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Photo submitted by Dinosara
Photo submitted by Dinosara

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Naivetea - online in Burlingame, California
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I made my first order from Naivetea over Black Friday weekend this year. I don’t usually email tea companies about things before I order, but I had occasion to interact with them for this order. I wanted to order the infused tea sampler but they didn’t have their lychee oolong as one of the options, so I emailed about this and one of the owners, Lawrence, emailed me back and said that it was a mistake and that they would try to fix it before the black friday coupon expired, but that if it wasn’t fixed I could just email after my order and they would make sure it shipped correctly. When I tried to order on Saturday, the lychee oolong still wasn’t an option and the coupon code wasn’t working, so I emailed back. Lawrence was very apologetic and extended the coupon so that people would have an extra day to make an order. Buggy websites can happen to anyone, but they were really great about fixing things. His emails were always prompt and I really got the sense he would make sure everything turned out right.

They have a lovely website that is easy to use. They don’t provide photos of the tea itself, which I do like seeing, but because these teas don’t include other ingredients in them, they do tend to look very similar, so I understand using other images. Shipping charges were reasonable (seems to be a $5 flat fee within the US).

The order shipped out quickly and I got it no problem. When I got my order the sample set was just as I had wanted (lychee oolong included). I ordered two sample sets which came in beautiful watercolor-print boxes. The tea was packaged in small resealable pouches that are nice quality and I think they will keep the tea fresh. The pouches are labled with the tea name, and each sample box came with a small card that has steeping instructions (both hot and iced) for all of the different teas. They also included one free sample (same amount of tea as the teas in sample sets). The samples are a good amount of each tea such that I will have enough for quite a few cups. The tea is extremely high quality and I have been nothing but pleased with my order. Will definitely order again!