25 Tasting Notes

drank Matcha Sencha by Yama Moto Yama
25 tasting notes

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drank Oolong by Choice Organic Teas
25 tasting notes

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It’s hard not to associate the taste of watermelon-flavoring with candy, and the smell of it with like, scented bath products. To be fair, I’m not the biggest fan of flavorings a lot of the time. I also haven’t tried it iced—I could see that working better. Maybe if the black tea was stronger, I’d enjoy it more, but the watermelon just smells and tastes overpowering.

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This was one of the first teas I ever enjoyed and honestly, I still really love it. It’s sweet, but doesn’t taste sugary to me, and I always enjoy a good green/white blend. It doesn’t oversteep, so it’s easy to just throw a tea bag in a cup and not worry about it.

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drank Rose Petal Black by The Tao of Tea
25 tasting notes

This is, hands down, one of the best teas I’ve ever drunk. The rose is so strong without overpowering the smooth black tea underneath. We try to always have some around.


I love rose teas! Don’t know many other people who do.


Rose teas are so good! We have a mason jar of rose just to add it to rose teas that don’t taste strong enough. :)

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Writer/poet/zine-maker from the Pacific Northwest. My girlfriend calls me T, so you can imagine there are a lot of T/tea puns in this house.

My tea tastes tend to vary wildly — I go through tea “seasons” where I prefer one kind over another. I like interesting infusions and exploring new tastes. Recently I’ve started blending my own tea.

Tea is best served on the porch, under the tree, or next to my typewriter, if it’s raining. And of course, it’s often raining.


Portland, Oregon



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