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American Tea Room Edit

2 ratings
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Type Tea Room
Style Modern
Serves Loose-leaf, Chai, Iced
Food Snacks, Sandwiches, Pastries
Good For Dates

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2 Reviews

American Tea Room in Los Angeles, CA
Terra Swan rated this place
and said Edit

Modern and elegant, the atmosphere is very clean and professional. The interior design reminded me of design I would see around Iceland when I lived there, which is a compliment.
Besides the appearance, the educational aspect that every tea shop should have was present. There was an interactive center where you could smell different teas and learn of their origin and other helpful information to aide you in your purchase.
The SINGLE CRITICISM I had of this wonderful tea shop is their Bi Luo Chun is stated to originate from Taiwan. If this is true, it cannot be labeled as Bi Luo Chun, according to the International Standardization Organization (ISO). To be labeled as Bi Luo Chun, it MUST originate from the Dongting Mountain region of Jiangsu, China. There are other specifications of what qualifies a tea as Bi Luo Chun, like when its plucked, what is grown in the estate, the coverage, etc, but this is probably the most important. I would suggest speaking with the growers about renaming the tea because of legal name protection reasons, or otherwise sourcing actual Bi Luo Chun.

Other than this error, the matcha I had was perfectly frothed in a beautiful glass bowl. Not too much or too little matcha was used, it was light and grassy.
I also tried some of their Da Hong Pao (Big Red Robe). It wasmy first time tasting a yan cha (rock tea), and I felt it really had that yan yun (rock taste). It was so refined and just a beautiful experience of drinking tea.

The outdoor patio with little fire areas was very aiding in my experience of drinking fine tea. This is a place of excellence.

American Tea Room in Los Angeles, CA
AmazonV rated this place
and said Edit

My sister was displeased with the area it was located in, she said if she had known where we were going we would not have gone after dark.

The building and interior itself were gorgeous, high ceilings, exposed woodwork, very crisp and modern tables and chairs.

I loved the test tube smelling area. You could scan then and a screen would tell you all about them.

The staff was friendly, helpful, but not pushy.

I got the Himalayan Butter Tea (Nepalese Black, Oolong & Pu Er Tea, Butter, Salt, Milk, Honey)

It tasted spiced, I liked the texture of the butter, but I would have sworn there were spices in it and it was interesting but not something I would get again.

There were an assortment of gold mylar bags, gift boxes, and tea ware one could buy and take home, in the outdoor seating area there was a living wall.

I enjoyed the visit and would gladly go back, apparently only before dark.