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  • “This came out of my “try this already!” box. And since everything else I had set to brew up tonight (aside from re-steeps) was an unflavoured tea, I felt like a bit of flavouring… although this...” Read full tasting note
  • “I’ve been trying to fight off a cold for the last little while, but it looks like it finally got me ~ drat! Since my sense of taste and smell are not at their best today I figured I’d get rid of...” Read full tasting note
  • “Thank you to Dexter3657 for this sample!! When I smelled this brewed I thought “this is soda” and then I sipped it and it was like hot flat soda…which actually was kind of better than it sounds....” Read full tasting note
  • “I bought this in the summer when I was new to tea and thought I could judge a tea by its aroma and that I needed to buy 50g or more. I’m still trying to drink all those teas. :p I think I still...” Read full tasting note


Sweet memories
Remember trying cherry cola as a kid? Nothing beats the feeling of holding that ice cold bottle and knowing it’s all yours to enjoy. Sweet, bubbly and tartly fruity, it’s everything we love in a drink. And with this invigorating, cherry-spiked black tea, we’re pretty sure we captured the taste straight from the soda fountain. Try a cup and see if we got the feeling right, too. We love it on ice with a little agave.

Ingredients: Organic: black tea, cherries, stevia.

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DavidsTea is a Canadian specialty tea and tea accessory retailer based in Montreal, Quebec. It is the largest Canadian-based specialty tea boutique in the country, with its first store having opened in 2008.

47 Tasting Notes

6005 tasting notes

This came out of my “try this already!” box. And since everything else I had set to brew up tonight (aside from re-steeps) was an unflavoured tea, I felt like a bit of flavouring… although this wouldn’t have been my first choice given the negative reviews of it I’ve seen.

To start with, the aroma from the dry tea is a bit offputting. I would agree that the aroma is reminiscent of cola in a… chemically sort of way. But, I don’t like cola (and especially not cherry cola) to begin with, so who knows, maybe it smells normal to all those pop lovers! Brewed up it smells pretty similar, though not as bad as I was expecting.

The flavour, though, is where it massively crashes and burns. There is just something WRONG with the initial taste. It’s quite strong, and chemically, and truly terrible. Bleeeech. I’ve had seriously oversteeped greens that are more palatable than this!! I’m finding that the aftertaste isn’t completely terrible; it does remind me of coke, but unfortunately, I’m not willing to drink another terrible sip in order to achieve the aftertaste. I was contemplating trying this one with sweetener, but I think that would be a waste of sugar.

My advice? Avoid this tea at all costs unless you have an affinity for drinking chemicals. I’ve complained about flavouring oils and chemical flavours before, but no tea I’ve tried has been quite this bad (ok, other than the vomit-flavoured Pina Colada from Adagio. I would drink this over that.)

Down the drain this goes! Perhaps I’ll run up and grab a Persimmon Tree or Whispering Pines sample that I have yet to try, since I’m still craving something flavoured.

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

I asked a staff member at my local DT if she knew of anyone who liked this tea, and the answer came really quick: “no!” :P
Whatever strange flavouring they used, it should be banned forever!


LOL. I am also not a fan, and I love cherry cola :(


I love flavored teas and Cherry Cola, but I agree, this tea does not taste good


Thankfully the Root Beer tea that DT makes is actually much better, and does not have an Stevia, thank goodness!

Autistic Goblin

try some black cherry matcha with cola matcha from Red Leaf Tea it’s great (I recommend Cold with ice) you won’t miss pop after that :D


I have both and still need to try it. Been to bust reviewing other new matcha flavors.

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357 tasting notes

I’ve been trying to fight off a cold for the last little while, but it looks like it finally got me ~ drat! Since my sense of taste and smell are not at their best today I figured I’d get rid of the last bit of this tea that I never really liked.


Why does this taste so bad. There is nothing too wacky listed in the ingredients, so what gives? The first few sips are the worst. It leaves that gross coating in my mouth that makes me want to pressure wash my tongue :P


Lowering my rating

p.s. If you didn’t already notice, sometimes I get a little cranky when I’m sick ~ lol!


Aww, take care over there! Remember to drink lots of fluids – wait. Let me rephrase that: keep consuming tea as it is!

Rachel Sincere

Oh boy. This is one that I pulled out of the traveling tea box to try. Looking forward to it. LOL


Rachel – try it iced! That…. Helps. :)


Thanks charab – tea always helps me feel better

Rachel – I hope you like it much more than I did. I can’t remember if I ever tried it iced (as suggested by Cavocorax) but hopefully that would be the trick to make it taste better? Good luck I look forward to reading your tealog :)

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160 tasting notes

Thank you to Dexter3657 for this sample!! When I smelled this brewed I thought “this is soda” and then I sipped it and it was like hot flat soda…which actually was kind of better than it sounds. This tea has ridiculously awful reviews which is funny because I didn’t hate it. It was weird for sure, but like the note that came with my swap package said “everyone should try it at least once”! It is very cola like, I can’t understand how they get it to taste like that. It isn’t something I would purchase if it ever came back, but I am definitely glad to try it!!


Oh I hated this! I actually bought a big tin of this when I first started buying teas and I ended up begging them to take the tea back once I tried it. The manager said that she would only because it was this specific tea! :-)

Aimee Popovacki

lol yeah, this was a baaaaad baaaaad tea for me.. i bought one iced at the store, really liked it, and then bought a bag to bring home.. i never could quite replicate whatever they did in the store to make it taste so much better haha


LOL I’m really glad you were brave enough to try it. I think it’s better cold than hot. I’ve hot brewed then cooled this before, but I have some in the fridge right now cold brewing. I added more cherry tisane to it trying to bring out more cherry less cola. Will post a note on how it turns out.


Blech. I hated this one too, but I was curious. I wish I’d tried the rootbeer instead. Also, I wish I hadn’t bought 100g of it! :O It’s gone now. Finally.

Aimee Popovacki

lol i liked the rootbeer better than cherry cola. maybe if i tried either the way they are doing their ‘poptea’ this summer i would have liked them more? it was the flatness i think that got me


Yeah I can’t wait to try either of those as a poptea! That might make all the difference!


I just bought some rootbeer off of Momo, so I think I’ll try it as a poptea when it arrives!

Aimee Popovacki

i bet it will be just the thing to make it right.. i bet if people like it enough its something they’d consider bringing back.. i mean the idea of it was good

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1598 tasting notes

I bought this in the summer when I was new to tea and thought I could judge a tea by its aroma and that I needed to buy 50g or more. I’m still trying to drink all those teas. :p

I think I still have 20g less, and it’s actually worse than I remember. All I can taste is the stevia. Hey! DavidsTea!!! I’m perfectly capable of adding my own sweetener if I want any.

But then what else should I expect from tea named after pop.


Yeah, this one is TERRIBLE.


Eeeeep! Yuckers.

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639 tasting notes

This tea has gotten some really low marks from the Steepster community. Therefore, I had low expectations but was holding out hope nonetheless.

There is a surprisingly potent aroma and flavor to this one. But honestly, it does taste like Cherry Coke in my opinion. The cherry is prominent, as is that classic Coca-Cola flavor: overly sweetened cola nut with a caramel aftertaste. I’m drinking it hot and sweetened by Truvia. It would probably be more enjoyable and Coke-like as an iced tea.

However, just because this tastes like a tea version of Cherry Coke doesn’t mean that I like it. In general, Coca-Cola upsets my stomach since I stopped drinking soda a few years ago. This tea is similar. Although I don’t necessarily feel sick, it doesn’t make me feel 100% right as rain either.

My body anticipates feeling ill just by tasting the flavor of Coke it seems. So although it was fun to try a new tea, I think I’ll avoid this one in the future. Thanks to Kittenna for the chance to try it!

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

Haha, you liked this more than me! This was apparently just a terrible idea for a tea (or perhaps just terrible execution). Blech.


I think it’s probably an okay idea but yeah…it just doesn’t work as a tea. LOL!

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200 tasting notes

When I first saw this tea I was really intrigued, especially since I am a former soda addict (specifically Wild Cherry Pepsi!)

I logged on to Steepster and checked the reviews of this tea (my ritual before posting my own), and wow – this tea got a lot of negativity. Now I feel kinda bad for it (is it possible to feel bad for a tea?). I cold-brewed this for 12 hours and had high hopes after the delicious Root Beer. I took a sip this morning and … meh. There’s definitely cherry flavor in there, but it’s really just a mishmash of stuff and not working at all. One of the problems, I think, is the stevia. It just gives it this weird sort-of-sugary aftertaste. It’s supposed to be sweet, but it’s not. It’s just not working, at all. The tea is certainly drinkable, but it’s not as enjoyable as I was hoping it would be. I think the tea might have been better had DT just left it off.

But, as I started to feel bad for the tea, I thought I would try to see what I could do up the rating. Adding honey definitely helped, but I really don’t like adding sweetner to my tea if I can help it. I also decided to add some seltzer. I don’t think that worked either. It was just not working at all. I don’t even know if it’s worth finishing.
When I got this order at David’sTea last month, I didn’t realize this tea was so new. I have a feeling this one won’t be staying around.

So in conclusion, this is probably a tea you should pass on. This is exactly why I’m glad I bought a sample size of this at DT and didn’t make a full order online. Sometime you win and sometimes you lose.


Yes I too feel bad for teas sometimes.


So glad to know that I’m not the only one that feels bad for tea! I never want to send out teas I didn’t like either, I feel bad sending what I find to be a sub-par tea to other people, though they might like it!


LOL ladies. Glad to know I’m not the only one who feels bad for teas. Sometimes I talk to my teas, too. I blame it on being an only child.

@Meowkattack – I have that mental struggle too, but I don’t like to waste tea, and some teas I might not like someone else might.

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297 tasting notes

oh my bloody he’ll. Steepster at my note.

anywho, I’ve had this forever and am now trying it in hopes of cleaning up my stash.
I don’t hate this like everyone else, I don’t love it, but quite enjoy it. it reminds me of those pop bottle gummies.

I put the rest in the fridge to try it cold.
as my cup cooled to room temp, it wasn’t quite as good as it is hot.
Also there is a kind of strange taste at the end of the sip. maybe the stevia?

Boiling 3 min, 45 sec

I had the strange aftertaste thing with Blueberry Jam, and also blamed it on the stevia. I think perhaps I am not a stevia fan.


sorry you lost your note! that happened to me the other day :s

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1473 tasting notes

I am so, so sad. You all know me. You know I’m a DavidsTea fangirl, through and through. I will try everything they put out, but this…this is horrible. It starts with cherry cola taste, but then switches into horrible musty, dusty flavor. The aftertaste is cherry cola, which is especially cruel because I keep thinking “maybe it’s not that bad” and I take another sip. Yup, it’s that bad. I’m glad we only got 10g and I used all 10 to cold steep a pot.


This one seems to have just been one of the huge busts lately. I don’t think I’ve seen a single good review (although now that I say that, I’m curious and am going to see if there is one!)


I didn’t apreciate the scent of the dry leaves enought to want to try it. There was a bitter back in the throat sensation similar to the bday cake tea… bleck!


It sounds hideous.

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13402 tasting notes

Tre left today for his Christmas trip with his Dad (although, not before they had both sat down for some tea first) this morning, so I now have the apartment all to myself until about the 30th. That’s kinda exciting!

He also left his bus card for me to use, so that’s almost equally exciting! Now I can take the bus to work and downtown without worrying about using up all my rides

However, as soon as I got to work things turned around really fast, and now I’m having a kinda crummy day. First off, my most incompetent employee (honestly, she’s so nice and hard working, bless her soul, but she just doesn’t understand how to do ANYTHING on the till and has the worst cash handling skills I’ve ever seen) screwed up a whole bunch of refunds and didn’t keep any of the receipts so I have NO CLUE what was and wasn’t supposed to be refunded and I have no way of fixing anything. It
s infuriating, really, because now out till is thirty dollars over which means I not only have to report all the stock/inventory/refund issues to head office (my boss) but have to fill out a giant stack of paperwork because are till is (significantly) off. I’ve explained how to do refunds to her at least six times and each time I tell her that if she doesn’t understand she needs to let me know so I can keep going through things with her, and each time she says she understands but then the very next refund she does she completely fucks up the very next refund she does! Urgggg!!!

And, someone also sprayed a WHOLE BUTT FUCKING TON of cheap, perfume right next to my stand and now I can’t stop sneezing and everything smells absolutely disgusting. Urghhh…

I received this tea in my very first swap with VariaTEA and I’m only just now having it. Ultimately I had wanted my first time drinking this to be as a direct comparison with Della Terra’s Cherry Cola and Cake but I kept putting off brewing them up at the same time and now I’ve swapped away all of the Cherry Cola and Cake so there was nothing preventing me from brewing this up other than my own procrastination.

So, for 8 oz. of boiling water I used 1 1/2 tsp. of leaf steeped for five minutes. That used up about half my sample. Smell wise, there was definitely a cola scent and some mild cherry notes too – but everything was very chemical smelling. Ultimately I’ve heard only bad things about this tea, so I’m only trying it to have tried it – I had low expectations well before brewing it and do not expect to love this.

Taste wise, I am very right to have kept my expectations super low. This tastes God awful. The words that comes to mind are “burnt” and “tobacco” with some very butchered and nasty cherry/cola taste. It’s SO chemical, and just… no.

So, not a great addition to my lousy work day but at least I wasn’t expecting it to be. I’m definitely not finishing off what’s left in my water bottle, and I doubt that I’ll be the one drinking the rest of the sample I have. I guess, when he returns, this was be something I make for Tre and get him to choke down…


I really do not understand why I bought this at all. I mean, I am super picky about Cola (if a restaurant only has pepsi, I drink water – that is how picky I am) and I don’t like warm or flat soda so I really don’t see the appeal. Plus, because it was when I first found teas, I didn’t know I could buy less than 50 g so now I am stuck with it. I am sorry to hear that you did not have a better experience with it. Hopefully some of the other teas I sent have been better.

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250 tasting notes

I rarely have a problem with tea. Black, green, white, red, herbal, it takes a lot for a tea to disappoint me. I can count on one hand the teas in the past that I have brewed then dumped, Forbidden Fruit, Jumpy Monkey, and The Skinny amoung them. Sadly I now have to add this one to the list and I’m probably just reiterating what the other reviews have already said…

This tasted really, really strange to me. Initially it tasted like the tea was musty or fermented, and AFTERTASTE started to taste like Cherry Cola, but first you’ve got to get past the strange flavours. I tried it both hot (blech), iced (Cherry Cola flavour came through a little more) and iced with sweetened condensed milk (addiction much?). The only tolerable way to drink this was the latter… and even then I really had to force myself.

Sigh. Now I’m sad because I was ever so hopeful that this tea would be amazing…

Iced 5 min, 0 sec

Have not heard good things about this tea. Apprehensive to try it myself!


I’d suggest just skipping it, there are much better teas out there that are worth the money.

Daisy Chubb

Yuck, had it to-go today and it was funky tasting :B (It was against my will!)


I rarely dislike any tea, but I’m with you on that one! It has this strange unpleasant taste, and it’s so overpowering.


Daisychubb: “Funky” is putting it lightly.
Eisenherz: Unpleasantly overpowering!

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