53 Tasting Notes


Received this as a sample. Tastes just like peaches and cream! Peach flavor is subtle and not artificial tasting. Creamy goodness! Would consider ordering this in a bigger size.

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EDIT 1/17/15:

Having these side by side I can say now that even though the ingredients are exactly the same – they don’t taste the same. Me and my friend Mickey sat down and drank both the Downton Christmas & Comfort and Joy several times back to back and concluded that, yes, they do taste very similar, but there are subtle nuisances to each that make them their own. That’s not to say that you need them both – like I said they do taste very similar and comfort and joy is an easy switch for those who love the Downton Christmas and are afraid you won’t get anymore once it’s gone. My favorite of the two is Comfort & Joy. The Downton Christmas is just a weaker version, but still very good!

EDIT 9/16/15:

I’m not really sure what The Republic of Tea is playing at. As I commented earlier, this tea tastes quite similar to their “Comfort and Joy” tea. On a lark, I read the ingredients on the tin of the Downton Christmas Tea ….

Fine black tea, cinnamon, natural flavors, cloves, licorice root and apple pieces

Then, I went to their website and looked up the ingredients for “Comfort and Joy”…..

Fine black tea, cinnamon, natural flavors, cloves, licorice root and apple pieces

In the exact same order! I don’t have the foggiest WHY the company doesn’t just say that “Downton Christmas” is “Comfort and Joy” repackaged. Hmmm, I think I know.

Downton Christmas – 36 bags $12.00
Comfort and Joy – 50 bags $11.50

OH, and the same thing goes for Mrs. Patmore’s Pudding Tea and Vanilla Caramel Cuppa Tea …. same ingredients, same order.

WTH!?!?! So basically you’re paying more money for the exact same tea except in a collectible tin and less of it.


Very good! Although, if I remember correctly, this tastes similar to The Republic of Tea’s “Comfort and Joy” (It’s been a while since I last had some). If you like that, you’ll like this.

Tastes like Christmas in a cup to me, I can’t wait to have this all winter long.


THANK YOU! That is what I was thinking, and I appreciate your direct comparison!


Appreciate the tidbit about Mrs. Patmore’s … I rather like it, so it’s nice to know that there’s an alternative to watch for.

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I was caught off guard by how good this tea is. It’s not something I would consider buying – I received it in a grab bag. 52teas hit a home run with this one! Fruity and light and naturally sweet … crisp and smooth at the same time. Tasted just as good once it cooled down.

Flavors: Cantaloupe, Cucumber, Sweet

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I received this as a sample with my last order. I’m so impressed. It’s sweet without being fake sweet. The tart apple flavor blends very well with the caramel. Definitely will be included with my next order.

11/19/16 EDIT: I received a sample packet again with the new ROT catalog and decided to have it because I never got around to ordering it like I said would. I don’t know WTF happened but all I could taste this time was rooibos. I detected a hint of caramel and I mean BARELY a hint and no apple taste whatsoever. So sad because I was looking forward to having my own tin!!

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I’m a fan of The Republic of Tea. I know they don’t get much love around here. I love their little niche of collectible tins and flavor blends.

Mrs. Patmore’s Pudding Tea tastes similar to their Caramel Vanilla Cuppa Cake Tea. Maybe I need to sip them side by side to be able to do true comparison. It’s a good tea. They both are.


If I could pick one out of the Downton Abbey series to try, this would be it.

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Not as smooth as the box claims, but for a green tea it’s average. I think raspberries and blueberries do extremely well with green teas – so I really wanted to try this raspberry one. Has a lovely aroma. Raspberry could be stronger, though. I will finish the box but it won’t be a re-order.


My dad really likes this one.

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drank Earl Grey by St. Dalfour
53 tasting notes

What the???? Is that pepper? Yep. That’s pepper.

I couldn’t even finish the cup. The base itself wasn’t bad – it’s just that weird pepper aftertaste that just lingers far too long. Ingredients say it also has vanilla. Where that be?

I very rarely say I wouldn’t recommend a tea, because everyone is different. But, if you don’t think you’d like pepper in your earl grey, stay away.

Flavors: Pepper

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I’m on the fence with this one. I bought several teas from The English Tea Store and this one by far is the best of them. There is something in this tea I can’t quite put my finger on – then I read the reviews here about it having a floral taste. Ah, that’s it. I am not a fan of floral teas. This one is subtle with the floral and I still find it drinkable. I will finish my supply out but it will not be a re-order for me.

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I’m an impatient, weird, overly giggly redhead. I’m obsessed with British stuff and have a love for tea (obviously). I enjoy reading novels when time allows it, but most of the time I can be found searching for BBC crime shows on Netflix.

My favorite teas are black, flavored, herbal and iced. I also like some green and some rooibos.

I only review teas once and I don’t log a tea every time I drink it. Ain’t nobody got time for that.



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