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drank Apple Cinnamon by Teaopia
137 tasting notes

This is good, just not particularly exciting. There’s apple, there’s cinnamon. Ho hum. I generally like apple cinnamon herbals in the colder months because of the cider association, but this one doesn’t have all that much flavour. It’s pretty decent when mixed with Teaopia’s white pear though. But not something I’ll miss when it’s gone. If it’s ever gone!


Yeah, I wasn’t impressed when I smelled it in the store. Yet it’s such a lovely combination.

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Just restocked on a favourite! I love getting a new pouch of this tea, and drinking it while it’s still fresh and vibrant and full-flavoured. It’s always delicious, but nothing beats a fresh pouch!

This is a staple tea for the girlfriend and I. It’s our favourite to brew up a big pot of on a lazy morning and just take our time enjoying it. I love that it’s a totally different animal sweetened vs. unsweetened. With sugar it is light and fruity and candy like, but plain the floral bergamot and darker cassis-like notes really come out. I love it both ways!

Although I’m really into a variety of teas and always have something new I want to try, this is one of the few that my girlfriend really, truly enjoys. And for that, I love it even more! Tea is always better when shared with someone you love :D

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This is pretty tasty! I’m not loving it quite as much as everyone else seems to, but it’s good and definitely pulls through on the bakey cookie vibes.

I’m one of those folks who feels horribly deceived to find raisins in an oatmeal cookie rather than chocolate chips, so thankfully the raisin note isn’t too prominent.

I get cinnamon sweetness with vanilla and brown sugar, and a light fruitiness which I’m guessing is where the raisin comes in. I’ve found it to be a bit watery and lacking in boldness though, which is what stops it from becoming a favourite for me.

Still enjoyable, and I’ve almost finished my packet already. This is a good one to bring along in a travel mug to sip on.


I’m the opposite. I always am disappointed when it’s a chocolate chip as opposed to a raisin.


i want both! always! the raisins for that chewy yummy taste and the chocolate chips for the chocolatey goodness :)


I don’t like raisins in baked stuff. They just get all dry, so I"m with you on the chocolate chip preference!

Daisy Chubb

I’ve had a reeeeally nice raisin cookie with nice plump golden raisins – but more often than not they can be dry and hard. Plump and chewy and I’m all over it!


I got this tea as part of the giveaway I won today. Let’s see if it’s as good as everyone says :)


I am one of those types who definitely, always wants raisins in their oatmeal cookies! To prevent the dryness, I plump the raisins up by microwaving them in a bowl of water and then patting them dry before using them. Delicious. And because I’m super nitpicky, I poke through them and make sure any little bits of stem are gone too.

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It’s funny, when I took my first big sniff of this glorious aroma in store and ordered a cup to go, my girlfriend looked at me with that knowing look of hers and told me I should get a packet of it to bring home. I should mention that she doesn’t like vanilla or coconut in tea, but she knows me and my tea tastes pretty darn well.

I scoffed at her and said I just wanted to try it, so we left with just my cup to go. After I had my first sip, I let out a big sigh. Yep, she was right. I LOVE this. How could I not? It has several of my favourite tea flavours all combined into one warm, creamy, sweet, comforting cup.

It’s very rich, in that chocolatey coconut way, and has a smooth nuttiness to it too. Yum! These flavours just work so well together. It just begs to be made like a chai, on the stove with milk. I think that would really make the flavours pop.

This tea is somehow familiar, in the best way. Something about the way the flavours all meld together really reminds me of something happy and delicious from my childhood.

My only real gripe is that it has the dreaded signature DT sludge. Why they couldn’t have just used chocolate flavouring and those mini chocolate chips rather than big chunks of oily, messy milk chocolate is beyond me. I really hate the oily scum! But I look past it, because this tea is all kinds of wonderful.

So next time my girl tells me to buy a tea, I’m just going to get the damn tea! She knows best, as I’ve now got a 50g pouch of this that will likely be replaced when it’s gone. This is the first new tea from David’s that I’ve really loved since blueberry jam.


I am going to New York soon and hope to get to stop by David’s tea and get my hand on some of this and some Blueberry Jam!

Also, you have a wise Girlfriend! :)


I’m psyched that we have a DT now in San Francisco!


you posted this review 2 months ago, but i just wanted to say that i am ordering 100g of this strictly based on your opinion. cuz i think we have THAT similar of tea tastes.


Hope you love it!! Your comment inspired me to go make a big mug of it. It is so warm and cozy, perfect fall/winter tea. Just make sure you give it plenty of steep time, or it can come out a little watery.


great tip thanks!
also the fact that you still love this tea months later is very promising. because speaking for myself, i’m quite finicky. :)

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I’ve been drinking this at work in the afternoons. I always find it chilly in the office and this warms me right up. The scent is pretty intriguing. I get a well balanced blend of pungent guayusa herbal goodness and sweet, comforting apple spice.

I usually add a bit of brown sugar as suggested, which really brings everything together. The flavours are subtle and really nicely done. I also enjoy the thick, creamy feel that it has too. I love that about guayusa.

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I am absolutely loving this chocolate and pumpkin combination. It’s sweet and spicy and rich, and the flavours are perfectly balanced.

A nice change from your usual pumpkin chai, this one is a little quirky and different, but they’ve pulled it off wonderfully. I find myself craving it more and more often. It all melds together into this creamy-sweet concoction with just a touch of spice.

I love all these twists on pumpkin tea that I’ve been trying lately. There are evidently many different ways to create a pumpkin blend, whether it be sweet and subtle or packing a spicy punch.

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Hmm..not quite sure what to think of this one. Definitely not what I was expecting. It’s strange for sure. I’ve been holding off on trying this one since reading Amanda’s note about it. Thai curry flavoured caramel apple tea? No thanks.

After trying it, I can def. get a hint of the curry association. Although I can’t say I’ve had Thai curry very many times anyway. But mostly I just find it perfumey, in a weird way.

I made the mistake of eating one of the caramel chunks from the bag. I couldn’t help it – they looked so yum! But no, they taste like crumbly perfumed caramel ick. Blech. That’ll teach me to pick through my tea for bits :P

Once steeped, it is absolutely gorgeous! It has the same sparkly quality as Glitter & Gold from David’s. I love watching the shimmers swirl around my cup. Ooh and they’re also in some Lush bubble bars! I’m thinking Sunny Side off the top of my head and maybe a Christmas one from last year. Anyway, love the shimmers. They’re mesmerizing!

Unfortunately, this tastes a whole lot like it smells. I’m not really getting a lot of apple, but if I really try I can taste it in the background. I mostly just taste perfumey sweetness, with a hint of that curry-reminiscent something. I don’t hate it, but as a caramel apple tea it’s a bit disappointing. As it cools though, I find myself enjoying it more and more. There’s some odd addictive quality that just won’t let me stop sipping. I can see it maybe growing on me.


I just got my order in the mail this morning. Mine smells super yummy, caramely & appley. Hope I have a better result with mine.


I wonder if we got some from a different batch, or if our noses just disagree? Such a strange experience with this one.


I think after it sat it developed a perfume smell. Because when I tried it yesterday all I got was perfum. It was unpleasant.

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Delicious, subtle, marshmallowey s’mores! I knew I’d love this one after seeing so many positive reviews pop up on my dashboard. S’mores flavoured things can be a little iffy to me. In general I have found them to be so heavy on the chocolate that it just completely overwhelms everything else. I’m left craving the sweet, toasty goodness of marshmallow and graham. Not so with this one!

The first scent and flavour I get is sweet & fluffy marshmallows. I think it helps that this tea contains both mini marshmallows and marshmallow flavouring. The flavouring really amps things up. And the graham cracker crumbs are just such a lovely touch. I don’t know how much they contribute, but they are fun and I definitely get some sort of toasted graham taste in the background, which is nice. The chocolate is nice and creamy, more like an afterthought. Just perfect.

I think the stronger marshmallow and graham with the subtle chocolate is what really makes this blend taste authentically ’s’mores’. Cause when you think about it, there’s really not that much chocolate in them.

My only wish is that it would brew up a little sturdier – I find it very slightly watered down. Maybe a stronger black tea base would help? But it’s still lovely as it is, if a little light. Some people might even appreciate that about it.

This one is not an instant favourite like Cafe Vanilla was, but it is most certainly a tasty, memorable, and intriguing cup. Falling in love with Della Terra’s flavoured blends, & especially the desserty ones, just like so many of my steepster friends.

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reviewed Timolino (12 oz) by Timolino
137 tasting notes

I think I’ll be forever torn about my Timolinos. I have two of them that I use regularly. Well technically I only have one, and my girlfriend has her own, but she never uses hers. So it’s mine now :P
We’ve got a red one and a sparklyish black one. The first day I used mine I dropped it on the pavement as I was getting out of a cab. Oh noes! It has a decent sized dent near the bottom now, and a few little scratches, but I guess it could be worse.

I’ve been using these for..I don’t know..about 2 years now? And I like them, but I don’t.

-Keeps my tea HOT!
-Leak proof. Gotta love that.
-Perfect size to hold in my hand or toss in my purse.
-They’re pretty and sleek, and don’t have a silly useless handle.
-Even though I rarely use it, that secret compartment for extra leaves is pretty nifty.

-As I said in the pros, it keeps my tea HOT. Like, really hot. Undrinkably hot sometimes, which is sad when I want tea in my belly five minutes ago.
-I add milk to a lot of teas, especially black teas which are what I generally take with me in the morning in my Timolino. Even after a thorough washing, the milk can leave a weird, gross smell that lingers in the plastic parts. YUCK. Baking soda or vinegar takes care of that, but is also a pain in the rear.
-Not dishwasher safe. This is probably my biggest con, since I am supremely lazy. That and a run through the dishwasher would also take care of the icky smell issue. So I’ve taken to just tossing mine in the dishwasher anyway, on the top shelf. I haven’t noticed any adverse effects yet, but I fear that it might ultimately shorten the lives of them. I’ll continue to do it anyway though, as it’s the only way I can be sure that all of the nooks and crannies on the lid are truly clean and avoid that odour that completely ruins my cup of tea. I always have to just toss my cup if I notice that smell, it just churns my stomach.

So there you have it! My longer-than-expected review of my Timolinos. Still on the search for my perfect, dishwasher safe, leakproof travel mug. Maybe one day.


Let me know if you ever find one!


I would kill… not literally of course, for a dishwasher safe travel mug :(

Daniel Scott

One con, to me: size. I think it holds 12oz? That’s an awkward amount, and I’d prefer 16.


I know about the heat issue. I have burned my mouth so many times with mine!


I find I’m starting to get a smell issue with mine too – I’ll have to break out the vinegar because I just can’t seem to kill it. :|


Same unbearable smell issue… It really ruins it for me. I think I’ll take the chance to toss it in the dishwasher like you did! Any adverse effects yet to anyone who did?


i soak them with an unflavored denture cleaner tablet. i have 4 timolinos and i put 1 tablet in each and fill it with water and just let it sit for a day. i also put all four lids in a bowl with 2 tabs and add water. it works great. gets out all the stains and smells.


What a good idea! I’ll keep that in mind. By the way, I tried the dishwasher, and nothing exploded :-)

Autistic Goblin

with metal mugs like this they only say not diswasher safe because it takes the paint off. If you don’t care about losing the colour of your travel mug throw it in the dishwasher. I do with my Contigo and haven’t noticed anything wrong.


Great idea with the denture tabs, I might just give that a shot & see if it’ll help with staining on the plastic bits. I’m still regularly using both of my original Timolino mugs, and they get tossed in the dishwasher each and every time. Still holding up great, no issues with the seal or even discoloration/chipping paint. I’m glad I didn’t give up on these. I’ve definitely gotten a lot of great use out of them, and the smell is no longer an issue now that I’m not primarily hand-washing them.


Yeah, I just bought denture tabs. I can’t wait to see how much of a difference they make, although I’ll probably only soak them for 12 hours at a time (I want to use them the other 12 hours to/from/at work. :P)


Have you thought about writing a review of the Contigo? I for one would be interested in learning more about your experience with it and how it compares to the Timolino or Zojirushi. Thanks!


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I’m really enjoying this delicate, understated take on pumpkin tea! I like that it’s not a chai or pie themed blend, cause I find I get bored of those rather quickly. They all taste a little too similar, and tend to go overboard on the spices. I love spices and spicy teas, but in a pumpkin tea I’d rather not have them as the dominant flavour.

This one is spot on for that. I can taste a bit of cinnamon and nutmeg, but they’re not the flavour I notice first. That would be the smooth black tea base, followed by creamy pumpkin goodness! I mentioned that this one is subtle, and it is. At a 3 min steep I was left wanting a bit more depth of flavour, but I was starting to get some bitterness at 4 min. A bit of milk and sugar fixed that issue, but I had been planning on drinking it plain. I’ll need to play around a bit more with steep times.

I love the fresh pumpkin and cream flavours I’m getting here. I find this one to be a really comforting, relaxing cup. Something I’d drink after dinner or before bed (for some reason, the caffeine content in black tea doesn’t affect my ability to sleep, no matter when I drink it). The only thing I’m really missing is the ‘brûlée’ note. I don’t taste anything caramelized, both straight and with additions. Oh well! It’s delicious as is.

Even though I have two other pumpkin teas in my stash, I’m not sorry I got this one. It’s so different from the typical pumpkin brew! Really nice and rich yet subtle flavours, with just the right hint of spice.


oh you’re lucky you don’t get affected by black tea at night! black tea is my favorite but I can’t drink it after the afternoon if I want to sleep.


Same here at least for some black tea types. Although the most interesting mishap happened yesterday when it was already eight p.m. and I enjoyed my evening tea with a good book. It turned out that the book was so good I didn’t realize until after two cups that the tea I was drinking was actually yerba mate and not the green tea I meant to have…

What a night it was.

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Queer femme looking for love in the form of tea. Currently on a (seemingly never-ending) quest to convince my girlfriend of the magic of loose leaf.

Let’s see..I’m a 23 year old seemingly perma-student, having finished at university and moved on to college. I love reading. I love tea. I love reading while drinking tea. It really doesn’t take much to keep me happy.

Black tea is my all time favourite, preferably hot with milk and sugar. I like flavoured blacks the best, and my taste is embarrassingly unrefined. If it has some outlandish candy or dessert or fruity sounding name, I’m all over it. Especially things like coconut, caramel, chocolate (the usual suspects), bubblegum, cotton candy, and the list goes on. If it’s supposed to taste like something it’s not, odds are I’m going to love it. I also love a good earl grey, floral teas, and anything with currants. Love me some currants!

When it comes to iced teas I love fruity herbal blends and matés, for the most part. They are my hydration option of choice in the summer and I always have at least a glass ready for me in the fridge, if not a pitcher.

I am a self-proclaimed David’sTea fangirl, so please excuse the fact that most of my logs tend to be a little biased in their favour. I just can’t help myself, I must try all-the-tea from David’s!

I’m starting to get interested in matcha, and though I’ve loved the cups I’ve had prepared for me by others, I’ve never tried making it myself. I’m going to have to break down and order some soon, if only just to try.

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