4 Tasting Notes

drank Carrot Cake by DAVIDsTEA
4 tasting notes

This tea, when dry has quite an unpleasant taste for sure.. However once sipped, it is a lot better. The first time I drank it, I felt quite disappointed since I really expected a “cake taste”. What I taste is actually more a mix of carrot + almonds taste with a subtle spicy taste. What I like about this tea is that it does really make me feel like as if I had eaten something even though it is just tea, though more a carrot&nuts mix than a slice of cake.
Also, once resipped, it still carry the same flavor.

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This doesn’t taste enough like banana too me, it’s more like artificial banana flavor than the real fruit one. Wouldn’t buy it again however it’s not unpleasant either. Probably wouldn’t recommend it if you’re looking for an intense banana taste though.

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drank Santa's Secret by DAVIDsTEA
4 tasting notes

Hmm…. I’m not even a candy cane enthusiast but this tea taste so good! My main criteria to judge if a david’s tea is a good match for me is firstly that I am able not to eat the entire bag (which is impossible for me when there are nuts, chocolate bits etc in the bag) before making at least one cup of tea, that it contains a decent amount of tea leaves (and not only dried fruits) and that the flavor matches the actual description/name of the product. Well this tea succeed in all of those! In the cup, the peppermint flavor dominates with a hint of creaminess and it tastes exactly like a creamy mint sweet. It is definitely a tea to keep for a treat now and then! This is not my favorite one from DT but only because I am not so addicted with the taste of candy cane.

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alright, this one is definitely one of my favorite tea from the david’s Tea collection. This one doesn’t need to be steeped for too long, but I have to warn you if you’re on a diet, do NOT grab this tea, cause it is almost impossible not to taste the big chocolate bits while waiting for the water to warm. So about the taste : if you like chocolate and cinnamon together, this one is definitely a must-try!!! I mean contrary to some other DT this one may exactly have the taste you would except it to have from the main ingredients list : probably not really original, but definitely a good all-time classic for the evening!

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