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This is the one mint to rule them all. It contains both peppermint and spearmint, which lead to a tea so minty it almost makes my eyes water (in a good way). The flavour is cool, refreshing, a little spicy, and, like I said before, very, very minty. I drink it clear and hot, but I’m sure it’d be really good iced too.

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I must be perfectly honest and say that I mainly bought this for the box art, but the tea itself didn’t disappoint. It’s caffeine-free and pretty neutral health-wise, so I can drink it as much as I want at any time of the day, which is nice.

The taste is a hard one to describe. I guess the primary flavours are licorice, lemon, mint, and catnip, but the other ingredients definitely all add a little something to it. I haven’t noticed any calming properties, but I love it enough that I don’t really care.

That being said, this tea isn’t for everyone. Though I think it’s delicious, I’ve had friends try it and say it’s terrible. Oh, and be careful not to oversteep it, since the licorice taste can become overpowering.

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