The Perfect Pear

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  • “Sipdown (208/210)! Made this in a timolino (a little overleafed to use it all up) and brought it to work! I drank it while on break, and it was really good and yummy! This one definitely travels...” Read full tasting note
  • “So apprehensive… yet another tea on the quest to find the perfect pear tea! Honestly, a black is not my base of choice, but Simpson & Vail did well with their pear-flavoured black tea, so I’m...” Read full tasting note
  • “This tea arrived from Roswell Strange just in time to make the trip to Florida with me. Unfortunately, this is yet another tea that got left behind when I went out to shop. It is not bad cold...” Read full tasting note
  • “One sniff of this aroma as it’s brewing and I’m transported back to middle and high school. Why? The dry leaves and as this tea is brewing remind me of the old Bath and Body Work lotion Pearlight...” Read full tasting note

From Della Terra Teas

Black tea and pear, the perfect pair…or dare I say the perfect PEAR? See what I did there? We have taken the best pear bits and flavoring and combined them with a delicious black tea. One cup of this will have you agreeing that you have just met the perfect pair indeed.

Ingredients: Black tea, pear flavoring, pear bits and golden sprinkles

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42 Tasting Notes

15800 tasting notes

Sipdown (208/210)!

Made this in a timolino (a little overleafed to use it all up) and brought it to work! I drank it while on break, and it was really good and yummy! This one definitely travels really well.

I have to say, I’m not that sad that it’s gone though, even if it was consistently good and I got to experiment with it in a lot of ways. This’ll just open up my cupboard even more to be able to try out other pear teas, because gee whiz do I love pear tea! Besides, this is from my very first online order and one of my first teas so it definitely feels like I’ve accomplished something in finishing it off!

Sami Kelsh

Mmm, pear.

Christina / BooksandTea

I have a tin of Perfectly Pear by Sloane Tea Company. Would you like some samples of that? I bought it about a year ago, but I think it’s still good.

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6106 tasting notes

So apprehensive… yet another tea on the quest to find the perfect pear tea! Honestly, a black is not my base of choice, but Simpson & Vail did well with their pear-flavoured black tea, so I’m hopeful that this might be a contender.

The aroma of the brewed tea is of a bit of a floral pear; not quite what I’m looking for, but not necessarily bad either, as it is just the aroma. The sip, however, is clearly rather floral, but definitely tastes like pear, albeit a floral, fakey sort. There’s a bit of astringency from the base as well, but a drop in infusion time could probably remedy that.

This tea does have a fair bit of flavour, and it is tasty, but it’s too floral for me to really enjoy as a pear tea, and I want more of a realistic pear flavour. The search continues.

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

if you like ‘pear’ scented/flavored black teas…I highly recommend the Pear Ginger from the Tao of Tea…its very balanced and uses natural flavors


ok, had a good laugh i did read ‘the perfect Bear’ by della terra tea’s! after all the food debacle with the horse meat in europe on the news i tought tis was a tea prank :)


Thanks Kashyap – I’ll add that to my shopping list. The tea I had from S&V happened to be pear/ginger as well, and I do like ginger, so that sounds like it could be worth a shot if I can get my hands on some!

Darky – ewwwwwwwww lol. I’m so glad that DNA testing was done on hamburger meat from various local sources by my university, and EVERYTHING was found to be 100% beef (when it was supposed to be).


A local place carries TWO pear teas, but unfortunately they don’t do any online ordering. There’s an Asian Pear green, and a Bartlett rooibos. If you’re interested I could ask for samples, but you’d have to be OK with a fellow Steepster as a shipper. :) I can’t stand pear flavour, so any testing I did of them would be incredibly biased!


kittena, so long that not is wrong with the horse meat (quality wise) i don’t mind eating horsemeat. Here in Belgium we eat it on a regular base but the labels on the packaging should be correct thats for sure. But i feel its a very big waste destroying or trowing away good food just because the type off meat is different… if it was contaminated with all kinds off weird stuff ok then its normal but now? :)


OMGsrsly – ooooh, I totally want details! I see you’re in Vancouver; depending on whereabouts the tea shop is, I could possibly have my aunt pick some sample up for me and send them as she lives in Burnaby. Not that I’d have any problem at all being sent samples from a fellow Steepster :D


darky – I think the biggest problem is mislabeling, and the fact that horses are not considered food here. I don’t personally think I could stomach it, even though I know it’s really very little different from beef or any other meat. Just like I don’t think I could eat dog or cat (though that’s a bit different, as they’re also carnivores, which we don’t typically consume meat from).


its probably more off a ‘culture’ thing to tough eating dogs and cats is a whole different story then the horse thing because its more a ‘farm’ animal or how do i have to say it. anyway back to tea!


It’s Steam Tea House in Donald’s Market at Hastings and Nanaimo. They have a menu on Facebook, but no website and no ingredient listings. I think they’re pretty good at responding to questions, though. The black tea, being Asian Pear, is a lot more delicate and probably not the pear taste you’re looking for. Bartlett Rooibos smells… like ripe pears. Maybe like pear jelly beans? IDK. I’m trying to think of a way to describe the flavour without remembering what it smelled like.


Delicate pear taste is probably ok, as long as it’s not strangely floral.

And that’s actually really funny – unless I’m mistaken, I suspect I’ve actually been to that Donald’s Market (albeit not for a few years). And if it’s the one I’m thinking of, then it’s a quick walk from my aunt’s place. When I get the chance I’ll ask them a few questions and see about getting some samples! Unless my aunt is familiar with that tea shop already, I may request you to pick some stuff up for me, if that would be cool – I can send you things in return :D


Oh, that’s funny. :) Just a note, though – they’re sadly closed Thursdays.

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6444 tasting notes

This tea arrived from Roswell Strange just in time to make the trip to Florida with me. Unfortunately, this is yet another tea that got left behind when I went out to shop. It is not bad cold though, there are definitely notes of pear and the sparkles are so pretty. I am glad Roswell Strange was generous enough with this sample as I still have the opportunity to try this one hot. It is a pleasant enough cup now but I will hold off on numbers and a more thorough review for when I try it properly. Nonetheless, thank you Roswell Strange for your generosity.

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576 tasting notes

One sniff of this aroma as it’s brewing and I’m transported back to middle and high school. Why? The dry leaves and as this tea is brewing remind me of the old Bath and Body Work lotion Pearlight (or something like that). It’s delish!

It’s very fragrant as it’s brewing, but as I sip it, I feel like there is something missing. Should there be more spice? Maybe another flavor with the pear?

Perfect Pear isn’t the worst tea I’ve had, I just have high expectations from Della Terra Teas. This isn’t my fave from them (ahem, Cinnamon Crackle) but it’s decent. I got this in a try-me pack, and I would consider getting it, if I enjoyed pear as a flavor. I don’t, not really. Perhaps pear fans would enjoy this cuppa more?


i can’t wait till this gets here so i can try it…


I remember Pearberry. Could it be that one?


Pearberry! That’s it! Thank you @ashmanra – it was driving me nuts. I mixed it up with Limelight, another classic.

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892 tasting notes

I forgot that I had at least 5 teas in a box that I haven’t tried yet. How could someone forget something like that?
Anyways… This tea is tea smells SO good. Very sweet and juicy. But it almost reminds me of a candy flavor instead of a real fruit. The flavor is pretty ripe pear like. Somewhere between natural pear and candy pear. And the sparkles are a nice touch :] I really like it(and sparkles..)!!

Jackie O

best surprise EVER when you realize you have teas you haven’t tried :)


Yeah, that’s true :] And it’s even better when it’s a really, really, really good tea!

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1186 tasting notes

So I am on the hunt for the perfect pear tea, and when I saw that Della Terra had this one in their spring collection, I had to get some. I only got an oz to see what it was like before ordering more.

The dry smell is very pear-like! I do get a bit of a floral scent as others have mentioned, but it is predominantly pear, which I quite like :) oh, and the dry mix is so pretty, little sparkly balls and white pear bits contrasting with the black leaves. Quite beautiful in my opinion! I steeped between 2 and 3 minutes. The steeped aroma is a bit less pear, but it is still there!

As for the flavor, this one is the best pear tea I have had, but I have only had one other one haha. It is very juicy and nice, I would like a bit more punch to it maybe, but it is not bad at all! In this cup, the black tea is also present, making for a warmer taste than just crispiness. I am curious as to how this would be cold brewed, but my one large vessel I use for cold brewing (a giant tea mug) is already in the fridge with Sunshine in it, so it will have to wait until another day.

Overall, this is a nice little tea, it is the closest to pear flavor yet, just a bit perfumed and not quite as sharp of a flavor as I would like. But I will gladly finish off this bag, and maybe even order another! Oh, and the other day, I was going to try this with pear vodka…that may be on the agenda again haha just to see what it tastes like! Happy to have a bag of this tea :)

Boiling 2 min, 45 sec
Sweet Canadian

Have you had perfect pear from Davids? How does it compare?


I unfortunately missed out on that one :( the only other pear tea I’ve had is a rooibos and it definitely wasn’t anything special lol, mostly rooibos not much pear, I’m hoping DAVIDsTEA has another pear tea this summer for me to try!

Sweet Canadian

Yeah my friend and I loved perfect pear, and they got rid of it before we could order more :( Which was sad because they didn’t give any notice. I also hope so, maybe they will bring it back!


Yeah they got rid of way too many too suddenly :( but at least most of the new ones have been tasty!

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1271 tasting notes

YES Sip down! 205 teas now! ARGGGGAHAHHHHH!

I had a very angry bunny this morning. I guess my bathroom trip at 5am got him angry. Benson, “Hey, let me out of cage! 5am is rabbit hours!” Which I didn’t do, and went back to bed.
When I got up, his chew box was flipped over, the litter box was kicked around, and he tore big wads of paper from his litter box and stuffed it inside his food bowl until it was bursting. EWWWW!
I let him out, and he proceeded to nose my legs right where I got mat burned last night at brazilian jiujitsu, which hurt! So I gave him a carrot to stop. The carrot offering appeared to please the bunny for now.

Ugg. I found the last of the Perfect Pear, and steeped the leaves earlier than what I liked, as I wanted tea now to escape the bunny headache. Overall, not bad. Still wish there was more to this than pear. Pear Crumble? ooooh

Boiling 2 min, 45 sec

I love your bunny.

Oolong Owl

Aww! My previous bunny was also a little mischief fuzz ball who’d pull all the tissues out of the tissuebox and knock over everything with his nose. A friend of mine has 3 bunnies and they are all cuddly angels, but also piggy food thieves.


Haha. Bunny tantrums are cute – when I don’t have to clean up after them.


I have a soft spot for mischievous animals.

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813 tasting notes

well it’s a yummy little tea isn’t it! and the sparkles make it quite holiday festive appropriate.
i don’t need a big tin of a pear tea, but i wouldn’t be surprised if i end up getting a sample of this on more than one occasion when i place an order.
speaking of which, i just totally placed 2 hearty tea orders (harney & della). now if only i could get the david’s tea site to work…


oooh ohhhhoooh! what’d you get? what’d you get??!?!


the harney order was mostly all about my sister. she LOVES earl grey and rose type teas, and if i buy tons she will proceed to drink tons. which fills me with glee! so i ordered Earl Grey Supreme, Rose Scented, Lemony Gunpowder, and Sally’s Secret for her.
ME, i’m all about chocolate teas and lapsangs. i got myself Florence and Russian Country, plus a handful of samples like apricot and diamond jubilee to try.
the Della Terra order is just a re-stock of my fave dubble chocolade plus my new fave the almond biscotti along with a sample pack. can’t EVER place a della terra order without including a sample pack. it’s just not scientifically possible!


i should really update my cupboard huh… maybe it’s about time to re-ignite my swapping flame.


you’ve been slacking for sure :D

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818 tasting notes

I forgot to post this! I had a lot of tea today! I made this one iced, since it wasn’t that great hot. I had great expectations that this would be good iced, but alas, it was not better. It still is too perfume-y of a pear tea for me. I was actually first surprised by the taste of the black tea, because I haven’t iced any black teas yet at home, so it threw me off, even though I’ve had iced black tea before. The dry leaf is so cute, with it’s little shiny ball sprinkles and petals. Oh well. You know, I think if it had something to round it out, it would be better. Maybe like vanilla or caramel?

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1220 tasting notes

Every time I opened my travel mug yesterday it was like whooooosh PEAR. So pear indeed, it’s hard to find a tasty pear tea.

This one isn’t bad, it just has a lot of floral notes to it. Perfect? Better than the only other pear tea I’ve had for sure. Since I have actually been in the mood for something floral I didn’t really mind it, but I can imagine it’s kind of offputting if that’s not your thing.

I’ve only got half an ounce of this so I might try experimenting with it a little but I don’t think I’d get more.

200 °F / 93 °C 3 min, 0 sec
Aimee Popovacki

is this one kind of like perfect pear by davids? I loved that one (when they broke up their summer gift sets I got myself about seven 25g bags) … since that was kind of dumb and I couldn’t drink them fast enough I began to give them away in tea swaps and I am now down to one or two. I don’t see them bringing this one back this year… it was quite popular but there are heavier hitters that people freak out for every year (tropicalia and luscious watermelon) so I’ve started to look for a replacement!


Nope, not really like the DT version. Black base, for starters, and I think the pear flavour in DT’s was more authentic and less floral.

Aimee Popovacki

darn! i really love a good pear tea.. but i find a lot of them are just so off..

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