Macaron Cassis Violette

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Alkaline, Black Currant, Cut Grass, Drying, Earthy, Fruity, Grassy, Juicy, Marzipan, Pastries, Tangy, Toasty, Violet, White Wine
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170 °F / 76 °C 3 min, 15 sec 10 oz / 295 ml

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  • “When I went to Dammann Fréres in Paris, I bought one of the two ‘macaron’ teas they had, the Macaron Mangue Jasmin. I came back and I loved it so much, I wished I had bought the other, this one!...” Read full tasting note
  • “Thank you so much to QueenOfTarts for this tea! I am starting to think maybe two months from now I need to order the teas I want from Dammann Frerés because I am in love with this tea, just based...” Read full tasting note
  • “This is a nice idea – currant, violet, macaron. Ideally, this would have a nice balance of berry notes from the currants, elegant florals from the violet and a sweet. light, pastry presence keeping...” Read full tasting note
  • “this tea was such a welcome surprise! i got no sleep and woke up looking like i got punched in the face— a deep infection in the eye socket apparently. no driving, no school, all i can think is...” Read full tasting note

From Dammann Frères

This blend, named after the famous ‘macaron’ pastry combines a Sencha tea from China and blackcurrant, violet and ‘macaron’ flavours. Pineapple bits and flower petals make it irresistible.

Recommended brewing time : 3 to 4 minutes

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17 Tasting Notes

2201 tasting notes

When I went to Dammann Fréres in Paris, I bought one of the two ‘macaron’ teas they had, the Macaron Mangue Jasmin. I came back and I loved it so much, I wished I had bought the other, this one! Well fortunately for me QueenOfTarts wanted to swap me for some, so here it is, in my possession! Thanks QueenOfTarts!

The dry leaf smells lovely, like delicious, fresh, real black currants (cassis). I don’t detect a distinct violet note, but it does have perhaps a hint of a floral quality to it. The almondy macaron is also fairly subtle but lurking about in the corners. Steeped, the tea definitely smells like more of a mix of currants and violet; it’s more floral, and there is also more of the macaron aroma at the base of it.

I had high expectations for this tea, and I was not disappointed. It’s Dammann Fréres, how could I be? I have never been disappointed by a tea of theirs. This tea is fruity, floral and almondy (in a light, macaron-y way) all at the same time, and blended in perfect proportions. The black currant is lovely and berryful and sweet, the violet is light and floral, the macaron is slightly bakey-cookish in an ethereal way, just like a real macaron. Yum.

Aaand, now I want macarons.

175 °F / 79 °C 3 min, 0 sec

Just drink it 2 days ago …will do a review soon :)


Oh that sounds gorgeous. Too bad you can’t taste much of the violet, a violet tea sounds intriguing.


JacquelineM used to drink a violet tea that she loved. I think it was a green and was from Mariages Freres, and the name may have had Nuit in it? I will try to find it!


Found it! It was Dammann Freres Nuit à Versailles.

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1220 tasting notes

Thank you so much to QueenOfTarts for this tea!

I am starting to think maybe two months from now I need to order the teas I want from Dammann Frerés because I am in love with this tea, just based on the dry leaf smell alone. It is very reminiscent of a macaron.

The violet is definitely not as strong as the black currant. I get floral notes upon first sip but then it becomes all berry. I thought maybe there’d be a weird almond taste given the macaron flavor, but it’s more of an added sweetness to the tea.

As it cools the violet comes out a bit more, I think this would even be good as an iced tea. Definitely a more spring/summery flavor to this tea, but that won’t stop me from enjoying this in the coming months. So good!

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303 tasting notes

This is a nice idea – currant, violet, macaron. Ideally, this would have a nice balance of berry notes from the currants, elegant florals from the violet and a sweet. light, pastry presence keeping the whole thing together.

Nose wise, I mostly get violet, but also an almondy note, which, generously, could be deemed the pastry.

In the cup, it’s mostly currant, with a slight minty hint to it; I suspect this is the Dammann Frères violet. We don’t really get along, I think; I definitely prefer Comptoir’s violet flavour.

The macaron, to use a now clearly established Steepsterism, RSVP:d to the party, but did not show up.

Is it a tasty tea? Yes. Is it a tea for me? No.

[From my epic Instant-Thé order to Rome, October 2013.]

160 °F / 71 °C 3 min, 0 sec

I think I never had this one, though I think I have smelled it on their (Absolute fabulous, open on sundays, and nice staff) shop at Place des Vosges.

I actually think their violet tea is the best violet tea ever, Ysaurella sent me some and it was totally in my shopping list till I was there and found out the price – 14 euros per 100 grams, rather than say 5-6 at Mariage Freres. I strategically decided to buy more teas instead of getting the Dammann violet tea, but I am sort of regretting it now, their violet tea was really incredible, the other teas I got instead are sort of meh.


Oh, interesting! I might just be DF-biased; overall, I’m not that impressed by their products. Well, I’m going to sell and/or trade most of my DF teas soon, including three teas containing violet – let me know if there’s anything you’re particularly interested in.


I will keep an eye out then! Do you have any of their plain violet tea?

I sort of get what you mean about Dammann. And their tea bases (Seriously how hard would it to be to change it from time to time and to make it stronger for example?)

But their plain-old-just violet tea is just about the only one tea of theirs I ever had where I can think, best version of this kinda of tea ever. Totally on my shopping list, except I found out the price and then decidedly (Wrongly) to get more teas instead. So sort of despicably greedy to try to swap for it now when I passed on the chance to buy it but wow if you got any of their plain violet tea you do not want, yeah, it´s awesome to my palate (not totally sure it´s that price awesome but would love to swap for it if anybody has it and does not love it)


No, sadly I don’t have it, nor have I tried it. Is it black or green?

I’m curious now, though – if I get my hands on some, I’ll make sure to tell you, and send you some.


Black, just plain black violet flavored tea. Very simple and traditional and totally worth having but it was 14 euros for a 100 grams a few months ago and my frugal side just said no. My hedonist side now is complaining ,it was really quite perfect.


Next time.


Teresa, I never paid such a price for the Violet DF :
your salesman place des Vosges should have made a mistake


Anna : why did you steep this green at such a low temperature ? would you do a try at 80°c ?


I looked at the Instant Thé website, too, but it doesn’t say ‘Dammann Frères’ on it – all the other teas have that, are you sure it’s from DF?

Oh, and I followed the steeping instructions, I always do that for a first try:


Ysaurella I did not ask the sales lady, but they had printed catalogue and that is what it said there – Charlotte au chocolat also I think. I think I got that catalogue, or brochure saved somewhere, will double check


Anna, really give a try at 80°
I think the webmaster forgot but they use to work with DF essentially + 2 other brands. I am almost sure it is.
@ Teresa, sure, on their website it is 6 € for 100g
Charlotte au chocolat is more expensive yes, 15 € something like that but at least the tea base is different for one time : a keemun :)


Oh, interesting – cteresa, maybe you can e-mail them and ask if it’s the DF violet?

As for the temperature experiments, I could, and I’m really grateful for the suggestion, but I’m just not enamored with DF at all. I find myself just being happy the teas don’t taste that much, because I essentially don’t enjoy the taste.

I think I only have two more to sample, and then I’ll just trade/sell/give these away to someone who appreciates them more. I’m really happy I got to try them, though – my goal is to try all the teas, after all!


gosh what a HUGE goal….ahahaha good luck !
did you get the envelope ? I never sent anything to Italy but I find it long to be delivered !


I haven’t checked my mail for a few days, I will tomorrow. Italy is sooo slooow sometimes, though – you never know how long it can be. Plus they sometimes hold things hostage and then you have to jump through all sorts of hoops to get them.


It was not a webmaster, it was at the place des vosges shop and their printed catalogue. But I just found it, it is summer 2013 catalogue and on section Thé noirs parfumés nº234 Violette 14€. wait, I took a photo, let me find a hosting site


cteresa: No, Ysaurella was referring to what I said about it not being marked on the IT-website that it was a DF tea, sorry to add to the confusion.


noo Teresa, the webmaster of Instant forgot the name of the brand for the Violette tea on his website, it was to Anna.
well anyway there is too much for the violette tea, this is not its real price.


Oh, that is good to know, 14 euros really is kinda of outrageous (LOL, though seeing what north americans are willing to pay for mediocre tea, maybe not). It is really the wildest-freshest violet tea i tried yet, thanks Ysaurella!

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390 tasting notes

this tea was such a welcome surprise! i got no sleep and woke up looking like i got punched in the face— a deep infection in the eye socket apparently. no driving, no school, all i can think is ‘really? seriously? dammit’. came out of nowhere. however i find this tea a lovely distraction.

i don’t have a a lot of experience with green teas, though i am amending that bit by bit. i think the name ‘macaron’ had me thinking of macaroons…(definitely not!). this blend is light and refreshing. i get unexpected notes of cilantro and a hint of basil, a soft fruit component….a dark berry that isn’t black berry or logan.

the green tea is lovely and light: no smoke or pungancy. to me this is a savoury tea… though as it cools i detect some cassis.

i’ve never had a savoury tea. how lovely. thank you ysaurella!

190 °F / 87 °C 4 min, 0 sec

I think I ordered this (for once, you didn’t make me do it). I’m excited to try it!


lol…. it’s a brilliantly complicated blend. very unexpected. i wonder if you’ll get the same savoury essence as i did?


We shall see! My package arrived in Italy on Friday, so maybe, just maybe…


that’s funny, to me the blackcurrant is the first thing I got an,d behind the candied violet.
For sure even if greens are not your cup of tea, this is an easy green for beginners, sooooo mellow…Glad you liked it


Wow, that sounds amazing. I love macaroons, but macaron with basil, cilantro, and fruit…heaven.

I hope your eye is fully recovered!


sigh…. i look less like a mutant, but it’s taking awhile to go. however!!! i am feeling much better since i got my exams done: one A- and one A+! i’ll take a mutated eye for those, lol.


yay, congrats!


Go you! That’s awesome. :)


i am noth relieved and amused…. relieved because they’re over, and amused because i have more projects than ever due and i bounced right out of them and into more, lol. public announcement:’ i am an academic trampoline artist! boing!’ sheesh.

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408 tasting notes

If you read my notes regularly, you know I am always quite suspiscious about green teas.
This one is the only green I ordered along 15 others (50g of each) – all the others are with a black tea base.

As often with green flavoured teas, it smells incredibly good. Berries are there for sure with a floral shadow.

I made a quick steep to avoid any bitterness especially because in addition of being a green tea, this is a sencha.
I brewed it for 3 minutes not more and this is just perfect for me : none bitterness nor astringency : it is a mellow green (yes ! I found one, I’m so happy !) even a very mellow green tea base.
The flavours are just incredible : blackcurrant is the main note but violet is still detectable (the Dammann Violet, closer to the violet candies rather than a typical flowery violet tone)

It is a delicious green tea, very sweet, very fresh.I imagine it can also make a wonderful ice-tea.
I am very glad to have chosen this one in addition of the black teas I ordered.

180 °F / 82 °C 3 min, 0 sec

Mmmm yes the Dammann greens I have are some of the few flavored greens I like these days!


Happy that you found such a nice green to please you Ysaurella! It sounds really yummy…


it one is really a hit tea :)

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618 tasting notes

The rest of my weekend is filled with a bunch of studying for a big exam on Monday. This cup of tea is keeping me company while I work! The dry leaf smells incredible… a deep berry scent. It’s really beautiful and reminds me of something from my childhood. The fruit flavors are not overwhelming and mix nicely with the light tea base. There is a bit of a tart finish. I’m not sure if this is from the fruit or the tea leaves… but I don’t mind. This is refreshing and sweet! It’s a gorgeous tea that is just perfect for a summer night!

3 min, 0 sec

Good luck on your exam!!


Thank you! :)

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1546 tasting notes

Another 100g gone mostly to iced tea; this is only my second cup hot.

This tea is clearly flavored to play on the character of Chinese sencha. Forward note of winey-catpissy black currant joined with a cool, subtle note of CHowards violet candies (I wouldn’t say this is a floral tea). These mix well with a touch of bitter almond and the toasty, pastry-like note of the Chinese sencha. I do think about macarons. There is also a bright and tangy quality like a glass of white wine. That sunniness combined with the grassy, slightly bitter and earthy quality of the green tea really connects with the black currant and violet in a way that conjures the feeling of having tea in a garden. This is a pleasant, delicately flavored experience in a cup.

Flavors: Alkaline, Black Currant, Cut Grass, Drying, Earthy, Fruity, Grassy, Juicy, Marzipan, Pastries, Tangy, Toasty, Violet, White Wine

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3234 tasting notes

Just me and the dogs for breakfast today as Ashman has gone back to work, so I get to pick whatever I like for tea!

Macarons – yummy. Didn’t know until a few years ago that they were different from macaroons. Now I know and wish we could get really good ones here. Violet – I used to shrink from it in candy as tasting like bubble bath but now eat an entire pack of Chowards (or C. Howards) in one sitting so I don’t often buy them. Blackcurrant – I am a relatively new fan. Never had it until a Harney tea about ten years ago and it took going to Ireland and drinking blackcurrant water to really get the flavor solidly identified to my tastebuds and distinguishable. I am not a supertaster by a long shot! Now I enjoy Czar Nikolas Nostalgia on the reg, and it definitely is a nostalgic taste for me.

So all three on a sencha base? The base could easily have ruined it if it had been the biting sour green used for a lot of green flavored teas. Even the French blenders use one often that just turns me off. But this one was delicate was just right for the flavors. None of the flavors overwhelmed and it definitely was not heavily floral. I was surprised at how light the violet was, actually, because it can really leap out front.

It was absolutely delectable. Sigh. I love Dammann Freres.

Cameron B.

I love Dammann too… I don’t think I would like this one because of the violet, but their teas are always so good.

Lexie Aleah

I love those Chowards candies! That black currant water sounds really nice.


I haven’t thought about Chowards for years! There’s one to check for at the retro candy store.

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1154 tasting notes

I picked this up years ago during Anna’s stash sale but somehow haven’t drunk it much over the years. I do like it, though. Today I paired it with some galette des rois to complement the frangipane ( It was a good match! The floral violet flavor works really well with flaky almond pastry. I couldn’t taste the macaron note but it might have just been drowned out by the actual almond in the cake or have faded with age. In the second steep, the blackcurrant note comes to dominate the cup.

Another good way to enjoy this blend is to make a tea soda with it! Brew with double leaf, add a little sugar, allow to cool and/or add ice, top with seltzer. This brings out the floral and fruit notes and results in a vibrant, refreshing beverage.


Dear Anna. I hope she is well.

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333 tasting notes

This also came to me via Kaylee, and this is another I’d been wanting to try for ages. It smelled amazing dry—lots of currant, with hints of blackberry. Steeped, though, the green base took over, and the flavor was nowhere near as good as the dry aroma. The cassis was weak and the macaron (which maybe should have been almond? I’m not sure how a tea can really taste like a macaron) essentially absent. It reminded me of a less good version of Republic of Tea’s Black Raspberry. It’s very possible I messed up my steep: I don’t have a variable temperature kettle or a thermometer, so finicky greens are a challenge. Plus, I only had enough for one serving, so didn’t have a chance to experiment. I wouldn’t mind trying this again sometime, but I have so many other teas on my list for if and when I make a Dammann order I’m not sure it will happen

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