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SerendipiTea Edit

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Type Tea Shop
Features Tastings
Mon Fri 10:30 AM 5:30 PM
Sat Sun Closed

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Photo submitted by SerendipiTeaUSA
Photo submitted by SerendipiTeaUSA
Photo submitted by SerendipiTeaUSA
Photo submitted by SerendipiTeaUSA
Photo submitted by SerendipiTeaUSA
Photo submitted by SerendipiTeaUSA

1 Review

SerendipiTea in Manhasset, New York
Dylan Oxford rated this place
and said Edit

This is a review based on ordering from them online. I was going to add a ‘new’ place, just for their online presence… but since they had zero ratings on their physical presence, it seemed like a waste.

I’ve been drinking SerendipiTea Tea for a while now, and I’ve always enjoyed the quality. Until now, all of my orders have been purchasing their tea from Amazon, as it’s all eligible for Prime shipping. But, since you have to order eight ounces at a time for that, we decided to order a box of samples from SerendipiTea’s own website,

The first thing I have to mention… their site has a tendency of loading fairly slowly. This problem has all but been corrected as of late… but just in case, be wary of some slow loading times. A little patience goes a long way.

Once you’ve browsed around and found what you want, the checkout process is fairly standard. They accept paypal, which is always a huge bonus for me.

For better or worse, they have a standard shipping fee of $7.50, regardless of order size. I do really like free shipping, and will tend to buy more if there’s some sort of threshold for free shipping… but alas, that is not the case here. However – I truly think I got what I paid for in my shipping. The product shipped almost immediately, and the order I placed Tuesday evening (well after business hours) was in my mailbox Friday.

The .5 oz samples were HUGE, much closer to a full oz. Plus, they sent me an extra sample in with the order. I actually sent them an email to see if there was some sort of mix up, or that was the normal size of the samples. I receive a very cheerful email the following day from a delightful woman named Linda who said that they always overfill the sample bags as an easy way to spread some happiness. Color me impressed. I’ll definitely be ordering again.

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1) Generous samples
2) Fast Shipping
3) Great Tea
4) Cheerful Service