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Assam Tea, Black Pepper, Cocoa Bean Shells, Flavouring, Indian Black Tea, Pineapple
Black Pepper, Dark Chocolate, Pineapple, Smoke, Tobacco, Cocoa, Creamy, Spicy, Tannin, Thick, Bitter, Chocolate, Coconut, Astringent, Pepper, Cherry Wood, Earth, Vanilla
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From August Uncommon Tea

Spicy black tea with pineapple, cacao, and black pepper

The climate of the Cuban coast is gripping even just after daybreak. Strains of lovelorn boleros rise and fall in your ears. The scent of tobacco and sticky sweet tropical flowers hangs heavy in the air. The aroma of this tea envelops you with warm tobacco notes and cocoa-scented orchid. As you sip, the earthy cigar flavor yields to juicy sun-ripened pineapple. It finishes on a deep spicy note. A touch of milk mellows its spiciness and brings out the floral sweetness of pineapple. This is a place where everything conspires to make time pass in deliberate slowness, enchanting you with nostalgia.

INGREDIENTS: assam tea, south indian black tea, cacao shell, black pepper, dried pineapple, flavoring

TASTES LIKE: cigar leaf, black pepper, ripe pineapple
FEELS LIKE: a cuban bolero


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16 Tasting Notes

803 tasting notes

I honestly did not expect to like this one. I have a pretty low tolerance for spice, so “spicy” worried me and pineapple, chocolate, and pepper just sounded like an odd combination. But somehow it works! The pineapple comes out strongly in the aroma, but is more muted in the flavor, coming in behind rich dark chocolate, a bit of smoke, and just a hint of peppery warmth. The base tea is strong enough to support all these intense flavors without overpowering them and it actually resteeps surprisingly well for a flavored tea. Since I finally got brave enough to try it, I’ve found myself reaching for this one more often than almost anything else in this sampler pack and definitely plan to order more when I run out!

Flavors: Black Pepper, Dark Chocolate, Pineapple, Smoke, Tobacco

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 12 OZ / 354 ML

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2900 tasting notes

Homemade Advent day 6

This is such a cool dessert tea. I finished off my sample of it by brewing the remaining 2 tsp of leaf with 450 mL boiling water and then adding a generous portion of soy milk. It was a great combo. The tea is quite strong (bold) and would have bitter tendencies if not for the milk to round it out. What is neat if the thick cocoa and vanilla flavour. I wouldn’t say I can make out pepper, but in the aftertaste is a strong pineapple flavour (similar to dried or candied pineapple). [EDIT: I stand corrected. I let this cool and now I’m getting a lot of spicey pepper in the after taste. Sooooo goood]

When I take a sip, the cup smells like a latte – almost coffee-like and very intense in the chocolate and cream notes. Then, I taste a very thick tea with smooth, thick cream and cocoa and a strong chocolately black tea. The aftertaste is when the pineapple comes out. It isn’t a fruity tea, much more desserty.

I was happy to get another sipdown, however I really wish I had more of this. This is one of the best cups I’ve ever had. It isn’t even smoky (I’m not interested in smoky teas) but it has such a rich flavour.

LPT: Brew this strong and add milk

Flavors: Cocoa, Creamy, Dark Chocolate, Pineapple, Spicy, Tannin, Thick

Cameron B.

I need to try this one again sometime, for some reason I got a strong coconut note from my sample!

Lexie Aleah

I remember liking this one but never got around to reviewing it and have been planning on ordering another sample.

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2371 tasting notes

I really don’t understand…

I get a strong coconut flavor from this. I do taste pepper, and milk chocolate, and maybe a hint of pineapple at the end of the sip. But the strongest note is coconut.

I feel like I’m crazy, because not a single tasting note mentions coconut at all. But I can’t imagine how this would’ve gotten contaminated, it’s in a sealed sample pouch in a drawer with other sealed sample pouches…

Clearly I am losing my mind. And clearly this tea is not for me!

Flavors: Astringent, Bitter, Chocolate, Coconut, Pepper

200 °F / 93 °C 2 min, 0 sec 2 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML
Daylon R Thomas

Association from the roasted pineapple?

Cameron B.

It’s possible, but I would think if that were the case I would’ve tasted more pineapple…


How strange! I get a pretty strong candied pineapple note from this. I wonder if there is coconut in the flavoring.

Cameron B.

I doubt it, it seems like no one tasted coconut but me! :P


Sometimes with chocolate flavoring I taste and smell coconut. I’m not crazy. You, though, I can’t speak for you :)

Cameron B.

Thanks derk, that could be it! I’ll likely order a second sample of this in the future to give it another chance.

Mastress Alita

For me, I taste it in vanilla flavorings often!

Roswell Strange

Another possibility is that there is coconut in the blend, in the flavouring – since AU doesn’t specify what their flavouring is, it’s entirely possible the a natural or artificial coconut flavouring is being used.

Cameron B.

It is possible, I would just expect someone else besides me would taste it were that the case! :P

Roswell Strange

I am blind – I just saw that amandastory516 pointed this same possibility out. My bad! Anyway, just because no one else tasted it doesn’t mean it’s not possible. You just might have the most perceptive tastebuds of us all ;)

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1205 tasting notes

Very glad I have more of this on hand, because I love it. The aroma vs. flavor is so drastically different, and I love the experience of enjoying a mug.

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998 tasting notes

I get it.

Boozy chocolate, cigar/pipe tobacco, smooth sweet pineapple and light peppery spice.

But if ever there was a tea to vehemently reinforce my preference for unflavored teas, this is it. A spectacular and sultry, rich naturally flavored black tea for a certain crowd; for me, notsomuch.

Cha-cha ;)

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 0 sec 2 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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1108 tasting notes

Ok, I got up at the crack of dawn again today. How much of it is baby next door and how much of it is my body rebelling against daylight savings time, I don’t know. I did, however, feel a sense of urgency to get to the library to return my things before 9 am when fines started kicking in.

Where I am going with this is that it was dark and dim when I was choosing my morning tea. In addition, there seems to be a problem with the lighting too and even if there weren’t, I didn’t have my glasses handy. I didn’t want my usual morning standbys nor did I want desserty types of blacks nor did I crave Chinese blacks.

Right then, so I couldn’t see and I refused to go with tried and true choices. Bad combination of events.

I reached for this one, which I think was Silencio, which I thought was a flavoured green. When I opened it, of course, I discovered that it wasn’t green, or it didn’t look like green. So I decided this was black.

Steeped it up as for a black and delicious. I took it back to bed, where there was light, and read for an hour.

As the tea cooled enough to enjoy, it was all about cocoa nibs and so, I decided it was a rooibos with cocoa nibs. Without black tea.

Short story is that I will be going back to the box and rebrewing and reading and finding out what it was that I started the day with.

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2280 tasting notes

LET IT BE KNOWN that I’m just here to post a note and then I’ll likely disappear again. Hello! Goodbye!

This tea. I’m blaming Dexter for this. But it was a free sample, so I suppose that’s ok.

It smells like cacao shells and pineapple when I sniff it dry. Really chocolatey and fruity. So nice. The most interesting notes are tobacco. So, for example, when you have a really nice pipe tobacco and it smells earthy and rich and fruity. Like that. Not like smoke. Tobacco as a perfume fragrance is never smoke. This is what it evokes. Vanilla and warm woods. Sweet fruits. Cacao shell (similar to chocolate, but not the same).

So good.

Steeped, and sipping it, the pepper comes out. It’s a really nice flavour. Still the vanilla and warm woods and juicy fruit, some cacao shells (but not enough for me right now… I find cacao shells smell more than they tend to taste), delicious black tea.

I’m having it with some milk, which might take down the pepper somewhat.

I really like this tea. I might be considering an order. Which is weird. Because I think I’ve spent $30 on tea in the last 8 months.

Flavors: Cherry Wood, Earth, Pepper, Pineapple, Tobacco, Vanilla

195 °F / 90 °C 3 min, 0 sec 2 tsp 12 OZ / 354 ML

All I did was mention that you could get a free sample…. I’m not sure this was my fault :) Happy you like it.


It’s that lure. Free. :D


I didn’t try this one…went with the herbal…. opinions on whether this might be up my alley?

Roswell Strange

I need to try this one again; it was so drastically not what I’d expected that I think my first impression was definitely prejudiced. Interesting that @OMGsrsly didn’t get as much cacao as she wanted. I almost thought the chocolate was too strong.


Idk that there will be enough pineapple for you, Sil, but it’s a really neat combination. The pineapple is a good one imo.

Roswell, I’m just undergoing some massive chocolate cravings right now. Haha. I’m sure if I try the tea in a week I will find the chocolate to be ‘enough’.

I definitely like this tea better with milk, but then, I’m a milky tea person.

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11361 tasting notes

Cold Brew…

Copy & Paste is my friend right now ’cause I am HELLA sleepy.

- Strong tropical pineapple notes: almost candy like?
- Rich, smooth cocoa notes
- The pairing is nicer this time around since I’m expecting it
- Black pepper is light but present; tail of the sip

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2238 tasting notes


I wasn’t sure what I wanted this morning, as I went through my tea drawer. I knew it wouldn’t be a herbal, because I feel so terrible in the mornings at the moment that caffeine is absolutely essential. I finally settled on this one, although the idea the description presented to me and the reality of this blend are two quite different things.

The description promises spice, tobacco, and pineapple, so I was thinking savoury/fruity. After a quick sniff, it became evident that chocolate would be the main deal, and it is. It’s a whole lot sweeter than I expected, with milk chocolate front and centre. There’s also a hint of pineapple, sweet and juicy, which pairs better with the chocolate than I was expecting. I mean, in my head, pineapple and chocolate isn’t the most natural combination. So, straight up, it’s really chocolatey and fruity.

Tobacco conjured up the idea of smoke, but there are no smoke notes here. It’s not like a lapsang, of anything of that ilk. What there is is a heady sweetness, more like a cigar or pipe tobacco, which in hindsight makes a lot more sense. It’s almost perfumey, but it doesn’t quite cross that line. Just sweet, and fragrant, with a touch of vanilla.

There’s a hint of black pepper right at the end of the sip, and that’s the only spicy note I get from this one. It works, in an off-beat gourmand sort of way.

It took a few sips for me to realise, but I actually really like this one. It’s quite desserty, which was unexpected, and I don’t feel like the description prepared me for that. The chocolate notes are top-notch, though, and the other flavours are complementary and well balanced. The black base (assam, plus a South Indian black) is smooth and malty, perfectly suited.

I’m late to the August Uncommon party, but glad to be here at last!

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec 1 tsp

Ah, that’s one reason why I didn’t order this one because I anticipated smoke.

Evol Ving Ness

Loved this note. Absolutely spot on. My experience with this tea was much the same, but for the black pepper note, which for me was missing entirely. Thanks for putting it all so eloquently.

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226 tasting notes

This was my black tea in my order from August (I would have ordered Leatherbound if they’d had it in stock, but I had to settle for this one). Man, am I glad! This tea smells quite rough and pungent (my husband said they pretty much nailed the tobacco smell), and there’s a slight burnt aroma, like someone grilled the pineapple, which sounds awesome. It’s also got one of the best pineapple smells I’ve ever gotten from a tea (Lupicia’s was slightly better, but this one is a very close second). I had very high hopes, and I was not disappointed. We sweetened this one, because it seemed like the right thing to do, between wanting to bring out the pineapple flavoring and tone down the overall edginess. It was all at once punchy and smooth, sweet and spicy, with a flavor that reminded me of almond extract that oddly helped to marry the tobacco and the pineapple. This was absolutely delicious, and unique. I may have to reorder this one.

205 °F / 96 °C 2 min, 45 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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