Black Metallic

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Black Oolong Blend
Blue Mallow Flowers, Flavouring, Lapsang Souchong, Oolong Tea, Yunnan Black Tea
Berries, Floral, Fruity, Violet, Drying
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Boiling 5 min, 30 sec 10 oz / 295 ml

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From August Uncommon Tea

Floral black tea with violet and elderberry notes
The aroma of darkly seductive violet flowers fills the air. In the first sip purple flowers meet dark elderberry and ripe blackberry. This is a magical black, oolong, and smoked tea blend with rich floral and black berry notes. Berry flavors are deepened by slatey tannins. A faint smokiness lingers in the finish, reminiscent of far-off incense and candle smoke from the smoked lapsang souchong tea. A touch of milk softens the tannins and brightens the berry and floral flavors. An elegant tea for afternoon or with a special dessert. A tea for lovers of violet, dark berries, and incense.

INGREDIENTS: yunnan black tea, formosa finest oolong tea, lapsang souchong smoked black tea, blue mallow flowers, flavoring

TASTES LIKE: candied violet, elderberry, blackberry, incense

FEELS LIKE: stargazing on an empty beach


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14 Tasting Notes

51 tasting notes

This tea sounded amazing to me as soon as I read the description. Seeing that it was labeled as being vegan-friendly made me lose control of my finger and before I knew it, a pouch of Black Metallic and samples of several other teas had been added to my shopping cart and then I received an order confirmation. While I’m not actually vegan (lacto-veg, so not too far off, though), I’m rather weirded out by some of the things that pass as “natural flavoring” (or at least some things that have been used in the past…beaver castoreum, anyone?). I really appreciate that August Uncommon Teas seems to have actually looked into their flavorings and categorized teas by dietary needs instead of assuming all tea would be vegan/gluten-free/nut-free/etc or that all flavorings must be derived from the fruit/flower/whatever they’re supposed to taste like. It might seem like an insignificant or silly thing to most, but it’s a big deal to those with allergies/intolerances or strongly held dietary convictions. But anyway, on to the actual tea…

It smelled so good when I tore open the pouch. So. Good. It wasn’t the smoky violet scent I imagined but deliciously fruity. Elderberry, I guess? I’m not sure I’ve had elderberries before. I steeped according to the instructions on the package and didn’t add anything to it. I doubt anyone was dying to know, but the nifty 50¢ measuring spoons August sells fit neatly in their 50g/15cup tea pouches but I don’t think you’d be able to close the 4 cup sample pouch with a measuring spoon inside. It was hard to let the tea cool enough to drink. The aroma filled the whole room and it was fabulous. This is another tea I’d buy to use as potpourri even if I couldn’t stand the flavor. The flavor takes a few sips to taste everything that’s going on. At first sip there’s a kind of bitterness that disappointed me but as I keep drinking I don’t notice it and I think maybe it was just my tongue (or brain?) trying to make sense of the combination of elderberry and violet. Maybe like how at first violet candies can taste like soap or perfume but you come to appreciate the floral flavor as you get used to it? I don’t know. The violet seems to be lurking more in the aftertaste for me but it’s definitely there. It’s an interesting combination of flavors. Berry juice with violet flowers floating in it. I’m not sure I can pick out the smoke or oolong flavors but I’m sure they’re adding to the complexity. I could see some people (my mother) possibly wanting to add sugar to this tea but I’m not sure how well it’d do with milk/cream. Maybe it’d work if you brewed it stronger than I did this time. Interestingly, as I reach the end of my first cup and contemplate resteeping the leaves, my tongue has a tingly feeling like I just had a spicy tea. Not sure what that’s all about. Overall, I like Black Metallic and would probably order it again when I run out. But I’d try a lightly smoked violet tea without fruit flavors too. I’m looking forward to trying the other teas I ordered from this company. I’m a fan so far.

A few additional thoughts from the second steep:
1. I think the spicy-like tongue tingle was just acidity. My stomach felt it before my mouth figured out what it was. Maybe not one to drink on an empty stomach if you’re sensitive to these things.
2. If you need a snack to go with this tea, Peanut Butter & Jelly Bobo’s Oat Bars go with it nicely.
3. If my comments about dietary preferences came across as in any way judgemental it was completely unintentional. My stance on that is basically “I’ll do what I think is right for me, you do what you think is right for you”. I’m not looking to push my lifestyle as the one and only right way. My gripe is when someone, whether through ignorance or malice, interferes with me doing what I think is right for me. It annoys the crap out of me and makes me lose all trust in a company if I see obviously mislabeled products (like “vegan” cosmetics with beeswax and carmine or “vegetarian” dishes with fish sauce or chicken broth). And it happens all the time! I think it happens slightly less often with common allergens but I still see it often enough for it to be a concern (and good luck if you’re allergic to something that isn’t a “top 8 allergen”). I tend to look for things labeled vegan because it’s easier than trying to figure out what a company’s definition of vegetarian is because it varies so much…but I still have to read through ingredients lists and try to get an idea of whether the company has any idea what vegan even means or if they think it’s just a trendy thing to slap on packages to boost sales. This is turning into a bit of a tangent…but my point was that I don’t care what you eat or don’t eat, I just want foods/drinks labeled appropriately. Ideally, things would have complete ingredient lists instead of these ambiguous “flavoring,” “coloring,” and “spice” ingredients (as far as I’m concerned they might as well just print out a label that says “ingredients: stuff”) but until then, I’m glad companies like August are putting in at least some effort into labeling and categorizing their products according to dietary needs. Am I 100% sure that I can completely trust their labeling? No, but I’m trying to give them the benefit of the doubt because they’re at least making an effort.

Boiling 4 min, 15 sec 3 tsp 10 OZ / 295 ML

“This is another tea I’d buy to use as potpourri even if I couldn’t stand the flavor.” I did that with freshly ground coffee as a teen. Loved the smell, couldn’t stand the taste.


Haha, yeah, as a teen I loved the coffee aisle at the grocery store. No one in my family really drank coffee so it wasn’t a smell I grew up with and walking down the aisle after someone had used the grinder was the best thing ever. It was a tiny town and I had few sources of entertainment.


You weren’t seeming judgey about anyone else’s diets! I know what you mean – just get the labels right on everything… it shouldn’t be that difficult.

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803 tasting notes

I’m not generally a fan of floral tea, but violet may be the exception to that. This one perfectly balances the violet and elderberry flavoring on a rich black tea base, creating a delicious blend that does NOT make me feel like I’m drinking perfume! Another pleasant surprise from August Uncommon.

Flavors: Berries, Floral, Fruity, Violet

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 12 OZ / 354 ML

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1393 tasting notes

I’m beyond excited to try this violet tea, a generous gift from amandastory516. I don’t remember ever having had violet before, so Amanda also sent some violet candies for me to try so that I can distinguish the flavor. The candies are delicious, immensely floral with an almost licorice sweetness in the aftertaste that I actually enjoyed. I’m generally not a fan of licorice, but it worked so well with the other flavors.

I waited for the weekend so I could take the time to enjoy this tea fully. I can taste the same flavors here that I noticed in the candies. Not quite as floral but I can tell that the primary flavor is the same. I don’t taste the blackberry or the smoke (would have liked more smoke maybe), but if I hadn’t known it was supposed to be there I wouldn’t have missed it. A unique and delicious tea, one I think I’ll keep around. Thanks, Amanda!

Flavors: Drying, Floral, Violet

Boiling 8 min or more 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

I’m glad you got to try it!


Me too! Thank you!

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1261 tasting notes

Sipdown 124-2021
Not much else to say about this one. Goodbye, tea.

Sierge Krьstъ

Lol that’s like failed car sale


I still have a tiny bit left in the pouch you sent me. I can’t bring myself to finish it. It looks like they still have it on their website though, so I just need to go ahead and buy a bag of it.

Sierge Krьstъ

Just an idea I recently got into habit of mixing anything I am struggling to enjoy with bits of gotu kola


@Sierge Krьstъ – I can’t say I’ve ever had gotu kola on its own. What does it taste like?

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11580 tasting notes

Violet teas have grown on me so much in just a few short years time…

Like, parma violet may actually be my favourite floral flavour in teas after rose – and that’s something that only a few years would have seemed insane to me. I mean, violet is still such a niche feeling floral profile! I loved this cup though; it had all the body and robustness of this bold black tea but with fresh and sweet violet and dark berry notes. The combo of that fresh floral sweetness with this dense juicy berry on a black tea base!? Oh baby, it’s perfection.

More violet teas in the world, please and thank you.

Mastress Alita

I fell in love after my first time trying a violet tea. Seconded.


I love violet now! Mmmmmm

Cameron B.

I wasn’t bothered by the violet even though I’m not a floral lover, but this one tasted a bit too candylike for me?

Lexie Aleah

Violet Tea, Candy, Incense etc. I’m here for it.


Ooh, another violet tea to put on my list of teas I need to look into! I love violet candies and bath/body products but I don’t think I’ve had a violet tea yet.

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