TANGERINE TEA!?!? Do you mean orange juice? that was my initial reaction to seeing this on the shelf. I must admit I was hesitant to spend my precious 69 cents on this tea, yet curiosity prevailed. Luckily I’m no cat, I’m a grown man regardless of whatever my father says. He doesn’t approve of my new found addiction to rating teas. In fact, there are few things I do that he does approve of. Maybe if you count me silently sitting in the living room. He still thinks I’m a kid. Typical. Im 6’2" 176 lbs and have facial hair but he still sees me as the kid that peed on mickey mouse at Disney World on my eighth birthday. I WASN’T SCARED OF THE MOUSE DAD. I JUST DRANK A LOT OF WATER. he’s always bugging me to get my life together, maybe I don’t want to go to pharmacy school. Maybe I hate studying biochemical engineer. Maybe school isn’t for me dad! Ever consider that!? Ali dropped out of high school and Reza didn’t go to college and they’re doing fine. You’re forcing me to live out your dream dad. Maybe I have different dreams. Maybe I dream of color, love, and life. I dream to be known, to be cherished, and loved. SOMETHING YOU NEVER HAD AND YOU’RE TAKING IT OUT ON ME! anyways the tea did in fact taste like watered-down hot orange juice. not bad. 7/10

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