Cup Tea Lounge Edit

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Type Tea Room
Style Modern
Serves Loose-leaf
Features Afternoon tea

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Photo submitted by Leigh Hamilton

1 Review

Cup Tea Lounge in Glasgow, Glasgow City
Raritea rated this place
and said Edit

As of right now, in my tea-tasting “career”, this is my favourite place for tea that I’ve been to! I went to Cup Tea Lounge today for their afternoon tea and I was absolutely delighted at my experience there. They really know how to create a quality tea-drinking and meal experience. Not only were the treats delicious and plentiful but the tea was of high quality and brewed properly (at the correct temperature and for the correct amount of time for each individual tea). The highlight of my tea experience is that I was allowed to drink as many different teas on the menu as I wanted as part of my experience. I was able to try 6 different teas in total (between me and my afternoon tea companion) and, as was mentioned before, they were all quite good. The venue itself was a curiosity, with the walls to the ceilings in tile. My friend described it as “drinking tea in a bathroom” but I always love seeing what interesting architecture Scotland has to offer. My afternoon tea at Cup Tea Lounge was absolutely stellar from the well-presented menus to the presentation of each course. The only drawback, perhaps, would be the price of £22 per person which would keep me from returning as often as I’d like. Still with all the food and different teas I was able to try, I would say it is definitely worth it.