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Type Restaurant
Style Asian
Serves Bubble
Food Full menu

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  • Byres Road
  • Glasgow, Glasgow City

1 Review

Home Wok in Glasgow, Glasgow City
.snowglobe angel. rated this place
and said Edit

My ratings are based on food, since I had tried that here before.
Home wok was the first place in G I found boba. But they didn’t have tapioca ready at the time (she said it wasn’t very popular and to call ahead 2hrs and she’d cook some :P). Still the potential was there, even if they only did the milk tea flavor (boring!).

The food was good, but its a takeaway place rather then somewhere to try and eat. But as I am trying to flesh out the secret locales of boba for the UK, I thought I’d highlight everywhere I have found it (so it’ll be easier for anyone hunting around nowadays) :)