Pear Tea

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Pear Tea

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19 Tasting Notes

772 tasting notes

Apparently I remembered wrongly when I thought I didn’t like this tea. Thankfully I had enough to send samples to Stephanie and keychange anyway. Sending on Monday if I can get to the post office (if work isn’t crazy).

This is still a juicy juicy pear and the black tea is bold and I’m not sure what the roughness is that I taste, malt? I know and have drunk a lot more tea since this one I drank almost a year ago but this one is still pretty good. I don’t reach for pear tea often and this one is getting rather old so I should dry to drink up/trade out soon. Maybe I will be able to buy another canister soon-ish, although not too soon because my finances are telling me strongly “No More Spending On Frivilous Things You Already Have Lots Of”. Haha.

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 0 sec

Tea? Frivolous? What?? ;-)


I’m about to update my cupboard to the FULL CORRECT number of teas I have and I’m sure it will be pushed above 500 so yeah, at this point tea is frivolous because I have SO VERY VERY MUCH of it already.


Thank you! and my conscience tells me the very same thing about my finances too…I just never listen.


Just finished getting the FINAL tea number that I’m pretty 90% sure is all of my tea. 541. That is my number. I can’t even put a target on that.


holy crap… anything over 300 is just beyond my comprehension lol


Yeah. As soon as the TTBB comes and goes, I’m going to do some serious sending out in some very unequal trades to get rid of some of this stuff. My yuck pile is getting big.


Well the new format should make it easier to see who in your swap list wants a tea heh


So so so very true!!! I love that part!

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1113 tasting notes

Another generous swap sample from Dexter3657!

First off, I wasn’t overly excited by the idea of this tea. I do rather enjoy fresh pears, but the thought of a pear flavored black tea was just kinda “eh” in my mind. Boy was I wrong! OK, you know how a really good Bosc pear will have an almost floral quality to its scent/flavor? This tea somehow captures that. These French teas, man…something magical about them :)


Oh, how convienient, I also have a sample of this from Dexter, yay! You make it sound really good Stephanie, will be hard to resist it, it is screming at me right now, drink me, drink me!!!


I have more of this if you want another sampler. I wasn’t too enthused about it.


Wow it even re-steeps well! Dang, Starfevre, you’re so generous! I’m sending you some surprises this coming week but I haven’t picked them out yet…


I also have a caramel and jasmine tea from Fauchon that I hated very much.


:-O that sounds amazing…


I don’t think there was anything wrong with the tea. I think I just hate jasmine.


I lurve me some jasmine :)


I’ll send you some then.

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612 tasting notes

This is from the super exciting swap box Dexter3657 sent my way! Yay! Thank you for letting me try so many Fauchon teas—couldn’t come at a better time (just discovered them last month and am in love).

I’ve only tried a couple other pear teas (Joy’s Teaspoon and Della Terra, I think?), and this one’s interesting because there’s a transformation in the type of pear from scent to taste. The smell is very sweet, like candy pear or pear syrup, but as for taste, after the upfront mysteriously smoky black tea flavor the pear comes in very juicy and fresh, with that clean “raspiness” fresh pear has. As it cools it tastes A LOT like fresh pear juice, and there’s a subtle woody tannin element from the tea that works like gangbusters with the fresh pear flavor.

That same general wonderful interplay between delicate but not disappointly watery black tea flavor and haunting, sophisticated scent is present the way it’s been in all the Fauchon teas I’ve tried (I’m totally hooked on that quality! Beginning to feel like it could be any flavor/scent whatsoever and I’d dig it if it came from Fauchon because of how it’d do that with the black tea base). Beautiful, and I know I keep using this word but I don’t know how else to put it, distinctly sophisticated. I really don’t know of another company that layers scent with delicate tea flavor the way they do.

Thank you so much! It’s so nice to be a little lovey dovey and starry eyed in the evening.

200 °F / 93 °C 4 min, 0 sec

:))) and not a single mention of “floral”…..
I haven’t had many pear teas either – it just seems they want to include other flavors with it, or the base totally drowns out the pear. I haven’t tried this yet – but the best one I’ve had was from Design a Tea – double pear with a green base.


Yes, this one wasn’t floral perfume-y despite having quite a lot of scent to it (I think nearly every Fauchon tea that was available in that Vente Privee sale had rose and other flowers listed in the ingredients, so…). So it’s been really neat to try some that aren’t (and it turns out I love them both ways, whee). Naissance was awesome too!

Ooh, pear with a green base sounds very interesting. The only ones I’ve seen have had black bases, and tend toward cooked-sweet or in the case of Della Terra’s even canned syrupy sweet. This year taught me that I love blacks straight, blended, or Earl-style-scented, but for full on flavored fruity or sweet stuff I often prefer oolong or green bases. So I bet I’d like that. Will add to the shopping list! Thanks for the tip.


EDIT: Now I see how Design a Tea works…that is so neat! G’ah, I’m super curious now, want to play at designing something, but after Black Friday orders I’m done buying tea for like at least a year, boo…


(Not enabling – but Brian at Design a Tea is AWESOME – he’ll do anything you want – don’t let the structure of the website limit your imagination. My last order I typed almost a page of “special instructions”, and I got a really nice email saying – no problem, that’s what we do and everything came exactly as ordered…)


i totally didn’t need enabling, as you typed i was designing my 5 free samples, hahaha. i played it on the safe side, but i’m super duper excited.

looking forward to:
maple irish cream black
“a pair of pears” green (so i do get to try the pear tea you like!)
pecan pumpkin rooibos
nutmeg chestnut green (to make up for the fact lupicia’s chestnut green tea, which used to get rave reviews here, hasn’t been in stock in like over a year)
ginger honey oolong

and it’s great to know the folks there are super nice. tea is so funny, the way just about everyone is so nice. can you imagine if all customer service for everything was like that? man.


LOL too funny, we are all saying – too much tea, but then is there such a thing. oooohhh pecan pumpkin – that’s a great idea (I did pumpkin amaretto honeybush). I just love the mad scientist part of it.
I agree – it’s hard to get decent customer service in the real world – here in the tea world it seems everyone is fantastic. I think it’s the small business owners with a passion for what they do.. Hope you like your choices. :))

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1714 tasting notes


This one is odd. French teas are usually dead on with their fruit flavors, but this one isn’t quite right. It has a light pear flavor that I really have to focus on to get, but then it goes flat.

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 0 sec

Weird! When I had it I thought it was spot on Bosc pear! Maybe it’s an older sample?


It could be! It’s from a traveling tea box that has made a few rounds and is in a plastic bag, so yeah, not ideal conditions.

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4207 tasting notes

Here’s Hoping Traveling Teabox Round #3 – Tea #21
The scent of the dry leaves here almost scared me away. It has kind of a sour scent. But the flavor is SPOT ON pear! Not one of those very green shiny pears that look so fresh but one of those brownish mottled overripe rustic pears. I can definitely mostly taste the pear skin here. Magic! The black tea is tough to describe but pairs (pears) well with it. The second steep didn’t have as much of that pear flavor but the first steep was amazing! I didn’t think the French teas were my thing before, but I can work with this one. Best pear tea I think I’ve tried! (I think I said that about a pear tea I tried from the last round of this teabox.)
Steep #1 // few min after boiling // 3 min
Steep #2 // just boiled // 3 min

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150 tasting notes

One of my scores at Homesense the other day. During the last Fauchon craze, I had steered away from it because I am not really a fan of pears. In general they are not really my favourite fruit or flavour.

I was a bit worried when I opened up the tin and took a whiff. It smelled like that fake pear smell and subsequently taste that you get from pear candy. It did smell a little more genuine than a candy would, but it still made me cringe a little. For 10.00 though, how could I go wrong, and I am sure I will have guests who like pears in the future so why not.

Brewed, it was subtle and crisp. Much nicer than I was expecting. It isn’t my favourite, but it is lovely. The French are always so masterful at blending and smells though, so I should have known better. If you’re thinking of buying it when you see it in your local TJ Maxx chain store, I would recommend it :)

Flavors: Honey, Pear

Boiling 4 min, 30 sec 2 tsp 750 OZ / 22180 ML

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16045 tasting notes

Sipdown (116/123)!

Thanks so much to Cameron B. for the sample! I see you also had this one today, so I guess great minds definitely think alike.

This was really, really amazing! I was honestly expecting mostly black tea with maybe just a hint of pear (like a “pear scented” black; you know, light…) but the pear was actually very pronounced, and very authentic. And I’m really gonna have to go with what Cameron B. said and say that the whole tea emulated more of a “cooked pear” vibe.

I also got some super light floral notes and some slightly stronger honey notes from the black base, which was very smooth and rich; which was just a bit surprising seeing as I think I over steeped this by a few minutes.

If I ever managed to find a way to get a hold of this again, but in a larger quantity, I think I would definitely do so. It was a really good pear tea! And, it might not being saying much given I haven’t tried many, but probably the best Fauchon tea I’ve had yet. I suppose on the wishlist this goes!

Side Note: The Steepster chat group is awesome, but really distracting. It took me probably half an hour longer than it should have to finish this tasting note.

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4081 tasting notes

I’m not entirely sure why I haven’t tried this one yet! I bought it from Hapatite a while ago, and it’s just been sitting, waiting patiently alongside my other flavored teas. I decided to pull it out today because I was wanting a flavored black. I don’t see any pieces of fruit in here, just black tea leaves. It smells very pear-like and somewhat tart. It reminds me of some other pear-flavored thing, but I can’t quite place it. I steeped for 3 minutes.

This pear in this tea is actually fairly authentic, in my opinion. Granted, it’s more of a cooked pear flavor, but it’s quite true to the fruit. I added a bit of sugar to mine, and it’s reminding me of canned pears with a bit of a honey note over the top. Very yummy, and I would recommend that any pear lovers out there try this one! :)

Flavors: Honey, Pear, Sweet

200 °F / 93 °C 3 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

This one is real good, especially iced

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1118 tasting notes

From the Round 3 Here’s Hoping TTB

Yay for another good pear tea! This one has a nice juicy pear flavor, and there is a malty note, too, which kinda makes me think of a pear tart… almost. This is a fairly hefty black tea – something I’d happily drink as a breakfast tea. I think it could take on a harsh edge if over steeped, but my cup was very nice. Sweet and spot on with the pear flavor.

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 30 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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