45 Tasting Notes

drank Mandarin Peel by Nature
45 tasting notes

I haven’t brewed it on its own yet but I have so far successfully added it to lavender tisane and to lemongrass-ginger-apple-teabag concoction and both times it provided a very light citrus bite to the brew.

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Had this at a cafe in Kyoto, seems home made as the ingredients were fresh, not even dried: sakura flowers and yuzu rind. The sakura flower, as the waiter explained, had salt on it, perhaps to help preserve it. Indeed the tea tasted like it had a bit of salty flavor, but the gentle sakura taste and yuzu rind taste where still predominant. It was a pleasant and adventurous experience but I would probably not order it again, due to the salt component.

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drank Almond by TeaHolic
45 tasting notes

Had this tea at TeaHolic tea house in Kyoto. Very strong almond smell and flavor, very nice tea with a bit of milk, like a luscious dessert. The only tea place where they have brought me extra hot water for the pot top up without me even having to ask! Two thumbs up.

Oh and they even gave me some teabags to take home as a Christmas present, how delightful! Tea shall be my only Christmas present this year =)

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drank Nilgiri by TeaHolic
45 tasting notes

Amazing citrusy falvor and very light uplifting taste. My first Nilgiri taste and I absolutely had to buy a pack to take home.

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Very disappointed with this one. Earl Grey is my favorite tea closely followed by rooibos but I found that this particular mix is not at all the dream combination I was hoping for. The rooibos flavor is very strong and bitter and earl grey (bergamot) is very faint. They just don’t harmonize well with each other.

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drank Grapefruit Peel by Custom
45 tasting notes

Tried brewing this with a bit of green tea and did not enjoy it but I think I really went overboard with the peel. Will try putting only a few shavings in next time.

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drank Lemongrass by Tea Boutique
45 tasting notes

Nice and flavorsome just like pure herb should be.

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drank Ginger by Nature
45 tasting notes

Ginger easily gets 100% rating from me as this is one ingredient that is readily available raw no matter which corner of the world you go. It has innumerable health benefits and makes a lovely brew either on its own or as an additive to many other teas, herbs and ingredients.

I also frequently add a bit of ginger when brewing some other tea for the second time. Where by itself it might have been weak, coupled with ginger it always produces a new and interesting taste.


I completely agree! Although I use dried from my local tea shop. I love adding it to whites and greens (especially Adagio’s ginseng green). I also steep 2.25g per 6oz of water, stick it in the fridge and then serve it over a slice of lemon for a great thirst quencher.

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drank Get Warm by Flower Power Teas
45 tasting notes

Lemongrass & ginger are among of my favorite herbal teas. I found that the addition of raspberry leaf harmonized very well with the other 2 flavors and gave the whole tea a lift and made it seem sweeter.

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drank Fully Riped Apple by MlesnA
45 tasting notes

It is just a black tea with no detectable apple flavor. Although the tea bag smelled strongly of apple this did not translate into tea aroma or flavor.

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