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This tea tastes as though it is just some mulling spices in a bag, and not in great quantity at that. There is no discernible apple flavor at all, and we suspected that this “tea” would be better if it were in fact brewed in boiling apple cider. But we never got to try that theory, and we all found this to be incredibly disappointing.

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Oh, god. We sell this stuff at work (Whole Foods) and I LOVE IT. Yes, it is sweet, but not cloyingly in any way. The light carbonation and slight flavor of fermentation remind me vaguely of GT’s Kombucha, but sweetened up for a normal palate (read: ex-soda drinker). It does taste like jasmine, not in an overly perfumed way, like with Rishi or Teavana jasmine teas, but in a pleasant, non-overpowering way. Like I said, I love it. Any time we crack open a bottle I’m first after the customers with a sample cup in hand…the only downfall to me is the price.

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Too bad it’s sweetened… :-,< It’s coming off my shopping list… And I was really psyched about it…


Sweetened things don’t bother me much. Really, it doesn’t seem as though it is made for purists. But I’m not sure who they expected their market to be. On the whole it is a very interesting and unique product, but it doesn’t fit any one type of shopper. I mostly see it as a non-alcoholic drink for new years or other celebratory time.


I don’t like sweetened teas, especially whites. But I may try making a highly concentrated batch of white tea, cooling it, then adding soda water.


Let me know how that comes out!

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I don’t regard myself to be a fine tea connoisseur in any way. I’ll drink anything once, and if it is sweet (I mean Southern sweet) chances are I’ll drink it more than once.

That being said, I can taste the difference between “cheap” and “expensive” teas, and tea made in a paper cup versus in glass/ceramic/whatnot. I frequently try different brands of tea and my tastes do change over time.

I’m also currently pregnant, and if there is anything pregnant women are notorious for it is having bizarre tastes, though really the only change I’ve noticed is that all bleu cheese tastes sour to me. (^_^;;)

I do try all tea unsweetened first, but I am not afraid of sweeteners. Most of the time I use agave nectar, but will use honey (raw or processed), sugar, xylitol, stevia, or most anything relatively natural that I can get my hands on.



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