This is the only Jasmine that David’s tea makes that is sub-par. I find the flavour to be bitter, chemical and unpleasant (though I was careful to brew it correctly, in a number of varied ways). It has a smell that is mildly reminiscent of rubbing alcohol, and drinking it gives me an unpleasant, mild-headache-like sensation. (And yes i am fully aware of the possibility of placebo effect, but I have experienced this mild-headachey-ness on many occasions, in varied circumstances.) Perhaps there is a particular quirk to the processing of this tea as opposed to the others, or it is interacting with an allergy of mine, as I have not spoken to anyone else who has felt this effect. While I personally do not recommend this tea, and rather recommend the dragon pearls, or the butterfly jasmine from David’s instead (which are far more light, natural-smelling, and deliciously floral), there are a number of people I know who don’t mind this tea. However, none of them rave about it. In summary, while I would not recommend this tea, I highly recommend David’s tea, as this is only one of two two teas I have ever tried there and disliked (out of over 100).

Flavors: Alcohol, Bitter

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