Blueberry Crumble

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Black Fruit Green Blend
Black Tea, Blueberry, Cinnamon, Green Tea, Safflower, Sugar Sprinkles
Blueberry, Cinnamon, Maple, Pancake Syrup, Cake, Caramel, Smooth, Pastries, Sugar, Berries, Bread, Butter
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From Della Terra Teas

Our Blueberry Crumble has the delicious taste of blueberry and rich, warm crumb cake! Black and green tea combined with blueberry, cake and cinnamon. It’ll seem like you have a slice of that crumble, warm, crumbly cake right in your own cup. You can almost taste the crisp cinnamon and sugar on top!

Amount: 1 tsp per 8oz
Temp: Boiling
Steep: 3-5 min

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76 Tasting Notes

513 tasting notes

Ahhh. It’s been one of those mornings. Had a lot of stupid nightmares last night—of the very stereotypical variety—someone is chasing you or finds you and they want to harm you and you can’t run or scream and then your own unintelligible pre-historic cries wake you up and then you a) are happy to be awake; and b) laugh at the stupid noises you actually just made out loud. Thank heavens for snuggly bed buddies, because there’s nothing quite like being cuddled after a stupid nightmare, especially one that sounds really ridiculous when you try to explain it.
“It was just really scary, ok? just trust me.”
“So who was chasing you again?”
“I don’t even know if I was being chased! there were just these bad people…and they were like everywhere and I couldn’t get away!”

Sorry. So then I fell back asleep again and fell back into the same stupid nightmare! so dumb. But towards the morning, I slept like a normal person again and it was lovely. Slept in until noon which felt amazing, and then had a breakfast of French toast and this delicious tea. I didn’t put nearly as much sugar in it because it’s fairly sweet on its own, plus I wanted it to be less sweet than the French toast I was eating. It tasted like a deliciously decadent hot blueberry latte, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be getting more when this runs out. You can even smell and taste the “crumble”, so it isn’t a straight up blueberry tea. Dellaterra knows what it’s doing in the pie/cake/crumble department, straight up, yo.


I had a dream the other night where someone was keeping me hostage. Then I escaped with the help of someone else, then that person held me hostage. I kept escaping over and over again. (Not sure what that means). The worst part is I knew I was dreaming but couldn’t seem to wake up. Haha.


Those dreams are awful! LOL


I had the hollow teeth/teeth falling out dream – it’s usually a final stages of grief dream for me, which seems about right.

I love that half-awake stage where you can control the dream; I get that a lot. It’s really liberating, like directing your own interactive action film.


I don’t have those dreams nearly enough, although they would have with them a redeeming quality, that’s for sure.
Also, I’m sorry that you’re grieving, whatever the reason. Regardless of how much a loss can make sense on an intellectual level (we all die/people move on/whatever), our hearts are often so much slower to grapple with it and make sense of something that feels so unbelievably heartbreaking. I can only promise you that it won’t always hurt this badly.


My recurring nightmare is that of water. I’m swimming in the ocean (sometimes I’m in a boat but usually at the beach swimming) and then a terrifying Tsunami-like wave forms out of nowhere and crashes over my head. I go under but wake up just before I get swept out to sea or drown. Pretty awful.


Oh, they definitely do – there’s always this moment when something absolutely horrifying is about to happen to me in the dream, and right then I come awake just enough to take control. The look of surprise on the faces of whatever spectres are dream-haunting me never fails to delight.

And thanks – but I have no problem with grief. Like you say – it’s a logical process. Grief makes sense. Besides, to me, feeling is being alive.


It’s a logical process, but I dare say you’re better at it than I am! :).


nxtdoor, that sounds absolutely terrifying!


I had strange dreams too. Don’t recall much but I remember watching someone fall to their death :(


Nxtdoor, I have a recurring nightmare that’s similar if not identical—I’m on a beach and having a great time and then suddenly there’s a sea change (heh) to the whole mood and abruptly the lighting changes and there’s no more crowd of laughing happy folks, the tide starts to ominously come in fast and suddenly there’s a monstrously huge tsunami in the distance and I’m trying desperately to climb up the sand dunes to safety but it keeps eroding and I try and try and can’t get to the top and the wave engulfs me. It’s one of my least favorite nightmares, blugh. Sorry you have an awful one. :(


i have a history with night terrors, but a few years back i had one where the cat curled up on my feet, the dog on my knees, another cat, few more dogs…. i was feeling very squished but loved! but i couldn’t move except for my head. suddenly a dark figure was coming towards me with a needle aimed at my forehead. NOT OKAY! it was one of those huge ones.

anyway, in my struggles to twist my head away i managed to crack my head into my partner’s and give myself a concussion? sigh. i had this giant lump. i looked like a unicorn.


What a nightmarish thread!! ha


LOL JustJames, I bet you can laugh at it now, but man…a concussion! At least you had enough strength to have a real-life reaction


Now I will always picture JustJames as a unicorn.


oh man. first i was all “aw cuddly” then terrorface then lol.


james is rather unicorn like, actually! a bit magical in his writing. Lots of deep feelings. I can see it!


it was so bad. i was crazy bruised.

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6106 tasting notes

Another thanks to whatshesaid for a tasty Della Terra sample. Of course, I forgot that I requested this one, so there’s a Try Me size’s worth on order for me currently, but I somehow don’t think I’ll have a problem with that… because this is good!! It reminds me a lot of Pineapple Upside Down Cake in the intense caramelly flavouring (which works perfectly as the brown sugar in crisp topping), but I’m definitely tasting blueberry in here as well, and it’s soooooo good. Not quite as good as DavidsTea’s Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble, but pretty good. Again I’m having trouble tasting it fully due to a blocked nose, but I can tell that it’s really delicious. I meant to steep this for only 2 minutes, but it accidentally got closer to 4, whoops, although that doesn’t seem to have had any negative impact whatsoever.

You know, this kind of tastes like a blend of Pineapple Upside Down Cake and Double Berry Burst, which is totally ok because I like both! Thanks again, whatshesaid!

ETA: This re-steeps well a second time, as I expected. Really tasty. Leaves still had a bit of aroma after that, but I have plenty of other teas to drink, so I didn’t go for a third.

175 °F / 79 °C

I love this one! Such a great dessert tea and plenty sweet on its own. Yum!


totally had to go look and see if i’d picked this one up in our order. I should have known’s blueberry and cakey.. of COURSE i did


Hahaha yeah, this is a 3-way split of an ounce :P The reviews were good enough for it that I figured we could do with a bit more each. I’m fairly certain you’ll like it.


TastyBrew – yeah, I love the teas that are sweet enough to be desserty without adding sugar. Makes them quite satisfying, sometimes!


Yeah, this one and the pineapple upside down cake, very similar in their cakey sweetness.

Sil- I’m pretty sure she uses the same crack for both :-)


tastybrew! OH YAY!!!


I’m glad you liked this! It’s so freakin good. I think I will make some to bring to Evil Dead tonight!


Oh man that sounds tasty, and blueberry!! I can’t recall if I requested this one or not now. Hmph


IB – you did and that’s what the spreadsheet is for :P get a better computer haha


phew. One day… (must. find. job!!)

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361 tasting notes

Love. This. Tea.

I added brown sugar to the pot for the second steeping. Yum.

Terri HarpLady

That sounds awesome!


Oh man. I can’t even imagine what brown sugar would taste with this tea. Mind-blowingly awesome? :P


Ooh there’s an idea…


I got my big bag of this yesterday!!!!

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576 tasting notes

This tastes just like the homemade blueberry crumble cake my grandma makes – one I’m hoping she’ll have on tap when I visit her and my grandpa in the coming weeks.

There isn’t a lot of blueberry flavor, just a hint of berry. But I can taste the cinnamon and cake-y part of the cuppa long after my sip is completed.

I really like black and green tea blends, but this tastes and looks more like a green to me. No worries, though, it tastes just fabulous.

Wonder what this would be like cold brewed? I purchased this in a custom try-me-pack (love those, Della Terra Teas!) but I think I may purchase this one outright in the future. Actually, maybe I’ll bring it with me to visit my grandparents.

How successful have you been, Steepsterites, with plane travel and loose teas? Any tips? Should I just send a box to my grandparents instead?


no issues here with travelling on the plane and bringing tea. I usually have enough for a cup on the plane if it’s a longer flight and then toss the rest into my suitcase. Sometimes it’s been sealed, other times, not at all.


Yeah they shouldn’t give it a second glance at the airport. I’ve never run into any problems (and I fly a lot).


@Sil & Dinosara – thanks! I was worried they would think it’s drugs or something. Not that I planned to just throw it in my bag in a zippered plastic bag or something. I’ll use tins.

I’ve never flown with tea before… I’m also a wimp about flying so a cuppa mid-flight will calm me.

Also, it’s not a long flight – less than two hours. Like I said, wimp!


just remember the tea may taste different because of the altitude heh


I have also had no trouble traveling with tea!


Yeah you may want to bring a green or oolong for the flight itself. The hot water on the plane will not be boiling (because of the altitude), so black tea might be really weak but it should be better for a green.


I’ll opt for green tea to be safe. Thanks for the words of wisdom! :)


I had tea in tins and they wanted to look at them, there’s a small chance you get bothered about it but they won’t take it.

No Time Like Tea Time

Blueberry crumble sounds amazing, mouth is watering! haha

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818 tasting notes

I’ve had a cup of this tea almost every day since I got it. Now that was only late last week, but hey, that’s saying something! I love this tea! Perfect morning tea. Smells like you just made blueberry coffee cake too! Today I tried two steeps. The second steep wasn’t bad, but it was a little weaker. My next order will definitely include a large amount of this tea. I was planning on bringing my mom some of this to try when i come visit her this weekend. Now, to hoard or not to hoard? ;)


Yum. Yum. Yum.


Me too, I LOVE this one!


I love this one at night as dessert. I got the big bag since it was 30% off. I have to ration the rest of my taster pack until my new bag gets here. It’s been hard. I’d say share with your mom. Then you can ooh and ahh over it together. That’s always fun :-)


Lol! Ooh! Ahh!


After talking about it so much I had to make some. Only 1 8oz cup left. I hope by order gets here soon!

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15049 tasting notes

sipdown break! lol I need to try some of my della terra teas so that i can figure out IF i want to place another order this weekend or wait for the next sale.

This tea smells like maple syrup with a hint of blueberries. I can see why folks are enjoying it, but it is not quite on the same oh man, i need to have this, level as the upside down cake that della terra has. That being said, this is a lovely tea, but it’s much more maple blueberry pancake than it is blueberry crumble. my other half actually asked if i was drinking that pancake tea again. I’ll have to try brewing this at a lower temperature next time to see if that changes anything. For now, this is a decent tea, though not quite what i hoped it would be.

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

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1040 tasting notes

This is another tea from the amazing box that ifjuly set me.

Sometimes I think all Della Terra teas taste the same. Then I think about a few of my favorites from them, and decide that maybe only SOME of their teas taste the same. This tastes like a Della Terra tea. Blind taste test, I would know from the smell that this is Della Terra.
Confused about the green tea in here – I never understand why they would put both black and green in the same tea….
This is all crumble and zero blueberry. It’s cinnamon, bakery, crumble, sweet and not a fruit in site. If it wasn’t so late, and if my tea wasn’t all scattered around the house – I would dig out some blueberry tisane to add to this. Too lazy – didn’t do it.


I totally agree about similarities amongst some Della Terra teas. I think it’s why I stopped ordering from them because it started to feel like a broken record.


Yep. I have my 3 and I’m good with that lol

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2238 tasting notes

I wasn’t sure about this at all the first time I tried it, which is why I’ve waited until my second cup to rate it. I think the packet has benefitted from being open a couple of days, because I can smell blueberries when I open it now. Fresh, juicy blueberries, and a scent that is remarkably like crumble topping…sort of buttery and baked. I wouldn’t have thought it possible in a tea, but there you go.

This is only the second green/black blend I’ve tried. The first was a Bluebird Tea, and I was pleasantly surprised with that one. Brewed, this smells, if anything, even more like freshly baked blueberry crumble. It’s got the same buttery-bakey blueberry scent it has dry, and it’s absolutely mouthwatering! The glitter swirling around from the sugar sprinkles is so cute!

It’s just as wonderful to taste. The blueberry comes out first, followed by the crumble notes. The green/black base is perfectly balanced, with just enough depth and sweetness from the black tea, and a grassy, slightly vegetal note from the green that brings out the blueberry beautifully. One of the best dessert teas I’ve had in a long time! Magical!

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 0 sec

I removed this from my shopping list just so I could add it again! ;) Great note!

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358 tasting notes

I only have a few more of my new Della Terra teas to try, and I decided to go with this one this morning. It smells richly of sweet blueberry cake. Very sugary. It filled the whole kitchen with a wonderful warm blueberry muffin aroma. This tea is pretty sweet on its own, but I added a little milk and it’s just perfect. This one seriously rates up there with Pineapple Upside Down Cake for me. It’s a lighter, refreshing tea. There is a lingering blueberry cakey flavor that lingers – YUM! I got the Blueberry Creme also and can only hope that the blueberry flavor in that one is just as good. This was a great cup to start the day. :)

-Dry blend has medium black tea leaves and long green tea leaves with small blue flowers and small pink petals with small sugar crystals.
-Dry blend smells like sweet cake and blueberry with a hint of cinnamon and sugar. Tea liquor aroma is of warm cinnamon crumble cake with a hint of blueberry.
-Tea liquor is a clear medium yellow color.
-Rich, buttery cinnamon crumble cake flavor with a fresh blueberry finish. Lingering sweet blueberry and cinnamon sugar aftertaste.
-Best with sweetener. Milk optional.
-Very good tea. Reminiscent of a warm blueberry muffin with cinnamon sugar topping.

205 °F / 96 °C 2 min, 30 sec

Me too, love this!! And the Blueberry Creme :)

Josie Jade

I have Blueberry Creme in my cupboard that I need to try! Maybe I will have a cup of that tonight. :)

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470 tasting notes

Blueberry coffee cake! That is what this tea tastes like. It’s not as in-your-face cake-y as Pineapple Upside Down Cake, but the flavoring is still there. Soft cinnamon backs up a very natural tasting blueberry flavor for a really wonderful cup.

While this is a green/black blend it tastes like a pure green one to me—and looks like it too, it brews up very pale! I’ve been looking for a good cinnamon & blueberry tea and this is most definitely it. The cinnamon isn’t hot and spicy like in some other Della Terra blends, but warming and soft like you’d find in baked goods. The sprinkles add a little sweetness so you definitely don’t need any added sugar in the cup!

Plus it’s such a pretty blend, the pink sprinkles and green leaves really make me think of Easter and the egg hunts I used to do as a kid. My cousin’s neighbor had a HUGE farm and she would hold a massive Easter Egg hunt there. Eggs filled with candy, not real ones! It would take all day to find them all, they would be everywhere: tucked down rabbit holes, hidden in tree branches, even some in her house hiding under table legs and in teapots! There would always be a few in the chicken coop too snuggled in with the real eggs. It’s a miracle we never broke anything (both her china and our limbs from climbing around so much!). Some of my favorite childhood memories are from that farm and for whatever reason this tea is bringing me right back there. A lovely blend!


I was kind of interested in this one, I might just have to order it now. :)


If you like blueberry I think you won’t be disappointed! The more I drink this, the more I think it might actually be the best blueberry blend I’ve tried


I was interested in this one too! Sounds delicious!

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