Boston Tea Stop in Cambridge, Massachusetts
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I’ve been to this place so many times I’ve lost count. In fact, I’ve avoided it for months, because once I go, I want to go again and again.

My first ever bubble tea experience was in 1999 while visiting Honolulu and I hated it. It wasn’t the tea part but the bubbles.

I’m not sure what made me want to try them again. Perhaps it was a friend working at Dado tea and even though I enjoyed Dado’s version, another friend introduced me to Boston Tea Stop and I have never looked back. I’ve been to other places arond Boston since but their tea is definitely the best tasting.

My favorite flavors are either the Almond milk or Thai milk teas. (Taro milk tea is good too, especially hot.) You really can’t go wrong there. My boyfriend has tried pretty much all of the fruity flavors as Snow (milky slush) with Pineapple being his favorite. He doesn’t like boba, so he gets it without.

My only complaint is that on busy days some of the milk teas tend to take on the Jasmine flavor. This has happened so many times to me. I’ve gotten used to that flowery taste, but you may want to stick to the slush/snow if it’s a particularly busy day. I’ve had bad boba there too — totally flavorless — and that tends to happen on busy days too. Most of the time the boba is a perfect blend of chewy with a hint of sweetness.

Another great thing about this place is that they have a rewards card. It’s changed several times over the years though. It used to be a plastic card that they swiped, then it was through an iphone app using your phone number but they seemed to have taken to a less is more approach and just use a cardboard card they stamp now. Your tenth drink is on them!


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