Coconut Pouchong

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Oolong Tea
Natural Coconut Flavor, Oolong Tea Leaves
Coconut, Cream, Grass, Chestnut, Floral, Orchid, Butter, Salt, Flowers, Fruit Tree Flowers, Rice, Smooth, Rice Pudding
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185 °F / 85 °C 3 min, 15 sec 3 g 9 oz / 267 ml

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  • “I was craving a creamy coconutty tea tonight. Not quite this one… haha, I just realized that it is/was DavidsTea’s Buttercream that I’m craving! (Or Persimmon’s Coconut Creme, but Buttercream is...” Read full tasting note
  • “This has been cold brewing in my fridge for 18 hours and I finally decided to try it. I might have made it a little strong but when I added soymilk to it, it’s really very tasty. Like a big glass...” Read full tasting note
  • “So, so frustrated today, steepsterites. I think I may have stress-fractured my tibia. It’s not a horrific sort of break. It’s pretty common, actually, as I understand it…but it hurts, and if it...” Read full tasting note
  • “My Golden Moon order FINALLY came in!!! This tea smells like Girl Scout Samoa’s!!…well, without the chocolate. I only brewed the first infusion for 2 minutes and it is a bit weak but there is a...” Read full tasting note

From Golden Moon Tea

“There’s mystery to the art of finding and freeing the floral aroma and rich flavor of a pouchong tea. But the reasons Golden Moon’s Coconut Pouchong is noticeably better than others are pretty simple.

Real coconut makes this South Pacific treat buttery, smooth, and sweet.

It’s the unusually long, elegant leaves of this South Pacific delicacy that give the tea its light, slightly floral, and calming taste. As for that hint of tropical sweetness? We’ve got the nectar of young coconuts to thank.

Our Pouchong is grown in the Fujian Province, just outside of the Wuyi Mountains. The farm is located on sunbaked land that is mostly mountainous and is traditionally described to be "Eight parts mountain, one part water, and one part farmland.” That’s how we get a tea leaf with smooth floral notes, a light body, and a sweet finish.
Coconut Pouchong uses only real extract. In order to extract the coconut naturally, we start with real coconuts and roast, shred, and steep them for over one week. We then strain the coconut pieces leaving only pure coconut extract that is both smooth and buttery.

1) Bring fresh, filtered water to 180°F
2) Pour over your tea leaves in a teapot (1 spoonful of tea per serving)
3) Steep 3 minutes
4) Stir, strain, and enjoy!

Awarded Best Tea at the 2007 World Tea Expo

About Golden Moon Tea View company

Golden Moon is dedicated to offering outstanding, whole-leaf teas of the greatest quality and finesse. All Golden Moon Teas are hand-plucked and meticulously crafted to enhance leaf character, aroma, color, clarity, body, complexity, and above all, flavor.

218 Tasting Notes

6106 tasting notes

I was craving a creamy coconutty tea tonight. Not quite this one… haha, I just realized that it is/was DavidsTea’s Buttercream that I’m craving! (Or Persimmon’s Coconut Creme, but Buttercream is better.) Glad I figured that out! Anyways, this was the only non-black coconut option I could think of for the time being (I’m sure I have tons of others, I’m just blanking). It’s highly satisfying and toasty as usual, but I’m really craving that touch of sweetness that either of the other two teas would give me. No regrets on brewing this up though, I haven’t had it in a while!

195 °F / 90 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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2816 tasting notes

This has been cold brewing in my fridge for 18 hours and I finally decided to try it. I might have made it a little strong but when I added soymilk to it, it’s really very tasty. Like a big glass of coconut milk but at a fraction of the calories.

I am having this with a seaweed salad for lunch and the two go pretty well together. I might be weird for eating seaweed but I kinda like it. :)

Iced 8 min or more
Invader Zim

I didn’t even think of adding milk to it! Darn it now I have to redo it! And seaweed is quite delicious!


I love this tea with any type of Asian food, but especially Thai. It really complements the flavors. Never thought of trying it with seaweed, but I see how that could work.


@Invader Zim – you need to try it!
@Susan – this tea would go so well with Thai food, need to try that too!


I love seaweed :) And seaweed salad is delicious!


This sounds so so good! This tea is just amazing.

Scott B

I bet that would be good with a little chili powder in it.


Who said weird is a bad thing? ;)

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158 tasting notes

So, so frustrated today, steepsterites.

I think I may have stress-fractured my tibia.

It’s not a horrific sort of break. It’s pretty common, actually, as I understand it…but it hurts, and if it really is a stress-fracture, it’s probably going to mean that I can’t run for the next few months…and since I’m halfway through this Couch to 5K program, that would be a huge, huge setback. I have all of this energy and motivation to run (finally!)…

…and now maybe I can’t.


Today was a comfort tea day.

Usually chai is my comfort tea, but since I got most of a run in before realizing that, hey, my leg really was getting worse and worse and I probably ought to stop, the last thing I wanted was hot milk in my system.

I can’t believe I’m almost out of this tea. I bought a BIG bag of the coconut pouchong from Golden Moon, and I’m finally getting down to the very last of what I have. I think I ought to polish it off; it’s breaking up and the leaves are extremely dry. I heaped an extra half of a teaspoon in and was too impatient to wait for the water temp to drop to 175, and it’s still awesome. Coconut and buttery and smooth and sweet, with just a little bit of oolong greenery peeking through. The scent and flavor of this tea still waffle back and forth between straight coconut and coconut-masquerading-as-gardenia to me, and I like it.

Hadn’t had this one in a while. Going to have to order more when this is gone. It has a permanent spot in my cupboard.

185 °F / 85 °C 2 min, 15 sec

Hope you don’t have a stress fracture! I have problems with my knees now so can’t run the way I used to or want to. Today I’m going swimming instead. I have been forced into crosstraining.


I tried running once. Turns out my ankle can’t cope with that amount of stress. I had a rather bad sprain some years ago and even starting up slowly with running it only took a week before it had flared up. I’m a generally lazy person otherwise, so I was really proud of myself for having given it a go in the first place. I tried power-walking instead which is much more gentle on the joints and that worked much better for me, but I lost the motivation to do exercise while I waited for the second stress-sprain to go away. (When I sprained it the first time my dad did ask if I wanted to go to the ER and have it looked at, but I said it wasn’t necessary. Now I’m wondering if that wasn’t a wee bit stupid)


I hope I don’t, too. :( I like some cross training anyway…it’s good to keep your body guessing!…but I’ll be sad if I can’t keep running. The most motivating part of this program has been all of the progress I can see.

Angr — ankle stuff is so rough! Once you sprain it, it’s like everything is loose there forever. My mother (61 years old now) just had surgery on her ankles to tighten ligaments and tendons she’d stressed over the years (we’re a clumsy lot and she used to roll over on her ankles all the time).

I guess some strength training to compensate for the looseness would probably help (this is my method for handling the very loose and dislocation-prone right shoulder I have, owing to a snowboarding accident in highschool)…but strength training ankles seems like a difficult prospect.




I’m somewhat hyper-mobile which doesn’t help. I’ve had my knee cap twisted out of place twice as a teenager (That! Hurts!), and while I haven’t twisted it again, my knees still start hurting easily and sometimes I get some rather harsh reminders that I should be careful. Doctors started threatening me with that sort of tightening surgery on my knees when I did it the second time in six months. That seemed to scare my knee into submission. Later came this ankle business. At least my knees are still the same size and shape. My ankles aren’t. The sprained one is slightly thicker than the other, as I discovered with a small panic attack the last time I had to buy new winter boots.


Bah, that sucks! Hope that it turns out to be something that heals quickly!


Angr – me, too! Hence the shoulder that dislocates at the drop of a hat. It sounds like you may have it even worse than I do, though. :/

Thanks Rabs and Ewa! I’m doing a lot less exasperated flailing around today, so I suppose I got it out of my system. ^^


Knees or shoulders… I’m not sure what’s worse there. If it’s the knee it’s difficult to walk. If it’s the shoulder it must be difficult to do anything else… I think we’re equally afflicted. Do you also sometimes get that warning sign telling you to start being super-careful, where it feels like the entire joint is made only out of elastics?

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1015 tasting notes

My Golden Moon order FINALLY came in!!!

This tea smells like Girl Scout Samoa’s!!…well, without the chocolate. I only brewed the first infusion for 2 minutes and it is a bit weak but there is a buttery/coconut presence. I’m hoping that the flavor becomes slightly stronger in the coming infusions. I’m withholding rating for now…so, stay tuned!

Meghann M

Yay!! Glad your order arrived. I know they have longer shipping times, but their teas are quite good. I wish I could find them locally.

RachanaC (Rachel)-iHeartTeas

Woo hoo, the wait is over. :-)

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807 tasting notes

Sipdown – one of my first teas – not THE first but a close first. Still really like this one a lot – may reorder one of these days. :) Upping rating a bit since it is still good after all this time!


This is also one of the first teas I ordered when I started getting into loose leaf! GMT is a great starting point I think

Kasumi no Chajin

I have been wanting to try this one. sounds like a sweet one I may like. good to know it has a staying power.


One of my first loose leaf teas as well. Love it, but very pricey for an intro tea.


Indeed it is pricy – I was lucky to get some through one of those flash sale sites and I had credits :)


wow… coconut is my fave.. I could imagine how this one would taste like.. where did you buy ’em? sorry, i jaz joined Steepster this am and its overwhelming to be part of this “communitea” :) lotsa info and lotsa tea soo happy …

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174 tasting notes

I cold brewed the last of this one. I switched things up this time around though. I started off with my 12oz Italian mug, I put the tea in, added a little bit of brown sugar and a splash of vanilla. Then I proceeded to fill the mug…but not with water…with milk. It sat in the fridge for about 48 hours and I’m now drinking it on this disgustingly hot day.

The milk is slightly discolored from the pouchong and is incredibly smooth and sweet and creamy and I need to buy more for this purpose! I even had my husband sip it and he didn’t think it was too bad. He hates coconut and doesn’t care for tea. This is incredibly delicious!


Okay, I know what I’m doing with the rest of my Coconut Pouchong!


…. it hadn’t even occurred to me to cold-brew a tea in milk!! How clever!! I need to try this :)

Invader Zim

Someone had mentioned they had added some milk to their cold brew, so I figured why not just cold brew it in milk? It came out great!


I’m with Kittenna on this one – milk as a substitute for water? Sounds great! Gotta do this some time. Maybe. :) Makes me nervous. Guess I’ll have to take your word and try!

Invader Zim

I would suggest starting off with a mug instead of a full pitcher. Just to see if you like it. But I found it absolutely delicious!

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828 tasting notes

So I finally caved and got the Golden Moon sampler. Yay! Today was exceptionally long, so I’m rewarding myself with a second cup of “real” tea. Which means, I’m embarking on a project that so many Steepsterites have taken on before me: tasting all the teas in the sampler.

I had heard such good things about the Coconut Pouchong that I went ahead and ordered a canister of that as well, so I started the sampler off with that since I knew I’d have easy access to it again in the near future. And it was the right call.

The dried leaves smelled nearly buttery, but with a hint of coconut. The leaves were lovely to watch unfurl in the water, when the smell of coconut began to fill the room. The wet leaves smelled much less of coconut, but the flavor stayed with the tea, as well as a hint of the butteriness that was so clear in the leaves’ dry state. Delicious.

So now, even though I’m hungry, I’m putting off dinner to finish this cup. It’s just too good to have with food and I want to actually pay attention to the drink. :)

You can see it here:

2 min, 30 sec

Can’t wait to see the rest of the reviews =]


Me either! Does the code STEEPSTER still work for free shipping?


Yes and you can stack ROSE for a free 1/2lb of Rose tea if you order over $40.


Yep, I was the one that posted that:)


I gave in and ordered the sampler too and I’m just waiting for mine to arrive. You’ve got to admit, it’s a pretty awesome deal when you consider that you get to try the company’s entire tea selection for just $20. :)


Agreed! Happy that you’ve joined our merry little band of GM sampler-lovers! And how cute is the box? I know I campaigned a lot for this thing, but I really did think it was a sweet deal, and if you know anyone that’s just starting out with loose leaf, it makes an absolutely perfect gift!


@Ricky @Cofftea: I totally missed those discounts!!

@Jillian: Fun! I can’t wait to see your tasting notes! You’re not kidding… it’s a great deal (and smart of them, too)… I’m sure there will be several I’ll want to order after this.

@teaplz: I know, they really thought out every detail. The box is totally above and beyond!


Nom nom nom. Yay Coconut Pouchong! Seeing reviews of this is making me wish I had more. Will need to remedy the situation soon.

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1220 tasting notes

This is so good cold brewed. I probably should have given it another 4-6 hours but I wanted it now (despite there being 2 other teas getting the cold treatment in the fridge).

I finally cancelled my internet and I really am glad. I flipped out at the woman because she told me the early termination was $180 rather than that the early termination is prorated from $180. And then she’s like well if you didn’t cut me off- no, you phrased that VERY poorly because what did you think I was gonna say to you when I have a month left of this horrible internet and you say $180. I own the modem now apparently so I think I’m going to go actually drop kick it now after threatening it so many times over the past 11 months.

Anyway yes, this tea. I think I love it this way more than any other way. Like drinking coconut macaroons.

I guess apparently I wouldn’t want to steep it any longer because it seems just slightly bitter. But the coconut, yum! It’s so creamy and I almost want to add just a little coconut milk to it…

This of course turned into a little coconut milk in the glass and more coconut milk on the counter and cabinets. Sigh. The sugar in the milk is taking away from the bitter notes. It reminds me a bit of grains too, I have noticed that every time I’ve had this tea but I couldn’t pinpoint what it was until now. Like sweetened corn flakes.

I will continue hoarding what remains of my little tin. This is a nice treat.

Also check this out, this one photographer decided my car was worthy of FOURTEEN pictures on Friday and this one rules: I don’t know why I am so interested in this one, it all just has to do with the tires kicking up water. I’m weird.


I like the greenery in the background. :) Is it in Georgia where you live? Recently had a drive through Georgia, and I really enjoyed all the trees.


I live in Georgia, that was taken in Tennessee (my car is registered in TN still as my dad technically owns it), near the Smoky Mountains. I love driving through there because while it was wet like that it felt like being in a rain forest.

I always fail at taking pictures while I’m there, but this is another shot from a different road where it’s just like being surrounded by a forest: Although I think it is actually in a national forest so makes sense haha


Oh and this is my favorite part of that same road, they call it rainbow falls:


Neat pictures!


Oh pretty, thanks for sharing!
There’s still nothing like driving on Washington’s Mount Rainier forest roads.. ah can’t wait to get back there. Talk about rain forest :)


There’s where you need a sports car and no traffic.

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541 tasting notes

I think I’m going to run out of this pretty fast!
This tea smells delicious and is never disappointing. It smells and tastes wonderful. I think that this is easily my favorite coconut tea. It has lots of soft vanilla notes that are really what won me over.
I think that this is now my favorite tea that I currently have on hand!


looks like you’ll have to buy some. :)


I think I will! I just got the 15% off coupon and I’m trying to not just run around buying all the tea!


This is one of my faves and I don’t have any! Stupid tea buying moratorium. :)


I need to go on a tea buying moratorium. :)


I’ve been on one for the past few months also! It’s pretty hard when there are so many tasty things out there. If I wasn’t having one I’d have already placed a David’s order for some of the Goldrush.


Tea moratoriums? I am on one…….well, I was until I bought some tea from Amazon a few days ago. :p

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62 tasting notes

Serious edit!!!
THANK YOU AZZ FOR THIS WONDERFUL SAMPLE. Please forgive that slip. In a rush to get through some notes I spaced the most important part. Then after that I grabbed some teas without researching what I was drinking and made three in a row I had already done notes on. Better luck today.

I’m going to try to do several short notes to catch up on all the samples I’ve recieved from several of you generuos tea lovers out there.

Golden pale color. Smell fantasticly of coconuts. The drink first only hints of coconut, but rather plays with my palate with notes of vanilla and maybe nutmeg. The coconut slowly makes it’s presence known, but he brings a floral friend with him. The creamy smooth mouthfeel is probably the most prominent feature. This stuff is good. I could drink it all day, but I suspect I won’t get too many steepings in that the second has already lost some of the crisper notes. It’s still good, just not as grabbing as the first infusion.
tunes-Dave Mathews&Tim Reynolds=Typical Situation/Ants Marching/Warehouse/Jimi Thing

185 °F / 85 °C 2 min, 30 sec
Donna A

This one is nice iced by itself, or mixed with a good black tea.


This sounds amazing! I’m going to have to get my hands on some :)


Oy vay! A $20 order would cost me $30 in shipping!! What the heck?!? Guess I won’t be trying this anytime soon :(


I miss this tea so much! Your note is yet another reason why I should stop putting off ordering more. At least I still have my old tin of four months ago which still “smells fantasticly of coconuts”. :/


Awee Im sorry I missed this! I was just going to note my sipdown of this tea – I am so glad you enjoyed it! :)

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