Teavana in Providence, Rhode Island
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The tea is delicious, but some of the teaware is overpriced and some of the salespeople can be very pushy. Don’t fall victim to their many sales tactics! Some (but not all, or even most) will relentlessly upsell until you have no cash left, overfill your tins to get some extra money (although they do ask you if it’s ok that they put in 3oz instead of 2, so it can be avoided. keep in mind that the extra tea does cost extra!), and exaggerate the tea’s health benefits. Still, they offer free samples and a wide variety of teas that are, for the most part, delicious and reasonably priced.



“It’s always four o’clock somewhere in the world, so it’s always teatime.” -Emilie Autumn

I grew up with bagged tea. While neither of my parents were tea enthusiasts, we usually had at least some Constant Comment, Wild Berry Zinger, or Snapple in the house. I liked tea and would drink it if it was offered to me, but I was hardly a connoisseur. Up until recently, I honestly didn’t know the difference between black, green, and herbal tea, and had never even heard of white tea or rooibos.

After my boyfriend first took me to Teavana in January 2010, thereby introducing me to the wonderful world of loose tea, I fell in love instantly. Ever since then I’ve been buying loose tea obsessively and trying to introduce my family to it. I’m just starting to get into “real” tea, so I have a lot to learn and a lot to try.

I use the Teavana Perfect Tea Maker to steep my tea and almost always add a teaspoon of honey. I also add milk to most straight black teas. I am currently in need/want of a better water heater, teapot, and a big pitcher to make iced tea.

Current Favorites:

Straight Black Tea- Nilgiri Frost from Elmwood Inn
Flavored Black Tea- Indian Chai from Elmwood Inn
Straight Green Tea- I have yet to find one I like. They’re either too weak or too bitter.
Flavored Green Tea- Cherry Rose Green from Elmwood Inn
Straight White Tea- I have yet to find one I like. Too tasteless.
Flavored White Tea- Organic Peach from Rishi
Oolong- I haven’t tried many, but the few I’ve tried were pretty disgusting.
Herbal- Peppermint by Teavana
Rooibos- Rooibos Sweet Amore by Teavana
Bagged- Constant Comment by Bigelow and White Mango Peach by Lipton
Bottled- Peach Snapple


Warwick, Rhode Island



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