I really dig this one. Normally I avoid Yogi teas that have weird herbs that I’ve never heard of (shankhpushpi and ashwagandha… wut?) because I’m very careful with any medications, FDA approved or otherwise. But the ingredients list on this one, those two aforementioned ayurvedic remedies aside, was too diverse and interesting to pass up. Black tea, mate, green tea, lemon myrtle, tulsi, and lemongrass, all in one blend? I sort of see the rationale— black tea provides just the energy, and mate and green tea provide energy without jitters and soothe you. Lemon myrtle, tulsi, those two weird herbs, and lemongrass all promote a relaxed feeling. So I think the Yogi blenders were going for “relaxed but alert.”

You’d think this would result in a medicinal, sickly-sweet, nasty witch’s brew of herbal mush. But it doesn’t! It actually tastes like real tangerine somehow! They did a really awesome job blending it. Even the stevia is at the perfect level, and that’s saying something because stevia is usually a huge deal-breaker for me.

This tea is coming to me at the point in the year when I am just starting to feel the affects of S.A.D., so the timing is spot-on. I’ve been mediating with Headspace, taking Vitamin D supplements, and plan to start using my S.A.D. lamp again soon because the mornings are darker. But this tea is also helpful— I got cussed at by a customer yesterday and didn’t get half as upset about it as I normally do. I don’t think it was a placebo effect either because I had completely forgotten about drinking this tea until after I noticed my lack of anger and sadness.

Score 1 for the weird herbs that work, and 1 for the awesome, awesome taste!

Flavors: Citrusy, Pleasantly Sour, Sweet

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90-100: Perfection and heaven and magic, all in one cup.

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