Supreme Breakfast

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Black Tea
Assam Black Tea, Chinese Keemun Black Tea
Cocoa, Malt, Smoke
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205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 15 sec 13 oz / 374 ml

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From Harney & Sons

Smooth and full-bodied. Fantastic teas from India and China are combined to create this Breakfast Blend. A wonderful tippy Assam gives it full body that is then smoothed by the rich distinctive flavor of Hao Ya ‘B’ Keemun.

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Since 1983 Harney & Sons has been the source for fine teas. We travel the globe to find the best teas and accept only the exceptional. We put our years of experience to work to bring you the best Single-Estate teas, and blends beyond compare.

37 Tasting Notes

985 tasting notes

Tea of the morning……

This one is nice and strong. Very present notes of malt with a slight edge of smoke. It is actually a little on the brisk side for me. I get mostly Assam in this Assam and Keemun blend, which usually makes me long for my Malachi McCormick that is mostly Keemun in a blend of similar, but probably lower grades of Keemun and Assam. I now think I know where my heart lies for a permanent breakfast tea, because all I can think is how a little more Kemmun would fix this for my palate.

It has been a rough weekend. And, yes, I know I am a total wimp. I am owning it. Our air conditioning has been out and I had to brave the hot weekend without it. Hence, it is the origin of my lack of tea postings (way to hot for hot tea…I can’t believe I found my threshold for hot tea! Apparently, it is somewhere over 90 degrees.) and general crabbiness from not sleeping well. I had much iced tea and water….to the point of depleting my ice supply. Now we are back to the weather I love……mid 70s, and the air should be fixed on Friday. Did I mention that I am a wimp as far as heat is concerned? School is out, but the construction goes forward.

Usual teapot method with scant Perfect Teaspoons of tea and a 3 minute steep.

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 0 sec
Hesper June

This tea sounds right up my alley for my morning brew!
I am sorry about the heat,glad its a little cooler and AC is getting fixed soon.
I am a total whiny grump when it comes to heat, I handle cold weather so much better.


I grew up in Nevada with temperatures much higher than I experience here, but I still get cranky when summer hits here. It’s uncommon here for a home to have AC. I get that the heat I deal with now is different but no AC?! I totally feel you on being a wimp in the heat. :D


There is a good balance between the Assam & Keemun…….I love this blend-tis’ one of my favs!


I agree that it is a good balance of Assam and Keemun. You can also tell that they are a pretty decent grade, too. I am just a lover of Keemun who does not like to add milk…. Malachi McCormick works better for me.

Ahhh, it has been beautiful today (except for the pounding on my walls). But all of that noise is temporary and we will have a gorgeous looking house.


R U remodeling?


No. We had hail and wind damage to our roof and siding last Spring. Our first contractor did our roof and ran with part of our siding money. We are finally getting the siding done. It was one of those situations where they could not match the existing siding, so we are getting the whole house redone. I know we will love it when it is over.


Soon I hope

Scott B

sounds like a good blend


When I first started ordering from Harney and Sons, I had a terrible time deciding between English Reakfast, Royal English Breakfast, and Supreme Breakfast. They are all good! I ended up buying the pound bag of 100% Keemun English Breakfast.


Keemun is like cowbell — you can always use a little more. :)


OMG! So true! It IS like cowbell! LOL!

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2816 tasting notes

A new sample from Harney & Sons to try this morning…

Not overly impressed with this one, but it’s nice and strong for the morning time. I am picking up on both the keemun and the assam notes. Strong and malty but at the same time, the keemun seems to give it a nice smoothness.

I did sip on it plain a bit and then decided it needed soymilk, it was good both ways. It is an enjoyable blend — I liked it but don’t think it will be going on my list of things I need. I have enjoyed experimenting with keemuns but think I will steer clear of them for a while since they don’t seem to thrill me much…

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

The Assam in this one turned me off. It was my least favorite of the three I tried for breakfast.


lol – I like assams, but keemuns not so much…. :)


Hhhhmmm…….What is it about Keemuns your not crazy about? Oh, I just noticed this. NOT sounding like a broken record {what’s that?}, please try reducing steep time & temp. My Hao Ya B is better around 3:00-3:15 around 195. [Thinking to myself: ’ I know I deserve a bitch slap for all this repitition’. ://]


We all like what we like. Sometimes, it is just better not to fight it. I, of course, am totally in the Keemun camp. For me, Assam can be nice in blends.


Scott, I don’t know, but Jen is right. Why fight it, I’ll just drink what I like and not worry about the others. :)


Oh, I’m not fighting it…….tea is all peace and love. :)) …….and rainbows and unicorns. Haha!


Just keep hibiscus away from my palate.


Keepin the hi biscuits away from your pa late Scott!


funny! :D

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596 tasting notes

A very nicely done breakfast blend. The Keemun smooths out the Assam so that I can drink it neat: No milk or sugar needed.

Brad Ganley

i need to get a hold of some Harney and Sons tea. I hear good things from everyone.

Lainie Petersen

@Brad Good stuff. Both flavored and “plain”. Check out Michael Harney’s book on tea, too. A great introduction.

Brad Ganley

I actually own that book, but never had the chance to try their tea :)


I, too, think this blend very nicely done. :)

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4843 tasting notes

Wow! This tea is good and strong! Definitely a good tea to get one going in the morning (and even though it’s 2:56 pm, it’s morning for me). Robust and deliciously malty. There is some bitterness to this (I steeped it for 2 1/2 minutes in boiling water), but I’m not finding it to be off-putting or undrinkable because of it. Rather, I think I find it just jolting enough to kind of help invigorate me.

There are some wonderful smoky tones to this, not a strong smokiness, but, in the background, somewhere beyond the malty tones, the hint of sweetness and the bitter mid-point. It all works together quite nicely, and forms a decent breakfast blend. Not the best breakfast blend I’ve tried (the best breakfast blend I’ve tried would be my own breakfast blend, aka LiberTeas Breakfast Blend, if you’re wondering), but it is enjoyable enough, and it would be a good tea to reach for on those days when I didn’t want to wake up but needed to.

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328 tasting notes

Gosh- thanks again to Ashmanra for this sample- this is one I will definitely reorder….The blend is perfect – as the assam provides some boldness and keemum is rounds this one out….


I told the girls to surprise with a tea this morning when I got home from physical therapy. This is what I got! It is not overly strong, but nicely bracing when you are sore, tired, or just need a pick-me-up. I will also be reordering this one!


Definitely strong bot not too strong…

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1112 tasting notes

OH that’s good! I’m having this with some milk and sugar and it’s comfort with an EDGE! The Assam tastes smooth and familiar and lovely, then on the end of the sip you get this little smoky delight! Again – perfect. Not too much for me, and not too little. I adore it. In my opinion, it completely deserves it’s name! I made myself the big 16 oz mug I have at home, and it’s almost gone! Very undignified amount of gulping going on here.

Thanks once again ashmanra – you have totally expanded my tea world!

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

So glad you like it! The Harney English Breakfast is this one without the edge, which is coming from the Indian tea in it. Queen Catherine is similar to English Breakfast but with a little enhanced smokiness and a full body, though it is all Chinese tea. The three teas are hard to choose between for me. Mood dictates which one I drink for breakfast! And Catherine goes without sugar for afternoon, the other two not so for me.


I can see a place for both in my cupboard according to mood too! I would find it hard to have Supreme Breakfast without milk and sugar because of the Assam – I love Assam teas with additions! But Catherine is wonderful in all her austere glory!!!!

I hope, hope, hope your package arrives today!!!!


Oh! and I started my first Miss Read book yesterday! I’m completely charmed! Conkers and gingernuts and lucky holes and pink chalk and Christmas pageants! A balm for this heart, mind, and soul that gets bruised in the too modern world!

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612 tasting notes

Had this morning, another nice Harney breakfast blend. Not as good as my favorite ones from them, but very serviceable nonetheless. Made the slog through work a lot easier.

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3317 tasting notes

Had this one for the first time this morning – a farewell cuppa with the friend who introduced me to fine loose leaf tea. It has a very light smoky taste, lighter than Queen Catherine. I find this one a little bolder than H&S regular English Breakfast, though. It grows on me….I think I could drink either and be satisfied. Will try again, and again, and try to make up my mind as to which I prefer, or when I would prefer them!

Boiling 4 min, 30 sec

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314 tasting notes

I can taste the malty Assam and the smoky-piney Keemun in almost equal measure. This is very smooth, with no bitterness or astringency. It doesn’t seem very strong, though. So, instead of a kick-starting jolt, this seems to ease you into the morning.

A calm, easygoing morning blend. maybe just a tiny bit ho-hum for me!

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

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259 tasting notes

A cold, overcast morning, a bowl of Cream of Wheat topped with fruit and honey, and a cup of Supreme Breakfast (augmented with a dash of smokey Russian Caravan) to warm the bones. Enjoying the quiet.
Made the tea a little hotter than I usually do, with only a slight increase of bitterness.

205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 0 sec

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