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Kaleisia Tea Lounge - Online Edit

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Serves Loose-leaf

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1 Review

Kaleisia Tea Lounge - Online in Tampa, Florida
LiberTEAS rated this place
and said Edit

I placed an order with this company because I had read some enticing reviews of the tea, so I decided to give them a try. I was impressed with the prompt shipping – I received my order within a few days of placing it, and the company is in Florida and I’m in Washington State.

The prices were fair, and they have a nice selection of teas. Everything was packaged safely and arrived soundly and in a very timely manner. The only thing that affects the rating is that there was no real “personal touch” – no personal thank you, no free sample, nothing that made me feel special or appreciated.

Having not yet had the opportunity to try the teas this review is based only upon the experience I had shopping with them, and it was above average, but, not exceptional. I might shop with them again, if they have something that sparks my interest or if I read a review that captures my attention, but, I probably won’t go to their website looking for teas to buy.