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Alcohol, Cream, Honey, Malt, Metallic, Sweet, Perfume, Sugarcane, Bitter, Cocoa, Dark Wood, Tannic, Caramel, Vanilla
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From 52teas

Our Tea of the Week for the Week of
September 23, 2013

We’re a little late this week, but with good reason. Every once in a while we get a suggestion from a customer that’s just so full of awesome that I have to kind of put aside some of my other plans and work up a suggested blend. This is one of those weeks.

Our friend Sweet Canadian on Steepster recently started a thread about how cool it would be to have a Candy Corn flavored tea. Well, Sweet Canadian, I agree, and I think it’s important that we make it available NOW so our friends up north can get this tea in time for Halloween. So, this week’s tea combines our amazing premium black teas with real candy corns and organic flavors. I had to work at it a bit, but found just the right mix of marshmallow, caramel and honey flavors, and it tastes JUST LIKE candy corn.

I made a bit extra of this blend because I know there is already some interest for it on Steepster and I thought some of you might want to give some out to select trick-or-treaters or steep it up for your Halloween parties, but don’t drag your feet. This one is going to go fast. Get yours today at

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At, you will find unique, hand-blended artisan loose leaf teas: a new limited edition creation every week of the year. We pride ourselves on offering truly unique, one-of-a-kind tea blends that you won’t find anywhere else.

61 Tasting Notes

1186 tasting notes

It is late, but screw it, tomorrow is Friday, so if I’m tired, whatever haha. I was craving this tea, and I finally bought milk so I can add it to teas again, oh on a happy note, it doesn’t seem to upset my stomach as much in tea! However, the cheese I just had probably will..ah well, a night of sweet tea and snacky snacks..I like it. Anyways, this tea is a bit weak tonight, might have added a bit too much milk, and it might need sugar to pump it up, but it’s a cozy cup of light honey, and it’s going down smoooooth. And hey, I have to stay up a bit later anyways to keep the bf awake while he studies for a midterm. Man I don’t miss that aspect of school haha. See previous notes on this delightful tea! I might actually have to order more of this it’s so yummy!

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

I was wondering how this would taste. I half wondered if I got a good black tea and threw my own candy corn candies into it if it would taste similar. ;-) I’ll have to order some if it’s still available.


It might! This one tastes deliciously like candy corn without any candies in the scoop even, though, so it might be tough to replicate!


This is one I REALLY would like to try.


I just saw the throwing candy corn into black tea idea. I will have to try that too! I didn’t really think they would melt very well!

Sweet Canadian

It seems there is one left! Though I am secretly hoping that Frank includes it in the 12 days of Christmas because it has been so highly rated and popular :)


Such a good tea! And the candy corn in my cup melted completely :) i hope Frank re blends this one, I’m going to need another pack once mines gone, although I’d like to also try butterbeer if it comes available :) the candy corn in black tea sounds like a good idea to try too!

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2967 tasting notes

Ah yes, the last pot of this sweet tea. It was a lovely addition to my October, with its honey sweetness and actual candy corn! I hope it comes back next year!

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3286 tasting notes

Woo hoo! This is the first review!

I was not going to buy any new tea but this is CANDY CORN PEOPLE! And my daughter loves candy corn, and it was suggested by Sweet Canadian who is really…well, you know….sweet. So I bought it right away. The daughter who loves candy corn does not like black tea but she drank a really nice Chinese black with lunch with me last week and liked it, so I thought this might win her over.

I used 203F water and steeped for about 3 minutes. I ate the candy corn that was in the package so my mouth had a really sweet taste. I thought the tea would need sugar so I added a bit, but I don’t like sugar in my tea most of the time and I didn’t care for it with this.

I drank my second cup with no additions and oh yeah baby! I wasn’t planning to serve this at tea time because my guest never ever adds sugar and doesn’t like it and I thought this would really need it. No, it is best without sugar to me! In fact, it tastes like that elusive first perfect cup of Elyse’s Blend from Harney and Sons that I was never able to replicate and I ended up giving the whole tin away.

This is mild and smooth with nice, light honey flavor.

I am very pleased as I think this is a tea that will be popular with both my daughter and my tea party guest, and it is certainly going to be enjoyed by me!


thanks to your review I know by now what a candy corn is !


we don’t have these candies here :(

Sweet Canadian

I’m so happy you like it, I’m waiting for mine to make its way across the border! It’s good to hear it is in fact delicious :)


Ysaurella: candy corn is almost addictive but it is so very sweet that my daughter used to headache when she ate them. Now she is careful about how many she eats at a time! I hope you can try them someday!


Sweet Canadian: I think you will like it a lot!


I love candy corn. Your review has convinced me to buy some of this. I cant wait to try it.


Quart jar of the fat mallow-creme pumpkins is sitting atop the china cabinet taunting me.


Ooo, I love the pumpkin shaped ones!


At work this time of year, it becomes ubiquitous—people mix candy corn with salted peanuts and leave in candy dishes. It’s like a sugar buzz buffet.

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863 tasting notes

New tea to try! YAY! And it was the tea of the week last week, but it actually came out on my birthday (last Wednesday) so I am just self absorbed enough to pretend it was Frank’s birthday present to me! A birthday present I paid for, but I’ll go with it, haha. :)

It was really tempting not to eat that candy corn sitting so innocently, all whole and pretty, on top of the leaf. But I was good, and for the full experience, I let it just do it’s thing and melt into the hot water as it steeped at the below parameters. I did 1.5 tsp., no additives for my first cup.

Dry leaf smell – kind of musty, kind of vanilla-y? I feel like I’ve smelled this before. Maybe it’s the caramel flavoring Frank uses? Anyway, it wasn’t bad it was just familiar and not immediately discernible as candy corn.

Taste wise it did actually evolve into candy corn as the tea cooled off. At first it was just a generic sweetness in a black tea but then I did pick up on a caramel/vanilla flavor. I will try it with additives but it was good without – I’ll have to be careful if I do add sugar because I don’t think it would take much to make this overly sweet.

Pretty yummy, though – and I love how well timed it is for October!

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec
Jackie O

I ordered this for my dad and he’s visiting this weekend, I hope he brings the tea because I’m dying to try it!

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1271 tasting notes

It’s a little too late for me to have a black tea, but hey, it’s halloween. I don’t have any candy in my house right now since no kids come here (sadly). We might have candy over the weekend when its all on sale, muhhhahahaaaaaha!
This tea tastes like candy! I didn’t get a candy corn in this scoop, but it’s still sweet and lightly flavored of honey and caramel.

Not doing anything fancy, just going to brazilian jiujitsu and working on that mystery knit along halloween shawl which is supposed to be done today and I’m not even halfway done. Something about complicated lace knitting and excessive amount of beads, but it looks nice!

200 °F / 93 °C 2 min, 0 sec

I had this tonight as well!

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2238 tasting notes

On the ninth day of Christmas, 52 Teas gave to me…Candy Corn!

Another one I’m glad to have a little bit more of. I had a whole packet of this back around Halloween, and I drank it all in record time. So, not a new one, but definitely a good one!

There are at least five big pieces of candy corn in my pouch, and not a whole lot of black tea. I think this altered the taste a little from when I was drinking cups from a 2oz pouch, where the ratio of tea to candy corn was a whole lot higher. A cup from this sample sized packet is a lot sweeter, thanks to all the melted candy corn, and a lot weaker. I didn’t actually put milk in this time, although I was previously. However I drink it, I still love the flavour. Sweet vanilla creaminess, a touch of black tea…fabulous! I thought this one might make an appearance after a couple of comments I read from Frank on here, and I’m glad it actually did.

Boiling 3 min, 30 sec

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4197 tasting notes

Thanks so much to QueenOfTarts selling some of this! A whole pouch! I wished I had this one on Halloween. I was craving candy corn for some reason (what, sugar? honey? wax?) so I thought I’d try this one. It didn’t look there was candy corn in the bag, but there actually is… though I wish there was enough candy corn in the bag for at least ONE corn to be in each cup. I only see a few! I put the candy corn in the mug so it could melt longer. I was wondering if it would melt.. and it does! Though it does kind of flake apart in a not-so-appetizing way. This very much so tastes like candy corn! (Again, sugar/honey). I can see if you usually put sugar in your tea, you’d be thinking: what is the novelty of this one? But the base tea is very nice too.. it seems like an assam, kind of hay/grassy. I was wondering if the second steep would still taste like candy corn with the piece of candy corn long gone, and it does!! So the flavoring alone, even on the second steep tastes like candy corn! I’m very happy with this one and it turned out exactly how I wished. Happy happy! Maybe that’s why I drink tea.. it makes me happy!

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15960 tasting notes

So, I can’t say I’ve actually ever had Candy Corn before now. It’s not that I was specifically avoiding it or didn’t want to try it or anything like that, it just has honestly never crossed my path until now and I never actively sought it out as something to try. I honestly didn’t even have an idea of what candy corn was supposed to taste like. Does it have a flavour? People just call it… Well, candy corn.

That said, before I actually brewed up my mug of this I took a look through the sample provided by Lala and came to come conclusions. There was enough leaf for about two decent sized cups but there were three pieces of candy corn so I figured that I could use a piece for each cup and eat one straight away to see what it was supposed to taste like. It tasted kind of like very, very sweet caramel to me. How have I not figured that out by now!? I love caramel.

So, I steeped some up basically just expecting a very sweet caramel-y black tea. I was actually pretty surprised that the whole thing melted! The taste was pretty accurate to what I expected though: highly sugary and slightly caramel flavoured black. Based on my one taste of candy corn I guess I can somewhat authentically and accurately say that it was pretty bang on? You know, ‘cause I’m obviously a candy corn expert now ;)

Actually though, it did start to get a little too much by the end of the cup though – almost cloying. One cup left: I’m sure it’ll be an easy enough sip down, though I don’t think I’m attached enough to be sad it’s gone.

Boiling 2 min, 45 sec
Roswell Strange

Testing? Apparently we can’t comment on our own tasting notes?


Love that you’re an expert after 1 candy corn ;). Love it!

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871 tasting notes

Received this in the secret pumpkin swap from RogersCK.

I am not a huge candy corn fan. I do not dislike, but I would say I do not like it. I am neither here nor there when I think of candy corn. Neutral I guess you would say.

This dry tea smells of 52 teas black tea blends. I find they all have a generic smell.

Brewed this one reminds me of black tea with wild honey. Ashmanra commented in her review this reminds her of Harney and Sons Elyse’s blend and I would agree. This one also has a soft, creamy vanilla and caramel taste to it. I made sure that there was a peice of candy corn in the scoop for this tea. It is sweet from the candy corn. As it starts to cool I would guess the flavour is morphing into a candy corn type flavour (for as much as I remember what candy corn tastes like).

This is a good blend. I would not have picked it up myself, so I am glad I had a chance to try it. I think for myself, I preferred it when it was hot and had more of a honey flavour vs. when it started to cool off.

200 °F / 93 °C 2 min, 30 sec

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639 tasting notes

I think the worst part of tea is waiting for it to cool before you can drink it. I amused myself by watching Daniel Radcliffe’s audition tape for Harry Potter. You can see it here:

I love Harry Potter. Who doesn’t? It’s a wonderful story in a wonderful world. I recently visited the set at Warner Brother’s Studio in Leavesden, England. It was AMAZING! Here’s a picture of my husband and me on the Hogwarts Bridge:

I don’t want to give too many things away because discovering all the sets and costumes was really fun. If you’re ever in London, I strongly recommend a visit to Leavesden. It’s very easy to get to by train, and it’s easily one of my favorite parts of our honeymoon trip. I wish I could go back every day!

The Chamber of Secrets is playing on HBO right now, and I recognize so many set pieces and props! I watch the movies from a completely different perspective now. Knowing the secrets behind the filming doesn’t ruin anything for me. It’s quite to the contrary, really. I’ve always loved movie making, so the studio tour experience just adds to the magic of the films for me. But this isn’t a Harry Potter review. It’s a tea review!


The aroma of the dry leaf isn’t anything too special. When I saw whole candy corn pieces in the blend, I was afraid that Frank had just taken some black tea and added candy pieces to it. I was worried that the tea was lacking any additional flavoring and wouldn’t taste anything like candy corn. But the reviews here are glowing, so I’ll reserve judgment until I actually taste it. ;)

The brewed tea aroma is somewhat recognizable as candy corn. I enjoyed the first cup sans additions. It is definitely an enjoyable tea! Without being told that it is candy corn flavored, I’m not sure I’d be able to distinguish that for myself. For the second cup, I added a little honey and a splash of skim milk. Unfortunately, I think these leaves had only one good steep in them. This cup mostly tastes like milk. :/

Whoops. Well, live and learn. I did like the first cup a lot. It’s not the most amazing of Frank’s blends in my opinion, but it is a delicious novelty. And just in time for Halloween too! Who’s dressing up this year?

Boiling 2 min, 30 sec

That’s so cool! I didn’t even realize you could see all the sets etc, but obviously they would want to make that available. That sounds so cool!


It does seem obvious, doesn’t it? But it’s actually the first permanent exhibition of its kind. I wish they would have made something like it for The Lord of the Rings too. They would make sooo much money!


That’s so cool! I also had no idea you could see the sets! Now I wanna go to England!


I was velma and hubs was Judge Doom. Halloween is our favorite.


Harry Potter … the whole series, I just love it. It remains my favorite series of movies and books. JK Rowling is brilliant.


I was looking at different novelty flavors and I was about to pass over reading reviews on this tea until I saw your first sentence. As someone who is sitting with my cup of Oh Canada tea in my hand, getting a noseful of maple but not being able to drink I can definitely relate. And then I kept reading and was suckered in by your tales of Harry Potter sets. I think its amazing you got to go see the sets – the closest I have gotten to anything so excitingly Harry Potter themed is when I visited the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park in Orlando and got to enjoy some delicious butterbeer!


Ooh, I’ve been wondering how that place is. Was it mostly rides or set reproductions or something else entirely?


It’s a lot of Harry Potter themed rides and the section of the park is meant to look like diagon alley so it has some shops you can go into and shop in like you can go into Ollivander’s and buy a wand. Also they have restaurants where you can get butterbeer (the frozen butterbeer is really good) and some food from the Harry Potter world.


Were things really overpriced or were they reasonable for a theme park? That was the only thing I found disappointing at Warner Brother’s Studio; everything was beyond expensive. You want a replica Maurauder’s Map? That’ll be $75! You want a fake plastic wand? $50! Butterbeer? $10! Come on. No non-alcoholic drink served in a plain clear plastic cup should cost $10. I think we paid something like $40 for 2 photos of us, and that was the only souvenir we bought.


The prices are all pretty high and I guess its because they can be since people obviously pay them. I know wands were at least $50 and like for a small triangle flag of the houses you paid like $25. I bought bertie bott’s every flavour beans for my friends back home and each small box cost me around $8 or $9. And the place was jam packed despite it being pouring rain and a million degrees outside (that’s what I get for going in the summertime though)

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