783 Tasting Notes

apologies again to my steepster followers but i’m trying to finally make even the TINIEST OF NOTES on the last few teas left in my tealog that had no details added.
i bought this as a sampler and drank it at work. it was before i really understood tea. i was just getting warmed up. it was a baby step. a charming little baby step.

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drank All The Raj by DAVIDsTEA
783 tasting notes

someone on here said that this tea tastes like “rose-scented shampoo and panda licorice” which i found hilarious and i kinda agree. but i also kinda like it! haha! (yum soap)
it’s unique. and since i’ve really started to drink more and more tea, i’m realizing that unique vs delicious is a great way to test your palate and keep things interesting. (especially since i only drink herbal tea)
we’ll see how i feel about it later. i rarely trust my first impression.


ICED! not my favorite of my iced tea experiment. i will probably keep drinking this one hot and leave the iced teas to my others. i mean knowing me i WILL drink it iced again in the future. it’s light and delicate in flavor. refreshing for sure. but not like outta control delicious or anything.

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Holiday Gift from Renee! (i brewed it in January 2, 2012)(just making a note for my records.)

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drank Tangerine Ginger by Rishi Tea
783 tasting notes

purple. and smells like ginger! but just tastes mostly like hibiscus. might be pretty good iced? idk. i only have one cups worth left, and it’ll probably be a long while till i get it again.

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my DavidsTea delivery arrived!! i am so thrilled to suddenly have all this delicious variety! i suspect i will use it all up faster than i thought. (i am steeping each brew twice when i can.)

this tea wasn’t exactly what i expected, but it has already grown on me. the weather turned cold and rainy here for the past few days, and this was the perfect tea to start my evening off with. i never put anything in my tea, but soon i will try this one with a little almond milk and honey.

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this was the tea at a 5 day yoga retreat. i drank it non-stop. it added so much to the already amazing experience.

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tulsi thief! tulsi thief!

i must say, it’s nice to drink something so fresh tasting and clarifying in the late afternoon. the fact that tulsi is stress relieving might actually be accurate! who’da thunk?

i like this.

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a wonderfully fruity twist to this already refreshing tea.
i look forward to having it again the next time i visit Yogaville. (i might even have to pocket a few bags to bring back with me.)

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i stole this tea bag from yogaville! bwahahaha

i took a tea bag of each type of tea with me when i left yogaville for my ever astute tea reviews. i drank this tea the first time i visited yogaville and then again the second time. i plan to go back soon. after i pay off my last vacation.

i’d like to do a week long silent retreat there. there IS a 50/50 chance it would give me a nervous break down, but that’s a chance i’m willing to take in order to find serenity.
ya get me?!

the tulsi teas are all nice and good teas and are a pleasure to drink. (with the exception of one. don’t drink the ‘tummy’ one cuz that one almost made me barf. no lie.)

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drank Turmeric Ginger by Rishi Tea
783 tasting notes

i had this tea at a local restaurant called Cous Cous. it was loose leaf tea served in a small glass teapot with an internal basket. licorice root, orange peel, turmeric and ginger. an Ayurvedic tea with traditional therapeutic health properties. it was a great warm tonic to enjoy during lunch and was a warm earthy contrast to my summery cranberry & mixed green salad.
with the added notes of lemongrass it wasn’t too spicy or too sweet. a great balance and i would gladly have this tea again.


This was really too spicy for my taste—my sample was really heavy on the powdered ginger and turmeric. But I noted at the time I tried it, it would be great for cold & flu season—will clear out your sinuses!

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i have 2 hamsters named Bauhaus and Danzig.

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i only log each tea i taste once.

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ALWAYS interested in reducing my tea stash, so please ask if you want to swap or sample something! even if it’s just one tea.

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