Companhia Portuguesa do Chá - Vieira e Pinto Edit

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Type Tea Shop
Style Asian
Features Tastings, Tea ceremony
Mon Fri 10:30 AM 8:30 PM

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1 Review

cteresa rated this place
and said Edit

This is the most beautiful, fascinating, tea shop I have ever been. Just for that entering it and rating 5 stars because if it was just for that it would be worth the visit.

But it has an interesting, fascinating collection of tea blends, they sell by the 50 grams and the two teas (not their own blends) I got there both turned out to be very good so that is also a plus.

On the negative side, I really really wish they had sample outs of their teas. I know it gets stale, maybe little closed boxes or something, but I find it really offputting to keep asking the sales assistant to move out big heavy cannisters of tea, from high shelves even, only so I can take a sniff and dismiss it.