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The name gives you a hint at the amazingness, so prepare yourself. They were having a sale, so I caved. I had admired from afar here on my little island. But then Chocolate Mint & this wonderous one decided the time was now.

OMG! This is good tea. Chocolatey, cakey + chai — all at once? Its like a flavor orgy. (And did I mention its a tea name that raises eyebrows and has coworkers clinking teacups in desperation to have a try. :)

If you want an adventure, I highly reccomend that you indulge on this one.

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Ok. I am a chocolate mint addict. I am a tea addict. And stash’s version of the predictable combo I am about to write about left me wishing for a bit something more.
And here ebay searching got the better of me. Would I dare to by a tea from an unknown company on the ’bay?

I was reluctant. And actually watching the offering dwindle to 2 boxes.
Then on a bored weekend, I did it. Sinned and bought ebay-tea.
And you know what?
It rocks!! A lot! (somuchthat i am writingthisdespitemy spacebarissuesonthiscomputer)
Grand with milk and a hint of sugar, it is in fact a subtle soft version of an after-eight mint. AbFab! And I have a whole cannister to have happy tea days with. In fact. I’d have some right now …well if I wasnt actually out of milk sniffle. :)

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Uhm, not sure why so many of the reviews are mixing the tea into pudding.

Works for me, but I admit I took the more traditional direction in my chai tastings. And I found it to be quite good and smooth. I blame this chai on helping wedge open the door into posh chai-wonderland to which I have visited and won’t be returning FROM any time soon.

Sure there are chais that followed and blew this one out of my cupboard ( those were the peppery and bitchslapping aggressive ones that I reviewed previously), but this was the first one to take my hand and say ‘hey, you don’t need to buy the twinnings chai from the grocery store anymore. Because frankly I am much better.’ And it is. Smooth as silk and gentle on the palate, this one is flavorful and friendly. So let it take you by the hand and show you the light. It won’t be your last, but you’ll think of it on quiet nights like a summer fling and smile. :)


Lmao, “hey, you don’t have to buy Twinnings Chai at the grocery store anymore”, omg, couldn’t have said it better. :)

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Just to give you an idea of the nutty teastastic nature of this one.
Its 3 for £9 at Whittards of Chelsea and I was in the neighborhood (honest,
I didn’t know it was there) and despite the plethora of choice I bought 2 of
Amaretto Explosion :D

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I admit the one thing I don’t need in the pantry is more tea. Actually I think filling it with more food would be most appropriate. But its a guilty pleasure, and as I was visiting a friend in Lincoln today, I braved my shyness of entering the mecca of tea and went inside (well I couldn’t really chicken out since Jo was the one opening the door).

Lovely place with tea cannisters lining the walls and the most amazing tea pots known to the human eye. The gentleman working behind the counter was fab (esp. when I asked if its ok to smell the tea ;) ). He opened all the cannisters that had caught my fancy and I wandered away tea dazed with 3 news teas to try.

First is the Cherry Banana. Jo thought I was kidding about this being a tea flavor. I don’t kid. Well not about cool sounding teas. And this one had piqued my interest from the start. The base is black tea, so rest assured that it isn’t another mouth rotting sweet tea (which to be honest if you liquized candy floss, I could probably drink it…maybe even add sugar to it) but the gentleman did defend some sugar usage, if only to accentuate the natural sweetness of the fruit.

Cherry Banana Black Tea.
Oh, I feel too amateur to really review this tea the way it should be. Its mellow and full bodied and has a sweetness from the cherry/banana pieces that astound the mind. I think it actually blew my mind and reconstructed it from the bottom back up again.

Needless to say, damn good tea. :)

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drank Calm by Twinings
64 tasting notes

I do wonder what it is with the ’don’t drink with milk’ warning.
Is it something akin to not feeding the Gremlins after midnight??
Still I have to admit I have wanted to,….wanted to rebel b/c the gently cocoa aroma
does whisper ‘milk would be nice’ to me. But I have been good!! I’ve not sucummb. Probably more b/c I tend to drink this one when I can’t sleep and have had a crap day. And I certainly don’t want to become an evil gremlin on those kind of nights.

This one is gentle lavendar and has a light cocoa flavor. Lovely, and herby and I always end up asleep so perhaps its been doing its job ;)

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I want to put carbonated water in this one. Its got to be like 7-up tea!
But while the lemon and lime gently take turns jumping on your tongue (like
they were in a bouncy castle) don’t forget to notice that sweet little orange blossom that does wave gently in the background. Good stuff.

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It takes going through a phase or being stuck at a tealess house.
Then someone goes ‘oh we have this one’ and then i will indulge.
And sometimes wonder why its a love/hate relationship between Chammy
and myself. The honey and vanilla make things very sweet in this one and
make it very drinkable. So I can always enjoy a few sips (with a funny cham aftertaste)
without any issue. But then chamomile always appears at some point and domniates the tea, and I recall why this one doesn’t live in my tea-universe.

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Fruity but not really distinct.
Not bad but didn’t set me on fire.

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I’ll come clean, I bought this one when I was 17 for the label.
Hey if a unicorn and merlin like this tea, why wouldn’t I?
Sure its faulty reasoning but it was true. Lovely and light
this one (like Tension Tamer) punctuated a different era in my life.
Actually, I could go for some at the moment. Tea, anyone?

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Teatastic little me,
Lives by the sea
Cannot help but sip a cuppa or three.
Suppose its not so bad since at the end of the day
I’ll have a happy kidney.



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