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Black Tea
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Berries, Fruity, Jam, Malt, Powdered Sugar, Red Fruits, Rhubarb, Strawberry, Sweet, Tangy, Tart, Cake, Cream, Raspberry, Sugar, Creamy, Candy, Earth, Smooth, Wood, Woody, Floral
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  • “This tea is a bit of a miss for me today, and the other one I brought was so undrinkably strong that I had to dump it (no milk or sugar here to fix it with). It’s cold here too. And mediocre tea...” Read full tasting note
  • “I’ve re-steeped it today, and it’s all strawberry. Quite delicate, but delightful. Definitely need to get a fresh version of this. :) (Ooh yeah, strawberry tea.)” Read full tasting note
  • “This is also a tea i’m decupboarding. I know there are people out there who love this more than I do, so i’d rather it went to a home where it will be loved and sipped with pleasure. To those...” Read full tasting note
  • “Another tea from Sil! Thanks! I never picked up this one from DF because although I love rhubarb, I am not huge on strawberry-flavored things (I do love fresh strawberries). This one was less...” Read full tasting note

From Dammann Frères

Well balanced with a delicious fragrance, it delivers a velvety liqueur of garden fruit flavors combined with mouthwatering rhubarb, strawberry and wild strawberry. This quite simply delicious tea can be enjoyed hot as well as iced for a summer drink – whichever you prefer!

Dominant note : Orchard fruits
Secondary note(s) : Red fruits
Type(s) of tea : Black Tea
Main flavor : Rhubarb
Complementary flavor(s) : Strawberry

Ingredients: black tea, flavors (rhubarb, wild strawberry, strawberry), flower petals

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63 Tasting Notes

1598 tasting notes

This tea is a bit of a miss for me today, and the other one I brought was so undrinkably strong that I had to dump it (no milk or sugar here to fix it with). It’s cold here too. And mediocre tea = a SAD Cavo!

Also, I had to laugh at how my friends in BC are freaking out about the 5 cm of snow that fell. :P Ahahahahha. Ok, that’s mean, but I can’t believe how extreme the weather is in Toronto, while I managed to wear sandals for 80% of the year when I was in Vancouver. Granted if you go to SFU it’s a bit different because the mountain is pretty undrinkable, but it’s not a crisis situation all around.

Ok, enough poking fun at my BC people ILU guys, really. I’m just jealous. :P
I’m gonna make myself finish this cup (or not) and then move on to something tastier.


Haha! Are you originally from BC Cavo?


Yup, this one was a miss with me also!


I am! I grew up in Merritt, then went to college in Kamloops (both in the Interior). I went to Northern Alberta for a few years to work, then retreated to Vancouver Island, and then finally Vancouver. So I’ve seen a few different climates!

I never really believed that the Island/Van were an actual rainforest until I got out there, but then Merritt is pretty much a desert (with actualfax tumbleweed!) – I didn’t expect so much variety so close!


Keychange – I had a sample of it before and it was amazing. So I wonder if this one is just really finnicky?


Haha we drive through Merritt every summer when we visit Vancouver. It always amazes me that people live there. :P I lived in Burnaby for 6 months before I had to move to Calgary since J was here. I loved being out there. :)


Hmmm, it’s possible. Definitely wouldn’t be the first time I screwed up a tea haha.


Wow, Cavo, I had no idea you lived in AB or on the Island. I’m going to have to ask you sometime about your thoughts on where you are now, and how it compares to Vancouver. Because as much as I love it here, job prospects-wise, it seems like it would be a smarter move to head to TO eventually. :)


I don’t know why people live in Merritt either! :P Especially before the music fest was a thing. Pretty much everyone I knew that I graduated with moved away.

And fjellrev – it might depend on your personality etc, and what kind of job you are looking for. It was tough to find something on the island, but within a month I was working in Vancouver, and when I was laid off there, it was less than a month before I found another job (making $15+/hour in an office setting).

It took me 4+ months to get a job here in Toronto, and even then I only got this job because my sister-in-law recommended me and got me the interview. Before that I was trying to find something within the same wage that I had back in Vancouver, and wasn’t too far of a commute.

Toronto is far more formal than Vancouver, which is NOT great for me because I am a jeans&t-shirt lady all the way. I do not do formal business wear very comfortably and would have had to buy a full wardrobe if I did get an office job elsewhere… IDK if any of that helps. :P


Wow thanks, that’s very helpful. I keep hearing and reading that it’s next to impossible to find a job in Vancouver, and if you do, it’s usually around minimum wage and/or you’d have to juggle 2+ jobs in order to earn a living. And this is why the younger crowd are getting driven out. But yeah, I’ve been hearing and reading about Victoria being just as bad, if not worse. So I’m so torn on what to do once I graduate. It doesn’t help that my mom wants to retire here, so in a way, if I am on the west coast, I feel like I’d be obligated/stuck staying on the Island.

But the formality part doesn’t surprise me. I’ve never been to Toronto before, but seeing that it’s essentially the corporate centre of Canada, I can see that. I’m shocked it took you that long to find a job though? I don’t know why, but I always had the impression that there are far more job opportunities there than in Vancouver.


Part of the issue was that I needed to make at least $17/hour in order to make paying for daycare/transit etc worthwhile, especially when daycare can start at $700month. If I was willing to work for $15 I might have had a job within a month, or at least made it to the second interview. And these jobs were all for Office Managerial roles, or something like that where I’d be in an office and have some degree of responsibility.

It’s funny but with both jobs I had in Vancouver, I found them both through Craigslist, even though people say it’s all scams etc. And the second job was AMAZING. Until I found my new job I was a little sad we had to move and I had to quit because it paid well and was interesting. What field are you going into? And do you have any experience? I guess that would make a difference as well since I’m 32 and have had several different jobs with a wide-range of experience, making me both more and less hirable. :P


Oh ok yeah, dealing with extra expenses such as daycare can definitely complicate things. Haha I’ve never applied to jobs on Craigslist before but I’m glad it’s worked out for you.

Outside of academia, I have mostly retail and supervisory experience, and within academia, research and teaching assistantship duties. I’m open to trying to get into HR, or some sort of office/government job. Teaching languages. There’s a lot I could do with my degree, like it can be applied to many domains. But it’s always nice to hear from someone who’s lived in different cities what the job market is, or can be, about. :)


Fjellrev, Vancouver is easy, especially if you have any office skills. $14+ an hour to temp reception? Uhh, ok! Can be boring, but it’s easy money, and you can gain experience/work up to longer contracts/permanent stuff. Gov’t jobs, check out the temp agencies. I forget which one has a gov’t contract here, but it’s a good place to start. Once you’re temporary you can apply for inside positions. Which sounds terrible, but whatevs. :)

I have a feeling I’m going to be back in office work by 2015.. I’d just make more money, and that’s sadly really important.


Huh, you know, I never considered temp agencies before. You’re making it oh so tempting. My gut says Vancouver would be better than Victoria too. I just keep hearing that it’s super competitive and you need connections.

I also read that the wages you earn in Vancouver support the COL there, whereas in Victoria, they don’t. Gah!


Haha. Cost of living here is just over $19/hour (about $40k). I don’t make anywhere near that, and it’s hard, but it’s do-able. Temp agencies are nice because you can temp while you look for something permanent. Get a feel for different companies and corporate environments.

Maybe check out Victoria, see what’s available. I had a really hard time finding work there because I’m definitely from Vancouver. :)

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2291 tasting notes

I’ve re-steeped it today, and it’s all strawberry. Quite delicate, but delightful.

Definitely need to get a fresh version of this. :)

(Ooh yeah, strawberry tea.)

195 °F / 90 °C 3 min, 30 sec

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14932 tasting notes

This is also a tea i’m decupboarding. I know there are people out there who love this more than I do, so i’d rather it went to a home where it will be loved and sipped with pleasure. To those that i’ve swapped with before, i’m looking at you! send me a note if you are keep to have more.

Terri HarpLady

Someone (not me) should start an earl grey TTB, or maybe a Floral TTB.


ew… lol


Can I get in on this EG box, ha ha.

Terri HarpLady

Lala, you could start it! I’ll be glad to contribute any EGs I have. :)

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2201 tasting notes

Another tea from Sil! Thanks! I never picked up this one from DF because although I love rhubarb, I am not huge on strawberry-flavored things (I do love fresh strawberries).

This one was less successful for me than many other Dammann teas that I’ve tried. Not sure why; there was almost something weird about the base blend, which usually is invariant across their teas. It had almost a hint of astringency to it, which it never has. Maybe the tartness of the rhubarb was messing with my mind? That said the flavoring is definitely well done in my opinion, with nice authentic strawberry and rhubarb flavors. Glad I never picked up a full pack of this one, but I wasn’t really in danger of doing that anyway. It does help me toward what seems to be my quest to try all of DF’s teas, though, haha.

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

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390 tasting notes

ah! my first birthday review! i’ve been 38 for a whole half a day and nothing….. i feel no different. then again, it’s always like that =0)

after last year (when my mother bought me a huge amount of wine most of which is still kicking around our kitchen) i went out on a limb and discussed with her the concept of going a different direction this year: if she really wanted to pour a couple hundred dollars into beverages in honour of my birthday, could we go with something that I like? please? are you imagining me tap dancing dear friends? can you imagine how dicey that conversation that might have been? she laughed, said that if i wanted my GRANNY’S habit indulged she SUPPOSED she could. granny? really? what part of tea says senior citizen? i mean i’d have thought she could have gone for grampa at least….

anyway, as always, i digress!!! when the box from dammann freres arrived my mother could have called me anything she wanted. the smells drifting up from the box after i carefully opened it! berry and biscuit, chocolate and nuts….. separate blends that somehow all played together happily; separate but still comprising a mutual fan club. this one was the first of my day….. i sipped it in a daze on the way to school. what a way to wake up on your birthday!

this in my cup with music that was likely way too loud, smile wrapped around my head two times. i worked all weekend on a lab that i only got half done until i ran it by my prof who said i could stop with what i had because i had done so impressively much. it’s been a good birthday so far!

sushi coming up for dinner, new kettle kettle humming in the background…. a buffet of spoiled boy teas to chose from. why is it i shouldn’t like birthdays again?

my wife refuses to try this tea…. though she says she might consider wearing it as a perfume. =0)

195 °F / 90 °C 5 min, 0 sec

Happy birthday!


=0) thank you! it’s a good day to be 38!!!


Yay, happy bday!


=0) what better way than to celebrate with friends?


Happy happy birthday!


thank you! they wrote ‘happy birthday’ with a smiley face on my sashimi container and i swear it tasted better than usual, lol. maybe they reserve the best stuff for birthday boys?


Happy birthday, you!! I’m so glad your mom got you a ton of tea!


okay, i cannot express the value of a temperature programmable kettle!!!! wow stuff tastes amazing!!! i feel very spoiled. and i found out at about 3 this morning that i got 90% on my big psych project and she’s offering me 100%. THAT is a hell of a birthday!


Happy Birthday! :) (belated – whoops!)
And that’s great about the new kettle and the awesome marks!


thanks and thanks! say….. anything interesting in your mail box?


No…. not yet. :( I’ll let you know as soon as I see something!


Bon anniversaire + 1 jour !


merci! est-ce-que votre cadeau est arrive?


non pas encore mais peut être demain ou samedi :)

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408 tasting notes

This tea is really delicious and you can pick easily strawberry.
It gives a very very fruity & sweet taste.

Rhubarb is more subtile and more complicated to detect but it arrives at after taste.

The black tea base is really perfect to reveal the flavours.
It’s not too mild but not too strong neither so this is tea to drink in the afternoon to my opinion.

On certain aspects it makes me think to the Thé du Hammam black leaf of Palais des thés.It contains red fruits and rhubarb as well.

I’m going to compare these 2 teas by drinking it one after the other and will put another note for that.

195 °F / 90 °C 5 min, 0 sec

Which house do you like most: Dammann, Mariage, or Palais des Thés? :)


Well definitively not Palais des Thes.
Then it s’hard for me to choice between Dammann and Mariage.
I cannot choice …Mariage is more famous but Dammann is his only real rival in terms of quality (just speaking for the French brands)
Let s’say my perfect tea is a mariage (pleine lune) but I am sure I ll find soon a DF I d’love enough to rate with 100 …


I love DF Coquelicot Gourmand! Their Osmanthus Oolong is good, too.


I think the name of it is dreamy :)

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639 tasting notes

Sipdown #45

Thanks to Sil for this sample! The brewed tea aroma is fruit and flowers. Hmm, there’s something weird about this flavor combo. I can’t readily identify the type of fruit or flowers that this tea is supposed to taste like.

I added some almond milk and agave, and now it’s much more to my liking. The black base is calm and floats in the background behind the added flavorings. Overall, this isn’t an incredibly complex or nuanced tea, but it is delicious! Yum!

Please pray for my husband’s father. His name is Bob, and he was just admitted to the hospital tonight with complaints of chest pain. They are doing a cardiac catheterization first thing tomorrow morning to diagnose what’s going on. They currently think he might have a blood clot or some other type of blockage, but we won’t know for sure until they do the diagnostic test tomorrow.

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

My prayers with you and your family and that everything will turn out well.


hug i will send positive vibes your way darling.


I wish him and your family the best.


Sending prayers your way!!


Oh no, my thoughts will be with you and bob. Hope he’s ok




Thank you all SOO much for your prayers and kind words! Bob had the cardiac catheterization. The procedure normally lasts 30-60 minutes. He was in surgery for 4 hours. One of his arteries was 100% blocked! The doctors said that they haven’t seen a blockage this large before and that they only had a 20% chance to clear it. However, they kept working at it and didn’t give up (thus explaining why it took 4 hours), and they were able to completely clear the blockage!

Bob’s blood pressure immediately improved, and he is already feeling much better! We are so blessed that he walked into that hospital on his own power. He could have had a heart attack at any minute! Coronary heart disease is the #1 killer in America for both men and women. He had just come for a visit and played tennis with my husband out in the hot sun for hours. It’s simply a miracle that he’s okay!

They have him on new medication to help lower his cholesterol and another one that will scrub his arteries to keep future blockages from happening. This all happened so fast, and it’s already over. I think we’re all in shock. But now we can go on our honeymoon without worrying that he’s going to need a bypass or anything more serious.

It’s just amazing how God took care of him. I am so thankful to be part of this community of genuinely good-hearted people. I’m convinced that this truly is a miracle brought on by everyone’s love, support, and prayers. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!


oh that is AMAAAAZING news. I’m so happy to hear that things went better and that he pulled through. That is incredible news….totally just made my day :) so happy for you!


So glad to hear he’s doing better! Hope you have a great honeymoon. :)

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863 tasting notes

A sample received from the awesome Sil, who came to my rescue when I said I’d never tasted French teas. :)

It’s always hard for me to get an accurate picture of what the dry leaf smells like when a bunch of samples (especially a bunch of fruity DF samples) have been in close proximity to each other. This one just smells like generic fruitiness, but nothing readily identifiable.

Steeped I smell strawberries and cream. It reminds me alot of Marco Polo by Mariage Freres, actually. This is good, because I like that tea a lot.

The taste is virtually all strawberry, with rhubarb present only in the small irritation at the back of my throat. There is a slight tartness alongside the strawberry, but nothing I’d be able to identify as rhubarb. I will say that though it is a tart tea, it still manages to pull of the smoothness that only DF can.

Eh. Its a good tea, I can taste the quality and it stands on its own without additives. Nothing too memorable though. It’s another one I can cross off my list at getting to try, though, so that’s always a good thing!

Boiling 4 min, 15 sec

yay for crossing things off the list!

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807 tasting notes

This is such a lovely tea. Thank you Ysaurella for this one!
I just got a steal on another Dammann Freres tea today on Fab but this was another option. I love this one and almost got it but the curious creature in me decided to go for one I have not had before.
Ysaurella sent me a generous sample of this one.
Its fruity but light, not overpowering with artificial flavors. Quite smooth, and a wonderful strawberry flavor with a tangy zest. Second steep is also delicious!


I’m happy you liked it – however I think this is one of the blends you can easily get in the USA, because it is really one their top 10 best sales and classic blends.

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286 tasting notes

This is a sample sipdown…thank you JustJames for sending me this tea.

The dry leaf aroma is quite fragrant, almost floral. I wouldn’t have guessed that this was a strawberry tea. I got a hint of the fruit up front, and a bit of tartness at the end of the sip. Sorry JustJames, this one was just ok for me. But I have a hard time with any type of tartness, no matter how delicate it is.

I do appreciate the samples that you sent…thank you!!

Roswell Strange

I don’t think it disappeared? I can see it right here – which is why I’m posting on it. ;)


You’re right!

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