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need sweetening, but is so good

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By far one of my favourite teas

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very tart, needs a lot of sweet to balance it. mixes well with others to make a good ice tea

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Add agave to make it sweet and it’s great hot or cold

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Light, bit tart because of the pomegranate

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I’d have to say I’m an interesting person.

My friends would tell you that I am a warm person to be around, and am someone who is always there when someone is needed. I’m an artist and hope to one day become a published author.

I can’t say that I’m a normal girls; and don’t want to be. I’m a nerd, a geek, and a weirdo and I love it. I was/am a femme fatale, goth, bohemian, beatnik, retro rockabilly queen depending on my mood. I’m rather eclectic. I love romance novels, and pulp fiction from the 30s and 40s. I read comic books and manga novel. I’m into sic-fi and fantasy, and a load of other genres, and Doctor Who is probably the best show ever created. I prefer the sound of vinyl over re-mastered; trust me people, the Beatles where meant to be heard the way our parents listened to them; pops, static and all. I listen to a wide variety of music that for the most part is not mainstream and played on the radio; as long as it’s not rap, reggae, pop I’ll listen to it; though I prefer classic rock, celtic, soundtracks, jazz, jive, and symphonic metal. Oh, and Bowie rocks, enough said.

I like plays, operas, and other things of the sort, but that’s not to say that I’m not up for a good night at the pub, drinking with friends and a round of shisha.

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My name is Samantha Di Girolamo, but you can call me Sam.





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