She talks like the movies and smells like hibiscus in bloom. I sit in the shotgun, we dance and forget everything. She looks like Point Reyes and sounds like leaves in the wind. That is what went through my mind when I read Rasberry Hibiscus. If disappointment was a tree, call me a sequoia. I was hoping to feel love with this tea, to feel like I’m being held underneath an oak tree in the cool summer breeze. Instead, i felt like a hundred Vietnam war veterans punched me in the stomach and spit in my mouth. This tea is as red as the blood on my toe after a 3-mile run. The smell itself is enough to tranquilize an elephant. Three sips. That’s as much as I could fathom. Down the drain, it went. My roommate thought I was over exaggerating. all it took was 2 sips for him to realize his mistake. Truly the worst tea I’ve ever had. And I’ve had camomille before.

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