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The flavor of this one is a bit too mellow and needs more strawberry but overall it’s okay. If I got it in a swap or as a gift I would be excited but I wouldn’t go to the store and get more.

I should steeping this overnight in cold water and see how it turns out and if the strawberry is more prominent over the apple and lemon flavors.

Flavors: Apple, Lemon, Strawberry

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drank Ginger Beer by DAVIDsTEA
247 tasting notes

This is actually pretty spot on. I got this awhile back with intentions to give it to my boyfriend. His birthday is in a little over a week and it didn’t make it, oops.

It DOES taste like ginger beer, this one matches the name better than some of Davids other soda tea flavors – lookin’ at you Root Beer Float. But it’s a little watered down after a 7 minute steeping and needs more like 12 minutes to get a good amount of the ginger flavor out. The ginger and apple mesh together really well and make this pretty much just as good as boiling raw ginger in water for what seems like forever but it takes less time and it definitely doesn’t need sweetener which is a plus in my book!

I’ll definitely pick up more of this if I stop by Davids again before they swap out their seasonal flavors.

Flavors: Apple, Ginger

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After my venture into pu’erh today I needed a very very different flavor profile so I shoved my hand in at random and grabbed this one out. I’m honestly getting sick of this guy but it’s still good, almost like pumpkin pie.

Flavors: Pumpkin, Spices

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I tried this today from a swap and it was much different. I tried another pu’erh earlier today and I hated it so all things considered, this one was really nice. I don’t feel comfortable rating it right now because I know that pu’erh is just not my favorite.

I definitely tasted the earthy, grass, hay combination in this one. It reminded me of when the seasons change and everything just smells like earth. Definitely something different and I’m glad I tried it but I couldn’t bring myself to resteep it a few more times to get the variety of flavors.

Flavors: Dirt, Earth, Grass, Hay, Wet Moss

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drank Big Apple by DAVIDsTEA
247 tasting notes

I don’t actually like this tea but I’ve only got enough left for 3 or so cups so I figured why not. It’s… caramely, the apple flavor is really really off to me and muted by the other flavors in the cup. I suppose it’s more of a dessert tea but it needs sweetener to really get there.

Flavors: Apple Skins, Caramel, Cream

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drank Rooibos Vanilla by Adagio Teas
247 tasting notes

This is tolerable. It’s been sitting in my collection for so long and I just want to finish it up. I’ve made three cups of it today and it’s just not getting better. It’s woodsy and the vanilla is lacking.

Flavors: Wood


I like some of Adagio’s honeybush and green rooibos blends, but I think the only one of their rooibos blends I like is rooibos earl grey.


I’ve actually heard that before but when I ordered from Adagio last I was put off by the idea of mixing earl grey and rooibos. The only teas that I truly love from Adagio anymore are their flavored blacks but I’m out of their Chestnut Tea so when I get around to ordering more I’ll have to pick up a sample of the Rooibos Earl Grey as well. I’ve tried Tea Guys’ Earl Grey Rooibos and it’s just alright but the bergamot totally overpowers the rooibos so that was a let down in my book :/

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drank Caramel Maple Walnut by Tea Guys
247 tasting notes

I thought I had this one before, but supposedly not. It was not my favorite, but fairly good for being a green tea. I’ll have to try it again before rating as I had it with corn bread for “dessert” and the flavors melded together really really well to the point that I’m not sure which was which :P There was definitely some sweet, vanilla notes, probably the caramel flavor, peeking out.

Flavors: Caramel, Vanilla

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There isn’t too much bergamot, but I don’t care for strong bergamot so yay! I think this is going to end up being my go to Earl Grey :)

Flavors: Bergamot

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This is from a swap awhile back but I never got to it. I’m fairly certain this is the first time I’ve had lychee. It’s definitely a different flavor profile than what I’m used to with flavored blacks. It’s very floral, but sweet, kind of like strawberries.

Flavors: Floral, Lychee, Strawberry

1 tsp

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I got into loose leaf teas about three years back when I figured I might be a little too old for Celestial Seasoning’s Zinger Teas. Ever since, I’ve been sneaking out of the house to find obscure hole in the wall tea shops to get my fix and swapping teas as I go.
Lately, I’ve been into herbals and rooibos, but I do enjoy black tea, specifically ceylons. I mainly drink flavored teas.

Currently Looking For:
Caramel flavored teas
Cherry herbals


Queens, NY

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