Stormy Night (Organic)

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Black Tea
Black Tea Leaves, Chocolate, Cinnamon, Coconut, Vanilla, Vanilla Flavour
Chocolate, Cinnamon, Coconut, Vanilla, Spices, Sweet, Bitter, Creamy, Cocoa, Cream, Earth, Nutmeg, Spicy, Caramel
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As good as it gets

It was three o’clock in the afternoon on a rainy Friday. David was hungry. He needed a nap, a shave, and a hot meal. What he had was a kettle, a pack of matches, and a bag of black tea. So he grabbed some ingredients and threw them in the water. Chocolate, cinnamon, coconut, vanilla – this drink was a real piece of work. He lifted his cup, took a drink and then another. It was hotter than an inferno and smoother than silk. It was good. Almost too good.

Ingredients: Organic: Black tea, chocolate, cinnamon, coconut, vanilla. With natural vanilla flavouring*.

Allergens: Dairy and coconut

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DavidsTea is a Canadian specialty tea and tea accessory retailer based in Montreal, Quebec. It is the largest Canadian-based specialty tea boutique in the country, with its first store having opened in 2008.

186 Tasting Notes

6106 tasting notes

Eh, this one is not quite what I was expecting. It brews up quite murky, and with an offputting aroma that I can’t quite place. It’s a little reminiscent of Super Chocolate or Dr. Chocolate (carob??) The flavour is surprisingly weak, given the aroma, and mostly tastes of murky cocoa and cinnamon. The mouthfeel is drying though not astringent – kind of like getting chunks of chalk in your mouth. I can’t taste the coconut at all here either.

I have enough left in my bag for another shot at this one, but I’m really disappointed :( This is definitely one of the least tasty teas from DavidsTea I have tasted.

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

that’s a shame, this one sounded really good.

Autistic Goblin

It tasted okay to me when they brewed it up at the store. I had it hot and it it tasted like a cinnamon vanilla cookie to me :D


Yeah, definitely going to have to give this another shot…

Buy the Stars

Hm, I thought the weak flavour was just me not using enough tea, but if it’s weak all around that’s definitely disappointing. I guess I’ll give it another shot to see if there’s any difference.


If anything, I overleaped this cup, as I have a tendency to do that. I’ve been finding some of DT’s teas to be weak in flavour lately though. Maybe this one needs the full 7 minutes, not just 4?

Buy the Stars

That could be it. I’ve noticed similar things from black blends rather than straight teas, especially from David’s.


Erm, I definitely typed overleaFed, thank you autocorrect. Yeah, typically I don’t steep straight blacks or 52teas black blends for more than 3 minutes, as they get bitter/astringent. However, flavoured blacks from other companies like DavidsTea seem to withstand longer times quite well, and in fact may actually require them.

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357 tasting notes

I must be doing something wrong, or maybe my taste buds are on the fritz? The flavors are a lot weaker than I was expecting.

Cinnamon is the only flavor that I can identify among all the ingredients. After brewing this according to the instructions, I tasted some…ugh…weak. I decided to brew it longer. Much longer. I actually forgot it brewing while I emptied the dishwasher and replied to emails.

On the up side, despite my careless over-steeping, it doesn’t taste bitter; unfortunately the flavors still seem weak. I believe the best word to describe this is – muddy. Not in a dirt kind of way, but rather, that the flavors blend so much that they somehow cancel each other out. The only one that stands out a bit is the cinnamon. I expected “stormy night” to have bold flavors to conjure images of thunder and lightning. Instead it is more like the aftermath of a windstorm – messy.

Sigh…. disappointed :(

In my various trips to David’s tea, I somehow bought 3 separate 25g pouches of this. I’m contemplating returning my 2 unopened ones, unless someone can tell me how to fix this. Any suggestions?


:/ I really dislike when people buy a bunch of a tea and then return it, since it just goes to waste when that happens. Especially when it’s so very easy to only buy 10g of a tea to sample (online orders when there’s no local DT excepted, of course).

Either way, I wasn’t a fan of this one either. It tasted murky and cinnamon to me. Perhaps try it as a latte? I seem to recall that there are people that did like this tea, and maybe within the other tasting notes, you can find a better way to brew it? I think I have a cup’s worth left that I’ve been avoiding because yeah, I don’t know how to make it taste good!


@Kittenna – like I said in my tea log, I bought the 25g pouches (the ones that they sell sealed). They will just resell them – none will go to waste – no worries there.


well this is one of my runner up teas, i mean not my top 5 but definitely in my top 10. it is a less flashy tea. definitely more like dark chocolate and less like the cookies the ingredients kinda lead me to think it would taste like. basically i had expectations, and once i let those go, i began to love this tea for what it is. more introverted and thoughtful and dark.
but there are so many wonderful teas in the world there is no reason to drink ones that don’t speak to you :) return them with pride i say!


I had trouble with this one at first, but have grown to like it. I measure out more tea than recommended with this one, but it never becomes really strong. I find it to be somewhat comforting at night though. Anyhow, I agree with Shmiracles; if you don’t like it, they should either be returned or re-homed! :-)


I oddly had the opposite experience with this tea, I found the cinnamon in it to be way to overpowering and I always cut it with another black tea in order to drink it. However you may be right that the reason I find it this way is that there is nothing underneath it to balance the flavour.


This was one of the first loose leaf teas I bought when I started in my tea craze. Absolutely loved it then, but you might be right that it’s not super strong in flavor…I haven’t had it in awhile because there’s been too much new stuff to try! Make sure you use plenty of leaves, and I’d recommend adding milk and sugar. I usually steep it 5 minutes.


@Shmiracles- I think you may be on to something. I do find that my expectations of a tea, sometimes gets in the way of truly enjoying it for what it is. I will be sure to bear that in mind next time.

@Allie – It sounds promising that it might be one that I might grow into appreciating

@yzz – I love the idea of cutting it with another tea. I’ve done that with other teas in the past with some success, so I’m not sure why I didn’t think of it. I will definately give that a try. Thanks for the suggestion

@Tealizzy – I will be sure to use more leaves next time- great idea.


there is a tea for every mood and time and nuance! it’s an amazing thing.


So true Shmiracles, cheers!


I had a similar experience with this on the first cup, but it grew on me very quickly and became one of my favorites. I’m kinda into it’s muddy color. I recommend more leaf and around a 7 minute steep time. They did recently discontinue this tea, which saddens me. :( Perhaps something better will come along.

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1186 tasting notes

This is another tea I am trying to drink down lol, it doesn’t wow me, and the chocolate gets a bit monotonous after a while for me. I’m really not that much of a chocolate fan I guess lol. Anyways, we had a small cloud burst here tonight and I was hoping it might storm for the last time this year, so I made a cup of this lol, it seemed appropriate. It hasn’t stormed yet, boo! Oh, and I’ve taken to adding milk to my black teas quite a bit lately, I don’t know why, usually I don’t add anything, but it just seems like a thing to do lately lol. Maybe I’m hoping my stomach won’t get upset anymore from milk if I drink it more often :P (which might actually be working!) or maybe it’s just that I’m lacking calcium or something. Or it’s fall. Haha, anyways, this is an ok cup tonight, want to have a different one before bed though, as this isn’t a favorite. See previous notes!

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

Chocolate is great, but I don’t enjoy it in tea so much unless it’s a chocolate note, instead of actual chocolate. Actual chocolate just makes me think of watered down hot chocolate which is pretty gross actually!

I have an opened bag of this that I grabbed for $2.50. I guess I’ll drink it once it gets colder. ;P


^ I agree with this haha, I enjoy chocolate notes in teas such as Laoshan Black, but chocolate bits are not my favorite, except in Shamrocks and Shenanigans, because it’s with mint probably though :)

This is a decent cold weather tea, or on a stormy, rainy night it works well :) I had it a stormy afternoon at work this summer and it seemed so fitting!


Chocolate cream by Teafrog and Chocolate Delight from The TeaGuys are exquisite. I thought I would hate chocolate tea because I just didn’t think those two things should be put together, but these two teas proved me wrong, no watered down hot chocolate here! I do love teas that have strong cocoa notes, too – like Emperor’s Red by Premium Steap. It is amazing,


Mmm those sound good! I’ll have to check them out, I don’t mind really good hot chocolate so if they are like that, I’d be a fan :)

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6444 tasting notes

I got distracted so this cup is now cold. It is really not good cold. All the flavors combine into one thick, odd taste. The word “muddy” comes to mind. I know that sounds strange but the creaminess of the coconut makes it come off smooth like the texture of mud, with a bit of earthy spice from the cinnamon and a thickness from the chocolate. All in all, this tea just has too much going on for its own good.

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

This is one of those teas that can be good or really bad. My last cup was the latter…not sure I want to finish off the rest of it (which is like 1 cup worth) for fear of the ickiness. :P


I had this before and liked it and I have also had it and not been pleased. This got cold and when it is cold, it is bad.


Good to know!!

Aimee Popovacki

muddy is exactly how i would describe it… also… giving up might be another word.. its like they just threw ingredients in a pot that they thought might work but really didnt.


I am glad you understand, Aimee!


Yes… it’s totally muddy. It smells so good, but it tastes like a muddled mess. Guess that makes sense on a stormy night. :( I made sure not to buy more of it.


Most of the time I don’t mind it. It doesn’t hurt that I didn’t pay for it but rather got it as a bonus when I bought other stuff.

Aimee Popovacki

yeah, i only bought a to go cup of it because i was skeptical to begin with. It kind of reminded me of cocoa canela.. i liked the idea of cocoa canela but the murkiness, and taste were weird.


No wonder you sent me so much in our last swap, Aimee. Also I got 50 g of this free when I bought other teas so I am not too upset that I don’t love it.

Aimee Popovacki

lol … yeahhh! i bought a ton of bags of it when it was 2 for 5…. and the one i wanted there was only three so i took the cocoa canela by default haha.

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516 tasting notes

It is very hard not to eat the chocolate chunks out of this tea – they are freaking amazingly yummy.
The tea is okay! I prefer others, but it is a nice chocolatey cinnamon tea, almost like a mexican hot chocolate.


Ooooh, I’d love any of the flavored matchas (except mint unless it’s delicate flavoring). I have a ton of Butiki Teas to offer in return. Check out my cupboard for the specifics. ;)

Daisy Chubb

Sounds great Charoma, we haven’t had a swap yet :D Let me know if there are other teas in my cupboard you want – we’ll make it a proper swap. I’ll PM you :)

Bear With Me

I know what you mean about the chocolate pieces, they’re like mini toblerone chunks!!! (mmm, toblerone…)
Try mixing it with Spiced Carob oolong ;)

Daisy Chubb

mmm I will! Chocolate heaven!

Ruby Woo Scarlett

Haha! Perhaps having a bag of chocolate chips nearby while drinking this would be a good option :D

sandy v

I get in trouble for picking them out. Whooopsies!

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343 tasting notes

Sad sipdown today. I finished the last of this one. Although I never thought I would finish 250 grams of this tea, I managed to in less than 6 months. Granted, I portioned off a fair bit of it for swaps, but I think I probably drank 90% of the 250 grams. I’m bummed that this appears to be discontinued but maybe it will show up on the Davidstea sales page sometime in the future.

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1271 tasting notes

Another tea sample my family brought me from Canada! I can’t wait to try this one as this looks up my alley.

DRY: Strong cinnamon scent. Huge chunks of chocolate, very rustic looking tea. The chocolate tasted good too.

STEEPED: Cinnamony and chocolate smell, weird film on the top of the light brown tea. Little murky and debris floating in this tea that my Steeper didn’t catch.

TASTE: Warm cinnamony, deep earthy black tea, slight creamyness from coconut or vanilla. The main flavor of this tea is cinnamon though.
Sweetened, I think the chocolate flavor comes out a bit more.

Oddly, my last cup from my tea pot was REALLY weak! Huh? I’m thinking all the weird floating debris carried the flavors.

COMMENTS: I disliked Dr. Chocolate/Spiced Carob – SN is very similar but lacks the stuff I disliked about Dr. SC – cardamon /waves fist! However, yeah, kinda weak flavor. Kinda close to Cocoa Canela, but not as spicy! I’d say this tea is the least spicy of the 3.

Not bad, I’m sure there are plenty of peeps who would like this tea, it’s very fall like, warm cinnamon and chocolate. I’m thinking it needs nuts for another layer of flavoring as it’s too close to Dr Spice Chocolate Carob and Cocoa Canela vibe.

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

YES, I completely agree that it’s quite reminiscent of Dr. Chocolate/Cocoa Canela. And everyone seems to be saying that it’s super weak. I have enough left for a cup; I might see how it fares if I brew it up in half the water. The worst part, though, was the chalkiness, and I don’t think that will go way with less water!


I could use some stormy tea right now. It’s hurricane party weather.

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1792 tasting notes

I keep putting off reviewing this. I’m so stuffed from a randomly put together Thanksgiving meal, but nonetheless, I need to report to the world about this tea!

I’ve had it twice already. The dry leaf smells a lot heavier on the cinnamon than I was expecting. It’s like dry ground cinnamon. The other notes are quite weak. I was hoping to get more coconut, especially since the shreds are so delicate.

Once steeped, it also smells like ground cinnamon. Kind of like Super Chocolate but with a different tea base. The taste is also like that. But! Luckily, the soy creamer brings out the vanilla and coconut in this. Makes it taste more like a baked treat.

I’m a little disappointed in it. Was expecting a better balance of flavours. It’s a cozy tea for sure, but out of the new ones this fall, I still prefer Toasted Marshmallow.

205 °F / 96 °C 5 min, 0 sec

Happy Thanksgiving!


Thanks, you too!


Oh Thanksgiving in Canada? I will celebrate with you all – now where is my pie? :)
Haha happy Thanksgiving!!!


Thank you! I made waaaay too much pumpkin pie filling (was lazy and made it as a pudding instead) and I wish I can share it with everyone. :)

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284 tasting notes

I received this as a free bag with purchase during a promo. I should have just left it for someone else to have. Even the dry leaf smelled so off putting — like bad milk chocolate — sour almost. Yes, I smelled coconut and Cinammon but the acrid chocolate smell was prevalent.

I finally forced myself to have a cup to satisfy a craving for something I couldn’t put my finger on. I looked at my cupboard and wanted nothing (well, really, I wanted a Starbucks’ tall salted caramel mocha with whipped cream and sprinkles) so I sighed and decided it was time to stop avoiding this bag.
You know, " #%^} or get off the pot", right?

It brewed orangey brown, had a ton of floaties, like A TON and I couldn’t make myself do it. I didn’t even waste my yummy creamer on it, I took a tiny sip and dumped it. The only thing that tasted worse to me was a sort of Tulsi chai I got a sample from someone — won’t name names :)

THis stormy night is the stuff nightmares are made of. Sorry, DAVID, I’m a fan overall, but this one needs to go away.


haha I remember when I wrote my review you mentioned how you disliked the smell. I am sorry this was such a bad experience for you. I do agree that its not the best (although not quite to the extent you do obviously since I still drink it). At least you did not pay for it and now you know it is not for you.


You can have it!


I still have a lot. Thank you though!


I would like to have it! I love that tea but can’t find it anymore…


Ok. You can have it. :)


Tank you!!! But I don’t know what to do next…(I’m very new on steepster)


I’m sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy it. I do find it smells a bit burnt at first but I actually liked it with cream and sugar. I like cinnamon though and you need to like it to enjoy this tea. I didn’t notice the floaties but I did notice it was more murky. I attribute that to the cinnamon.

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813 tasting notes

in my opinion this tea is understated and classy. it’s also the first tea i am logging while using my new computer! this screen is huge. it feels so wrong, but it also feels so right.

i swear, the first time i had this tea i was like ‘meh it’s nice enough’.
but it’s really hitting the spot this morning.
it’s honest. cinnamon and vanilla black tea.
and snow is on the ground here for the first time this season. school/work was delayed 2 hours. and i have a book to read and tea to drink.


Yay for new computer!!

Josie Jade

yay, it’s always so exciting to get a new computer. especially for steepster addicts!


New computer!!!! <3


my old computer was making so much noise. for well over a year. i feel safer knowing i won’t lose all the music pictures and videos i love so much. but hell this dr who folder is taking forever to copy over! hah
the very first two things i logged into was my email and then steepster. OBVIOUSLY! <3

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