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Type Restaurant
Style Modern
Food Full menu
Features High tea
Good For Dates, Groups, Meetings
Mon Tue Closed
Wed Sun 5:00 PM 8:30 PM

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Mint Restaurant and Tea Lounge in Waitsfield , VT
Genmaicha Drinker rated this place
and said Edit

My friend and I went to the Mint Restaurant and Tea Lounge spur of the moment late in the evening. I was craving tea and Mint was the closest place serving so late. The parking for Mint is clearly marked but you will have a short walk from the lot to the restaurant (proceed to the left from entering the parking lot and follow the private pathway on the low part of the hill).

Outside of Mint you’ll notice several tables for summer use and large french doors. You won’t enter through these doors, rather you’ll move forward to a single door. Upon entering you’ll find a traditional restaurant set-up with a host (who will also act as your waitress and is the owner) to sit you. There is no teaware being sold here, nor are there any books to read. The seating entirely consists of western-style tables and chairs which are sadly not the most comfortable. The music was new age and the lighting was dim and personal.

When we arrived around 7:00 p.m. in early November on the weekend the restaurant was empty but Mint’s website recommends reservations and a review on a separate website notes being turned away because it was full. Mint’s tea menu is found clasped in the hands of a statue on your table and a dinner menu will be provided by your waitress. Mint’s tea menu is limited—perhaps 12 teas—but carefully chosen. I selected their Darjeeling white tea and it was a fine light tea. I was served a single cup but elsewhere I’ve read they do serve pots. Nonetheless, where Mint shines is their food.

Mint’s menu changes frequently, making it a perfect spot for regulars who crave different tastes for their palate. The menu is almost entirely vegan and vegetarian with a focus on organic! It nonetheless remains heavily robust and excitingly eclectic. From the early November menu I ordered (if I remember correctly) an absolutely amazing cauliflower soup, sautéed broccoli and kale with rice and beans, and a fabulously scrumptious chocolate moose for dessert. My friend ordered pad thai with peanut sauce, and a chocolate coconut treat for dessert. I tried everything and everything, as I came to expect, was delicate and lovely.

A caveat is the price. At $20 per entrée it’s quite expensive, although you can see the obvious quality that comes with that price. If you’re wise about it you can fill up on an appetizer and/or entrée split between two people, being sadly sure to skip dessert, to save some money. I’m not sure if Mint has rules about such practices however. My friend was also a bit disappointed because he is a picky eater who doesn’t like complicated dishes (as in dishes with more than three base ingredients), nor does he like rice, beans, or soup. This makes it a bit hard for him to find something at Mint. We were thinking a salad might be best for him next time.

All in all, Mint is a lovely place to stop by for high tea. In the future I’ll likely attend for the food alone. If you would like tea, you might be sure to request a pot if desired as they don’t seem to cater to the tea room crowd much. A long tea session won’t be as comfortable as in other places, but the food will keep you seated and satisfied.