Lime Gelato

Tea type
Fruit Green Blend
Apple, Artificial Flavouring, Lemongrass, Pineapple, Sencha
Creamy, Lime, Sweet, Vanilla, Lemongrass, Citrus, Cream, Fruity, Vegetal, Smooth, Artificial, Citrus Zest, Milk, Sugar, Apple, Medicinal, Citrusy, Nutty, Pleasantly Sour, Tart, Pineapple, Frosting, Yogurt, Green, Lemon, Cherry, Custard, Tangy, Candy, Bamboo, Cut Grass, Green Melons
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Loose Leaf
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Average preparation
180 °F / 82 °C 5 min, 15 sec 43 g 20 oz / 591 ml

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“That’s amore.”

Remember the summer you spent in Italy? Sipping espresso on the terrace, catching a ride on the back of a stranger’s Vespa, and of course, trying your first taste of tart, creamy lime gelato. With its fresh, fruity aroma and smooth flavour, this delicious mix of fruit, yogurt, and green tea will bring you right back. Try it iced. On a terrace. While the moon hits your eye.

Ingredients: Apple, sencha green tea, pineapple (pineapple, sugar), lemongrass, artificial creamy lime flavouring.

16 oz/475 ml hot water + 1-2 perfect spoons + 3-5 minutes

About DAVIDsTEA View company

DavidsTea is a Canadian specialty tea and tea accessory retailer based in Montreal, Quebec. It is the largest Canadian-based specialty tea boutique in the country, with its first store having opened in 2008.

284 Tasting Notes

15155 tasting notes

mmmmmm… ok so Raritea found me a David’s Tea that i really like. This is better than the 52 teas honeybush that i tried earlier. This is especially delicious in contrast to the sweet vanilla orange that i recently had. I can see drinking this one over the summer for sure! Also this would be fantastic as a slushie. It’s the perfect blend of lemon, lime and a touch of creaminess.


This is one of my favourites :)


Now on my list.


i totally just ordered 100g of this. FML


sooo if you don’t mind waiting for a bit longer for me to send you your swap Star, I can add some of this in when it comes :)


Lol Sil, I imagine you’ll get your order on like, Wednesday. :P If not flukily tomorrow.


I’m curious what free sample they’ll send you!


shhhhh i like thinking about it coming later…much much later..


They send 3 free samples! I have fingers crossed for Pom Tango, in which case I will pitch a fit if Sil doesn’t let me have it (ok ok, I’m kidding…. I just want a sample of that darn tea!)


Kittenna – If i make it over to the tea store on my lunch I’ll double check for you. I MIGHT have a mini list of teas i want to pick up samples of from david’s… i hate you guys. lol


Which teas?? Let me know bc if I have them, I would really rather sample them to you… haha.


oh whatever lady! I’m not helping you win! kidding I don’t have the list with me…hoping ian can go home and tell me what i wrote down lol


Haha…. there’s so no chance of me winning, so you’re pretty safe :P


the winner gets more tea foisted on them by the losers? lol



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6107 tasting notes

Brewed this one up to compare to Lemon-Lime Kukicha, since I had an available infuser and was curious :D

The aroma is pretty similar to Lemon-Lime Kukicha, nice and limey and creamy. I’m getting a bit less of a key lime pie association though. Also, the flavour is definitely different (smoother, creamier, less tangy citrus), and I think I actually prefer this to the 52teas blend, perhaps mostly because of that bit of bitterness I was getting.

Yum, I hadn’t had this one in quite a while. Definitely need to cold-brew/ice some of it soon!

ETA: Second infusion is even limier, and still smooth, although I’d hesitate to say creamy. I wonder if the lemongrass is making more of an appearance? Yum.

200 °F / 93 °C 5 min, 0 sec

The only thing with cold brewing this one is that the yogurt doesn’t melt if you only use cold water. I didn’t even think of that the first time I tried to cold brew this. Lol I guess I just wasn’t thinking in general!


I’m not sure I’ve actually cold-brewed this one, but yeah, I remembered about the yogurt drops. I might try the hot-brew for 30s method and then add cold water, or maybe a full-on hot brew stuck in the fridge. So good though.

Anny Oxidant & the Tea Bullie

This sounds wonderful. Must purchase!


It really is very good! I had forgotten! Definitely one I need to pick up 100g of at some point!


Is there real yogurt in it?


You ask because you’re vegan, I assume? Well, my best guess is that the yogurt in it is like any sort of candy that has a ‘yogurt coating’. And I don’t know if those contain real yogurt. It wouldn’t surprise me if this tea wasn’t vegan though (which really sucks because I think it would be delicious without the yogurt bits too. I have heard of people picking them out, but didn’t really look for them myself).


Apparently there’s lime yogurt flavouring, and dairy is listed as an allergen. :(


that’a a bummer, yeah dairy products in general make me very allergic


:( I’m glad I don’t have any dietary restrictions. That really sucks.


This one sounds really scr-yumtious!!

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6444 tasting notes

Creamy with sweet lime and smells like a cookie – what is not to love?

200 °F / 93 °C 5 min, 0 sec 2 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

I’ve always wanted to try this! Is the lime overwhelming?


No it is actually pretty muted tbh.


this might be the only david’s tea i love lol


It is a good one :)

Roswell Strange

(Oddball who highly disliked it)


Not the only oddball! They keep giving me samples of it in-store and I just can’t get into it…

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292 tasting notes

I am enjoying a cup of this while waiting for dinner to cook. Busy, busy day, so I am putting some in the fridge to drink later.

Lime Gelato, you make my stressful days taste delicious.

5 min, 0 sec

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516 tasting notes

I just had to see what all the fuss is about!

Yep. wow. it’s a good’un. Another one that tastes just like it smells. mm creamy and lime-y without being overly tart or sour! Reminds me of a lime jell-o dessert made with condensed milk. This is the creamy-taste that I imagine 52teas Cheesecake teas might have, but I dunno!

Much better than the Mom’s Apple Pie I had to dump out of my mug, lesson learned!


Wow. Just wow. I have noticed that many of those that I follow avoid the discussions and just stick with the tea log and those they follow. It makes for a much more peaceful experience.


I’m glad you enjoy Lime Gelato (I <3 it)…less glad to see the internet drama. : (


I’m so sorry sweet pea! Sometomes sucky people suck extra much and that really sucks! You have a circle of good and kind Steepsters around you. AND don’t you forget it :)

Erin Hurley

I have NO idea what thread you’re talking about or what happened, but BUMMER! I got your teas today! At least come back to see reviews! Yours is all packaged now and ready for sendin!


I reported the thread and Jason locked it, so things couldn’t escalate further. Steepster tends to “disappear” the ugly things :)

Daisy Chubb

Oh thank you guys!!! … gals! :D
I’m at home now and have had some time to cool down. Maybe I’m the dramatic one.. haha! Anyways, I could never leave all yous behind. You’re the best part of my days and I check this website when I wake up and before I go to sleep and I just couldn’t go away forever :(
So I won’t. :) I’m just going to take your advice and avoid the discussion area for a while, swim around in the part of Steepster i love the most and what have you. Words! I fail at them. But long story short, you guys are the best and thank you SO much for making me feel welcome and absolutely at home

I’m here to stay. With less drama (well, just the good kind heh. The kind that comes from an amazing tea or person I just can’t keep quiet about!)

Erin Hurley

Grrllll, that business is in da MAIL!

Daisy Chubb

Thanks Erin ^^ Can’t wait! Literally, I will pace all day every day.
I hope you enjoy your teas, with a vengeance!

The Seattle Tea Snob

Staying out of the boards is definitely more peaceful, but the boards can be quite entertaining, apparently I am fair more offensive than I could have ever dreamed, and I don’t even have to try, that’s how good I am. :)

But that is neither here nor there what is truly important is that your new profile pic is awesome, I’m kinda jealous, and more than a little curious what its off of?

Erin Hurley

Plants Vs. Zombies. It’s a game for iOS

Daisy Chubb

Yes! It is Plants vs. Zombies, indeed. A game which rocks my little world – and I am very picky when it comes to games. So! Yes!
I love reading your stuff Seattle, you are good :D Thanks!!

Ashley Bain

Eek. No idea what happened in the boards but I’ve been there done that. Almost left for good once. But thanks to some awesome Steepsterites I realized I can’t leave because of a few bad apples. Because there’s a lot of awesome people on here that make me smile, and understand my obsession for tea better than any of my family or friends. haha. I’ve made some good friends on here that makes me thankful I stumbled on the site and learned to overlook drama.
Oh and PS I received your teas, cutest bags EVER. I had some friends over when they arrived, and I was like EEEEEE!!! Look at my PRINCESS BAGS!! :D Your note made me smile so much. Thank you miss Daisy!! I hope you enjoy your teas :)

Daisy Chubb

Yay glad they arrived safe and sound!
Yesss I bought those bags special. Because you’re my princesses ^^
And also, hooray for good friends who look out for eachother and (of course) good tea!!

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1792 tasting notes

I’ve been on the hunt for a green lime tea to cold steep since I am down to my last pouch of 52teas Lime Jello Salad, and I don’t even have it with me right now, so this sounded like a reasonable facsimile.

I only purchased 20g, so I put 12g in a 2L jug but filled it up halfway since it didn’t look like a lot of dry leaf at all. Let it steep overnight and this morning the liquor is still quite pale in colour. It doesn’t have a ton of flavour, but from what I’m getting, the taste is reminiscent of Oikos lime Greek yogurt. I really like that yogurt, but it’s just weird to drink something that tastes like it.

I’ll use up the remaining 8g to brew a pot of hot tea.


You should try the hot to cold steeping method with this one! It’s (in my opinion) wayyyy better that way!


Yeah, I was thinking of that since I’m sure the yogurt bits would translate better. I was just lazy yesterday haha. I’ll definitely do it next time!


Or even brew up a really big batch and then chill overnight. That is what I do for this one. Then you don’t have to use double the amount of leaves (I am cheap!)


Yeah, you’re right! It wasn’t until I already dumped more than half of the leaves into my jug that I realized it was going to be a weak batch, yet I couldn’t justify dumping the rest in. I’m just so used to cold steeping method.

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1759 tasting notes

I’d entirely forgotten about this… I finally managed to try this iced!
And yes, it was indeed quite yummy. It tastes even more like gelato this way :)
Of course, I still prefer it hot.
Now, do I want to repurchase this? Kindof. I only purchased a sample size. It is not an essential for me, but then I really really like this one. Only… I promised myself that until I make a sizable dent in my already enormous supply, I shan’t purchase any more tea :(


I know what you mean! I am also learning that I need to purchase two small tins from somewhere that I can use as “travel tins” because I keep taking tea to work and forgetting it there over the weekend! GASP!

I want more of this, but it is a green tea thus not a huge favourite


lol I hear ya. I’ve got two workplaces! so rather than try and cart them around, I tend to keep a separate stash at every place I frequent (home, and work). Now that I have my kettle, and can actually brew tea at my second job, it should be interesting to see if that arrangement still works!


oh and yeah… except Dragonwell, and the coconut green from teaopia, I don’t enjoy green as much as I want to

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107 tasting notes

So I had this conversation with my mother an hour ago:

Me: So, um, Mom…just to warn you…I entered something for some free tea…and I’m in…so there should be various teas arriving over the next few weeks. BUT IT’S FREE.

[Emphasis on “various teas,” because I fully plan to claim that any and all teas I order for the next few weeks are part of the free thing. MUAH HA HA, a cunning plan.]

Mom: Okay, well…at least I know what we can do with those teas when they get here!

Me: (deeply startled) …What?!

Mom: We’ll take them to the store!

[My family just bought a wool/knitting store. Evidently there is complimentary tea, and my mother wants me to be in charge of that.]

Me: That’s…not how it works, Mom. I’m supposed to review them!

…Yeah. I’m thinking I need to focus on drinking up the teas that are downstairs a lot faster so my family will less resent the arrival of more. Also, so that it looks like my “tea boner” (as my sister calls it) is getting softer and not harder and leaking liquor everywhere.

Oh man, sorry for that last mental image. :P

With that in mind, I’m drinking up the last of this. I’m actually using up all the last I have of this, maybe about 2tsp, so quite generous leaf for me – something I will need to keep in mind in the future when I try it again. This is one that I botched in the pitcher. Such a shame, because it’s really good! I will have to put it off as a re-purchase, though.

I’m drinking it hot, and while it really seemed like one you should ice, it’s excellent hot. It’s got a fantastic creaminess to it – I absolutely love any kind of creamy flavour or texture in a tea. The lime is perfectly balanced, not at all too sour.

I can also taste the apples, but unlike in Tropicalia, they are not too far forward in the taste, more like a supporting player of the lime.

Looking forward to getting this again and trying it cold (and made properly this time). I was going to try and chill half of this cup, but honestly, I now just feel like finishing it. Some other day!

200 °F / 93 °C 4 min, 0 sec

Great idea!!! Great way to spread the love of tea

Daniel Scott

Yeah! Evidently it IS loose teas, too. I was under the impression it was free bagged stuff, but no…there’s tea presses and whatnot at the store. So I’m in charge of that now? LOL. I have no idea what to do with it, admittedly, but I’m kind of excited.

I wonder if I should get the permission of tea companies to give out their tea? I mean, if I’m buying it myself and giving it away, shouldn’t be a big deal, right?


You made me laugh! Thanks!


Thanks for the «boner chuckle»!

Daniel Scott

Thanks guys, I was concerned that joke went too far for this site. :P


That was really funny.
Also, I really like this one hot as well. Maybe even better than cold


Ahaha, that was a pretty bad mental image!

I had this one as an iced tea in the store a few days ago, and it was delicious. I need to try hot-steeping and cooling it. Yum.

Anny Oxidant & the Tea Bullie

Haha. Great comments.

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1341 tasting notes

My kettle has arrived!! —> I’m not sure if you guys can see this or not since I’ve got my Instagram on lockdown, but you can always request I add you :)

I decided to try Lime Gelato and Bamboozled together today. Since these are two of my very favourite David’s teas, I wanted to see how well they fared as one.

Okay so this is not too bad at all. I do think I prefer either tea on it’s own but this mix was refreshing in it’s own way. It does somewhat diminish the best of both teas, but not so much that it’s tasteless. I find the bamboo really comes through the most.


Faaaancy! :O


ooooh! it’s so pretty :)


1. i can totally see the pic even though i don’t follow you
2. that kettle looks amazing!
3. every time i have Bamboozled i think ‘this is the tea Courtney likes lots’


I’m thrilled you guys can see the pictures. I’m never sure when social media is locked down what can and can’t be seen. I do so love my kettle :) And haha! Bamboozled is so yummy.

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357 tasting notes

I finished this one a few days ago. It’s a lovely light limey summer tea. It’s not a tea that needs to live in my cupboard year round; it’s more of a seasonal favorite for me. I plan to pick up another sample of this next spring/summer, but now that the weather is cooling down, I can feel myself gravitating towards the heavier tasting teas.


i really liked this one… but had scribbles not sent it to me i never would have tried it.

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