Benny's Tee & Gewürzstube Edit

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Type Tea Shop
Style Asian
Serves Loose-leaf

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Photo submitted by Shinobi_cha
  • Marktplatz 9 (Hochhaus am Markt / Passage)
  • Lörrach, Baden-Württemberg
  • (0 76 21) 4 64 49

1 Review

Benny's Tee & Gewürzstube in Lörrach, Baden-Württemberg
Shinobi_cha rated this place
and said Edit

Sehr großes Angebot an grünem Tee! Nr. 1 im Landkreis Lörrach! Sehr gute Beratung!
(And for those non-German-speakers)
A very wide selection of green tea! No. 1 in the whole Lörrach region! Very good tea advice!

Yes, actually, they have a huge selection of tea, and a decent selection of tea wares as well. When you walk in, you are hit by a wall of aroma of tea and spices.
All of the tea is in canisters that they will open for you to smell. The names are written largely on the front in different colors – black, red, green, etc. to designate which kind of tea it is.

This place won 2nd place in all of Germany for best tea shops a few years ago.

We bought two of their teas, Kashmiri Chai and Dong Oolong, both of which have been delicious….sad to know it is so far for me to go back and get more!