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Teavana (Park Royal North) in West Vancouver, BC
Peter Azak rated this place
and said Edit

This location took me a while to find, as I did not know my way around the Park Royal mall. I had originally planned to make a visit when it first opened, but the trip there would have taken too long via transit.

But, I finally found it, and I finally made my much anticipated visit. As with the Teavana locations I had visited in Chicago, this location had maintained it’s consistency of great service for great tea.

The clerk that had assisted me, Laura, was very welcoming, very courteous, and very knowledgeable. It really helped that she is also a tea enthusiast, and is possibly as much addicted to Teavana’s teas as I am.

They had great samples on the floor, which she had instantly offered me. This included Teavana’s popular (and my favorite) Chai/Chai blend, as well as other seasonal blends that I have not tried until then.

I had made especial effort to note to her that I have not ever had any bad tea from Teavana.

Not only were there samples for summer seasonal teas offered, but information on teapots, process of preparing, and the many sets of tea as well. Despite knowing most of the information on the sets and processes, it was a great run through nonetheless, as my knowledge had sparked conversation on teas with a fellow enthusiast.

I particularly enjoyed when she started showing me similar teas and her favorite teas, showing me the actual leaves and allowing me to take in the aromas. Because this was summer, they were mainly herbal teas, but every tea shown was beautifully intoxicating.

I believe every tea she had shown me I bought, half of the teas due to the delicious samples, the other half due to the aromas of each tea. It also helped that she had a good idea of what I would like, as well as advisement on her favorites.

I had also asked about a couple other teas, as well as a discontinued tea, which surprised her. Her observation was that I might know more about Teavana’s tea than her.

Because of the outstanding assistance, this particular Teavana location in West Vancouver’s Park Royal North mall stands out as my favorite. I will most definitely be returning to that location, hopefully to have assistance by Laura again.