Chinatown Noodle Bar Edit

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Type Restaurant
Style Asian
Serves Iced, Bubble
Food Full menu

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Photo submitted by .snowglobe angel.
  • Ladywell Walk
  • Birmingham, Birmingham
  • 01216224746

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Chinatown Noodle Bar in Birmingham, Birmingham
.snowglobe angel. rated this place
and said Edit

I had been boba-less for months. My classmates and I went to the annual congress down at the ICC/NIA, and they let me lure them to wander the wee Chinatown of Brum. On our scouting, we walked past a restaurant tucked in an alley (its hidden, so beware).
And what was pictured in the window. …..BUBBBLE TEA!!

In a heartbeat, there was hope I wouldn’t wither and die from tapioca deficiency!! (this was the first bubble tea place i found in the UK) I was over the moon, and apparently radiated a ‘do not say no’ vibe b/c the girls conceeded to having dinner with me in this little oasis.

The food is very,very good and has a large range of choice. And of course the boba rocks. They have a range but also have my very favoritest Sesame bubble tea here too. So obviously I am all about the sesame when I am there. :D

It has become a tradition now for me and my peeps. And as every year I end up in Brum for congress, no one ever argues about hitting my special bubble tea land. (and I do admit to sneaking back for a ‘to go’ one as well.)

So pop in if you are in the neighborhood, but beware that its hidden so keep your eyes peeled.