Persian Earl Grey. 3 words chosen randomly from a dictionary, strung together in seemingly no rhythm nor reason. When I think of Persian I think of a cat roaming around in the sand. When I think of Earl I think of the man who moved into my neighborhood last year, knocking on my door informing me that he is in fact a sexual predator. Grey, an indecisive color. You’re either black or white. Choose one. However, when blended together a sort of harmony arises. Gone with the indecision. Gone with the fear of being sexually assaulted. Gone with the smell of a sweaty cat. Instead, a nice consensual rainbow of sweet aroma arises in an otherwise normal tea mug. When you drink this tea you feel like Cyrpus the Great ruling the once great empire of Persia. you feel like a lion, king of the jungle, shaking the ground with its mighty roar. You feel as though all color has become brighter, clearer, and more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Just kidding. This tea is just ok. 5/10

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