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Black Tea, Blue Cornflowers, Cinnamon, Hojicha, Natural Almond Flavor, Natural Bergamot Oil, Natural Creme Flavor, Natural Vanilla Flavor, Orange
Cinnamon, Floral
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From Adagio Custom Blends, Cara McGee

An unexpected confrontation may invoke a confused reaction. Given the right amount of time, things will mellow out and blend once more in surprising ways.

I can’t stop. Inspired by BBC’s Sherlock. Made for my own Enjoyment.

Created by: Cara McGee

Ingredients: black tea, hojicha, orange, blue cornflowers, natural almond flavor, natural vanilla flavor, natural bergamot flavor & natural creme flavor, cinnamon spice

Steeping Instructions: Steep at 205° for 3 minutes.

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9 Tasting Notes

1598 tasting notes

Oh man, I hope that whoever decides to hire me isn’t looking at my Pinterest site because they will know how obsessed I am with Sherlock, Doctor Who and other things. And I really try to restrain myself too! I try not to pin pics that are just “OMG look at those eyes” and “I want to ruffle his hair” cause that’s too obvious, but there are still a lot of pictures there

Tumblr is great because of the gifs etc, but the OCD part of me just likes pinning to boards much much more…

And hanging around there led to me drinking this tea, and thinking happy fuzzy warm Johnlock thoughts because even if the show doesn’t go where I need it to go (now, damn you fanfic!), I still have the fiction to fall back on!

And this tea too… Well not really, it’s a sipdown, but I WILL need to get some Sherlock teas to drink while I think Sherlock-thoughts.

Obsessed much? Yep. How does this even happen? Oh right – the Kindle Paperwhite with the built-in light that lets me read waaaaay past my bedtime…

Right and this tea is good. It does start off strong and muddied but it evens out at the end of the sip. It’s dark with bursts of cinnamon, but then the bergamot and vanilla tone things down, and maybe, maybe things will work out.

No mustaches in this reunion though. Not that I’m anti-mustache – I love how everyone flipped out.

Thank you Heather Martin for the sample and thank you Shmiracles (I might have known!) for passing some on to her! :D I love how teas get around.

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 15 sec

Lo! I can’t get on pinterest right before bed or else I’ll be on there far too late It really is addicting! l


falling face down asleep on my kindle 10 times until i finally go to real bed is the story of my everyday life.


(i’m having some empty tins appear in my cupboard…it’s possible i’ll be trying some avengers teas? maybeee?) i’m saving what’s left of the 5 sherlock teas i have for new season! and of course my season 1 & 2 rewatch.


This one sounds amazing! Hojicha with earl grey and almond? I think I’ll have to try mixing hojicha and some earl grey later today.

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813 tasting notes

drank this at Star Trek Into Darkness. also drank Reichenbach Recovery.
Benedict owned the movie.
and i’m pretty sure i love the tea.


Ohhh, that movie was sooooo good!!!!


The movie was incredible. Also hilarious that they couldn’t pass up the opportunity to outfit Benedict in more black, trench-coaty things.,,

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353 tasting notes

This is a nice savory tea that is smoothed out with the almond and cinnamon. So lovely. I kind of wish I had a fireplace so I could drink it in front of a warm fire.

3 min, 0 sec

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10 tasting notes

Really smooth flavor. The cinnamon gives it a little bit of a flowery taste, but the earl grey evens it out. Good tea for curling up by the fire.

Boiling 7 min, 0 sec

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49 tasting notes

So I’m on a tea binge… Who are you to judge?
It’s a rainy day and my husband has gone fishing for the weekend.
Thus, I drink tea.
I ordered this one simply because I love earl grey, I love almond, and I love cinnamon.
This tea is strong, unlike my other tea trials of the day. I’m not really detecting the almond.
Like others have mentioned, this is a great tea for a rainy, cold afternoon by the fire.

Flavors: Cinnamon, Floral

Boiling 4 min, 30 sec 2 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML
Tommy Toadman

I love a good tea binge :)

Terri HarpLady

No judging from where I’m sitting, I’ve been on a tea binge for years :)


This is why I love steepster ;-)

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652 tasting notes

There are a lot of different flavours in this one, but they’re all tasty things that seem to work well together!

It was an Adagio blend that I actually found half decent! So there’s that.

I liked that it included cinnamon but that it wasn’t a chai. It was mildly dessert like and comforting. Not sure why these things have anything to do with Sherlock, but let me just comment on how much I love Sherlock. Because I sure do.

Thank you for sending this my way to try, Cavocorax!!

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52 tasting notes

Fandom Tea Day – Tea #3

Sherlock: I think I’ll surprise John. He’ll be delighted!
Mycroft: You think so? Hmm.
Sherlock: Pop round to Baker Street. Who knows, jump out of a cake?

Oh how I wish we had actually been able to see that scene realized. But to be fair, my mental picture of that scene is probably much more fun, and MUCH more filthy.

(Evil smirk)

Naughty. Much like this tea. I’m going to be honest…there is SO much going on, I don’t know what is ACTUALLY going on.

Is it an Earl Grey? Is it a black tea? Is it a cousin of chai?

It’s confusing. Much like season three of Sherlock. But I think I like it…also, much like season three of Sherlock. I might try it again some fine day…JUST like season three of Sherlock. The list goes on and on. Hehe.


Aw. I loved season three so bad!


I did too Poor Sherlock was such a mess. He just didn’t understand how badly he’d hurt John, and I don’t think he really realized what he thought about John until the wedding. It’s so complicated. Those poor boys.


I’ve heard some fan theories suggesting that since Moriarty is back, he’s probably been messing around with things for a bit and he probably was the one who sent Mary (undercover Mary) to seduce John. And I totally don’t trust her. And she might turn on him in S4. Eeek!


Oh ladies, we could be here all night. Hehe. I do love season three, but the boys got whumped so hard this season that it is almost hard for me to watch. They both suffered a great deal. They love each other and they have no idea how to handle it. I think IF John hadn’t been kidnapped in episode 1 of season 3, we might have gotten a different kind of season. I would have LOVED to have know what would have happened if he had actually gotten to go up and talk to Sherlock instead of getting drugged and kidnapped. I honestly really do hope Mary is associated with Moriarty and I hope she is eliminated. I HATE that they wrote in a pregnancy for her. It’s such a cheap plot point, and it makes writing her out all the more difficult without killing a child needlessly. Mary’s character could have been just as messed up WITHOUT a child. Ug. Can you tell I have strong feelings about it? I LOVED the character of Mary until they made her pregnant. I am hoping the baby isn’t John’s, and that Mary is taken care of by Mycroft or Moriarty.


ALSO…I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Moriarty might be back. I’m trying not to get my hopes up but I love him. Andrew Scott plays him brilliantly!!! I don’t even care that both Sherlock and Moriarty “fake-suicided” each other on the roof of St. Barts. Haha.


I admit, Mary is the thing I hated about S3. Mostly because I feel she just gets in the way, between Sherlock and John. I also hope she’s somehow “taken care of”

I feel like I had more laugh out loud moments in S3 than any other!
I’ve been trying to get hubby to watch Sherlock with me as I’ve repeated raved about how it’s the most clever and my new favorite show ever….we’ve only just finished S2 together, like, 1-2 months ago and I’m so sick of waiting for him to decide to be ready to watch 3 with me that I might have to just go it alone end too bad for him.

I am torn between loving the long episodes and wishing for more eps per season!


*repeatedly raved

*and too bad for him

Stupid autocorrect


Also his wedding speech almost made me sob with happiness, hahah


Oh man, that speech was so great, and funny, and so awkward and painful and… well that sums up the whole series I think. That series had some really emotional bits to it- I was happy to see more of Sherlock & Mycroft and how thy were maybe a bit closer than before. Overall though, it was really hard for me – I just couldn’t handle thepain and the obstacles for johnlock. :|

Oh,and that bit where Lestrade is going to make an awesome arrest and be a big hero and then Sherlock calls him for an ‘emergency’ and he loses it really annoyed me. I like Lestrade; I felt the writers just messed with him for a cheap laugh and that’s not cool. So not cool.:|

I’m hoping Mary is dealth with in S4 because there’s just so much I don’t undesrtand about her, but I don’t trust her and she just needs to go. The baby thing… UGH. Why did they have to go there? I agree that it just felt gimmicky.

Still, I really did love the show, and I’m happy to read fic and meta theories while I wait for the nextbatch. The fact that they shoot it as three movies instead of as episodes means it’s easier to bring the actors together, and to keep it fresh for them, so for that reason I am in total support.

Also, here’s an excellent fic about the eventuality of johnlock: https://archiveofourown.org/works/1518632


That’s a good point about the way they shoot it being easier for the actors’ schedules and whatnot.

I can’t deny I love having 1.5 hours to sit down and enjoy my fave show!

I agree with all your points :)

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