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Stopped by the grocery store to pick up some groceries and I wandered into the Tea aisle to check and see if they’ve stocked the Holiday teas from Bigelow yet (they haven’t D:) but they had this gem so I figured I’d try it on my taste test for best caramel tea.

Aaaaand this doesn’t taste like caramel to me at all. Which is a let down. But it tastes EXACTLY like warm apple cider. The ginger, cinnamon, chicory action is on point. The apple is a little bit weird, kind of sour but not totally artificial and I couldn’t taste the hibiscus at all. Definitely a new fall favorite <3

Update: I’m on my second cup and didn’t down this one in 5 minutes like the last one. As you let it steep longer the apple flavor starts to get …fake and the spices are just too strong. While this is still very good, it can’t steep for very long without getting nasty D:

Flavors: Apple, Cinnamon, Ginger

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I didn’t log much of the sampler I got but this is the last tea bag left from it (minus 4 that I put aside for my advent calendar.)

It’s very tart, I imagine that’s the hibiscus but I don’t actually taste any hibiscus.. it tastes like grape actually. There’s definitely blueberry flavor in it, but it’s overpowered by a tangy, tart, grape flavor. It’s definitely more like something my kool-aid loving brother would drink up instead of me.

Flavors: Blueberry, Citrus, Grapes, Hibiscus, Tangy, Tart

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I mixed the end of this with the end of the Spiced Apple Chai so there’s definitely stronger tones of the Spiced Apple Chai in it.

Holy pepper! This is a spicy chai and I really love it. The apple flavor is surprisingly lost (normally apple seems to be overpowering) but I don’t mind. I’d say this is probably a safe replacement for a apple cider as long as you like it spicy.

Flavors: Cloves, Pepper, Spicy

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drank Alpine Punch by DAVIDsTEA
247 tasting notes

This tea confuses me. Every time I drink a cup my opinion of it changes.

This time, it’s very nutty, almost sweet – possibly the flavor of marzipan? I can taste the cardamom but I just… don’t understand it. I think that there are too many basic flavors and it’s too complex for me to fully enjoy it.

Flavors: Almond, Cardamom, Marzipan, Nutty

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drank Egg Nog by Market Spice
247 tasting notes

I made a pot of this because I’ve been drinking so much tea today but I really need to sit in one place and get stuff done. It’s not nearly as good as I remembered which is a total let down.

The first cup I had after around 4 minutes of steeping and the flavor of the spices was very weak and definitely overpowered by the tea. The second cup was closer to 6 minutes and the flavor of cloves is very strong and overall the “eggnog” flavor is much more robust and the tea is more of an aftertaste.

Generally it’s good, it could use some cream, but it’s not my favorite Eggnog tea.

Flavors: Cinnamon, Clove

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drank Cheeky Peach by SerendipiTea
247 tasting notes

Hnnng. Backstory on this tea: there was a well touted coffee shop in the library where I did my undergrad and I would occasionally stop by with a friend and pick up a cup of tea. By the time I graduated I was hooked on this stuff but couldn’t figure out where to get it.

The other day I remembered what it was called and finally found it and bought a 4oz box (on Amazon… the expiration date is in 6 months so I think I’ve learned my lesson now :/)

The peach isn’t as strong as I remember but overall it’s still my favorite “comfort tea” – I generally don’t care for chai but the spices mixed with the mellow peach are phenomenal. It’s perfect for the change in seasons and hopefully wintertime too. It reminds me of thanksgiving.

Flavors: Clove, Ginger, Peach, Spices

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This tasted better today, maybe it’s getting closer to Hot Chocolate season so it just felt more natural. This felt very, bedtime-y to me. The chocolate and the mint are both on equal grounds, the chocolate has a strong first flavor and the mint follows with a nice smooth end to the sip.
At first I thought I wouldn’t pick up more of this but it’s turning out to be one of the few chocolate teas I enjoy. Just need to add a little bit of cream to get it just right.

Flavors: Chocolate, Mint, Rooibos

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drank Ruby Tang by Tea Guys
247 tasting notes

I’ve had this for awhile now and finally got the courage to try it. It’s similar to the Lemon Mango Punch that I got from Physical Graffitea last summer but has a little bit more of a berry flavor to it.

Out of the bag, the fruit was… sticky and hard to measure out. I let it steep for about 5 minutes and the citrus flavors were very prominent and tried it again at 10 minutes and the flavors had blended together a bit better by then. It doesn’t taste like grapefruit entirely but is definitely citrus!

Flavors: Berry, Citrus

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Lately I’ve just been drinking down a bunch of herbal favorites (I’m trying to make a “Sipdown Advent Calendar” with the last teaspoon or tea bag from the teas that I’m running low on) and didn’t feel like logging again and again how much I love them :P But I figured I’d try some of this one that my friend swapped with me awhile back..

The chocolate flavor is actually there but it’s..mellow, the black tea definitely overpowers it which is a real let down for me. I like blacks but this one just doesn’t “do it” for me. It did remind me that I have to stock up on some more tardis tea though <3

Flavors: Chocolate

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I got into loose leaf teas about three years back when I figured I might be a little too old for Celestial Seasoning’s Zinger Teas. Ever since, I’ve been sneaking out of the house to find obscure hole in the wall tea shops to get my fix and swapping teas as I go.
Lately, I’ve been into herbals and rooibos, but I do enjoy black tea, specifically ceylons. I mainly drink flavored teas.

Currently Looking For:
Caramel flavored teas
Cherry herbals


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