapsang souchong flavour =/= coffee flavour. STOP MIXING UP COFFEE AND TEA, THEY ARE TWO VERY SEPARATE THINGS, ARGH! I’m getting a bit weary of many tea-drinkers’ snobbery that coffee-drinkers are somehow inferior because they “only” drink coffee. ‘Drink what you like and like what you drink’ they say and then they do their utmost to make the coffee-drinker see the light. Attend a coffee tasting. Coffee is just as diverse and interesting and with just as many details for the nerd as tea.

But that was a bit of a tangent. Where was I? Oh yes, aroma. After steeping it’s even more cake-y and a bit chocolate-y. Or maybe more Nutella-y than chocolate-y. Or, no, not Nutella. LU Bastogne. That’s it. Do you get those out there in the Big Abroad? A sort of syrup-y cinnamon biscuit.

What a surprise to taste! Again, Bastogne, definitely. Also reminds me of that chocolate pu-erh from Numi, it’s a very very similar flavour.

I like this one better though, and I’m in a funny sort of situation where having one tea is forcing me to go and dock points from another tea. It feekls strange.

Also in spite of the rant up there, I also want to try and mix it with some lapsang souchong.


Love LU; my favorites are the Petit Ecoliers.


I think Bogart is already blended with some lapsang souchong. The description is kind of confusing—it does sound like they want you to add lapsang to it—but they really mean that it’s already part of the blend.


Stephanie, I thought so at firsttoo, but then I decided that it was a suggestion on their part. It doesn’t smell or taste (to me) as if there is lapsang in it already. I can’t find any smoke at all.


Hmm..you may be right, Angrboda. But sometimes the flavor seems smoky to me. When I get a chance to stop by that shop again, I’ll ask them. I need to replenish my supply anyway! :)


That would be cool Stephanie. Let me know what they say because I’m totally in doubt about it now.


I was a fan of this one as well!

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371 tasting notes

Doulton’s Shakespeare: A Tasting Note in 5 Acts
Act II scene 3

Our revels now are ended. These our actors,
As I foretold you, were all spirits, and
Are melted into air, into thin air:
And like the baseless fabric of this vision,
The cloud-capp’d tow’rs, the gorgeous palaces,
The solemn temples, the great globe itself,
Yea, all which it inherit, shall dissolve,
And, like this insubstantial pageant faded,
Leave not a rack behind. We are such stuff
As dreams are made on; and our little life
Is rounded with a sleep.
The Tempest, Act IV scene 1

Oh, how this tea has been calling to me ever since Doulton’s box arrived. This was the main smell that I experienced when I opened the box. This is what’s been fragrancing my room. It’s sort of an intense vanilla/hazelnut tea smell. It sorta intimidated me.

Oh, this is good. I’ve only ever had hazelnut as a syrup in a latte (not my favorite) so I think that my mind picked up on the vanilla more. But wow. I think “hug in a cup” isn’t just something that Leland flippantly put in its description in order to sell more tea. It does seem like a holiday tea, but I’d take it a step further: this is more like the warm loving heart of most holidays. And Stephanie nailed the description of the second infusion: a cinnamony snickerdoodle!

This was the highlight of my day by far. I even kept the leaves for a final steep after I got home from work. Yes, three is definitely this tea’s limit. And usually I love contemplating where one of these teas fits in Shakespeare’s cannon, but this one was on the verge of infuriating. It’s not a tragedy and it should be one of his better plays. Could I call a tea “Shakespeare” the man? That didn’t sit well with me. Then I looked up a play that I’m not too familiar with: The Tempest. Aha! It’s got the family drama of many holidays but ends well. Many critics have even speculated that the character of Prospero was the embodiment of Shakespeare himself.

And then it happened. I was looking at this quote on one of the websites that I’ve relied heavily upon for these notes (enotes.com) and I read the commentary and almost fell out of my chair. They refer to Bogart’s famous last line in The Maltese Falcon: “The stuff that dreams are made of” and how Bogey had suggested this line himself (as far as anyone knows the misquote was unintentional). Well, I shall misquote intentionally: “This tea is such stuff as dreams are made on.” TG

200 °F / 93 °C 4 min, 0 sec

Has anyone tried Leland’s Kookiedoodle? That one has started to haunt my dreams ;)

I also want to mention the other resource that I’ve been using for these notes: Reduced Shakespeare: The Complete Guide for the Attention-Impaired [abridged] by Martin & Tichenor. I enjoyed their Reduced Shakespeare play and when this book came out years ago I snatched it up immediately. I highly recommend it — it’s very funny. :)


No, but I have some in my cupboard along with the other teas I haven’t tried yet. Lol.


Lol! I shall be anticipating your review even if it takes months! ;) I might just have to place an order with Leland. They truly have some great names for their teas. :)


I want to stop by that tea shop to refill my canister,but I don’t want to get tempted by more tea! Right now I’m practically swimming in tea! I’m happy though that everyone thinks Bogart is delicious too!

Rabs, I asked about Kookiedoodle when I was first there, and the guy said that he uses the same base as Bogart. So instead of hazelnuts, it’s more cinnamon-y?


Morgana: I’ll be looking forward to your note when you finally get to it :)

Stephanie: Thank you for the info. I read the description and thought that it sounded a great deal like Bogart, but maybe it’d be more like the 2nd steep and be Snickerdoodley! :D

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58 tasting notes

Part of Doulton’s Nabokov Prize!

I see Doulton’s on a mission, here. Clearly. ;) And it looks like she’s winning more converts with every steep!

The first thing I got was smoke, but warm, comforting smoke. And dulce de leche. Smoky dulce de leche, then. Like smoky, comforting, familiar trenchcoat. Which is appropriate! The smell and taste are both classic. The colour is a rich, warm amber that suggests maple syrup.

The most this needs is an eensy bit of raw sugar. I’m talking tiny. The thing about sugar is, like salt, it’s a flavour enhancer more than anything else. It shouldn’t dominate (well, OK, except in sugar cookies and rock candy); it should only compliment. Don’t add cream, whatever you do. I did, thinking a tiny drop would enhance the creaminess, but it was too much. It overwhelmed the lovely delicacy of this tea.

Before the cream, it was a lovely, sinuous, wafting thing. Like a smoking jacket belonging to someone who only smoked really nice tobacco in a pipe for years, perhaps taking it in the library after dinner with a snifter of single-malt.

Trenchcoat, smoking jacket. I’m sensing a theme. No fedora, though. Definitely no fedora. ;)

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

I love “like smoky, comforting, familiar trenchcoat.” What a great note!

I have enough of my sample from Doulton to make one more pot. I’m saving it for when I can sit down and thoroughly enjoy. I’m thinking it’ll have to be tonight or tomorrow :)


Ha, thanks. XD Yeah, I have enough for probably two pots left. I’ve got a single-serving pot though. Well…no, I guess technically it’s a two-cup pot, but I use a gigantic mug for it most of the time, so it’s more like single-serve for me. ;)

Steep it again, Rabs! :D


LOL! You know how to make a tea kettle whistle, don’t you? ;)


Shuah, sweets. All yous gotta do, see, is put some water in and wait for it to blow! ;)

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17 tasting notes

Very original and it smells really good. I like the creaminess. I’d like to try this tea with everything minus the Lapsang. I like that they tried adding it in here, but to me it doesn’t work.

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2036 tasting notes

Sipdown no. 73 of 2018 (no. 429 total).

I wrote to Leland a week ago to ask whether there is in fact lapsang souchong in this tea, or whether the description is intending to suggest blending this tea with lapsang souchong.

I hoped I’d have an answer by sipdown time, but alas, they never responded.

In any case, this tea grew on me. There was one time, last weekend, when I thought perhaps my interpretation was incorrect. I thought I might have tasted some smokiness which could mean lapsang was in the blend. But I got over it.

If they ever write back to me, I’ll let you guys know.


I had this a couple of years ago and liked it. I had the small canisters. Have you ever seen the large? I wondered if they were worth the extra cost. Nothing tells you how many ounces of tea you get as far as I can find.


I haven’t seen the large ones. I had a small, squat tin with a plastic cover.

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3317 tasting notes

This tea has been on my wish list for years. My daughter, Superanna, was super sneaky and used my wish list to birthday shop for me, and she is letting me have one tea each time we see each other even though my birthday isn’t here yet.

Doulton’s and other’s reviews made me want this. All I can say is…they were right.

Daughter smelled it and it smells like Christmas without smelling like Christmas flavors or Christmas trees. I see another review with Christmas sentiments on here, so she got that pretty much dead on.

But I don’t think of Christmas with this tea myself. I think of…Bogart, and his ilk. Youngest is in love with the 40’s and a few weeks ago we listened to The Friends of Mr. Cairo by Jon and Vangelis and then watched The Maltese Falcon.

When I drink this tea, I can smell Bogart’s cologne, and feel the stubble of his five o’clock shadow on my cheek. There is a hint of a pipe that had cherry tobacco in it – maybe he was smoking before I arrived.

Daughter says, “Tastes like cigarellos, trench coats, and subtle sexism.” And she hasn’t
even tried it yet! She did like the smell, though.

Something about it reminds me of roasted oolong, like a Da Hong Pao. I know that is the touch of Lapsang with the hazelnut. This is a blend that everyone who likes light smoke or roasted flavors should try at some time.

Thank you, Superanna!


That was so sneaky of her! And happy (belated) birthday!


What a thoughtful present(s)!

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