Thank you Nuvola Tea for this amazing sample.

I’m hoping for tons of infusions with it in my yixing pot!

First steep, 30 seconds: the cup smells like it might actually be filled with butter instead of tea! It’s very flavorful and yet at the same time somewhat delicate…if that makes any sense. It’s got a strong taste of light flavors. It’s too hard to describe in words, jeez. It’s creamy, vegetal, sweet, and has just a hint of floral.

Second steep, 45 seconds: It’s become more sweet and more vegetal. There seem to even be notes of dark green herbs in here, maybe something like sage! Sage and peas. Sounds good to me.

Third steep, 60 seconds: This steep reminded me somehow that I needed to take decent pictures of my lip balms now that I found my memory card. Except now the battery is drained in my camera and I can’t find the charger. It’s always gotta be something. This steep is now much sweeter, with a hint of astringency. I always like the astringency in oolongs because it comes off as a mix between sparkling water and peppercorns.

Fourth steep, 75 seconds: The flavor was less intense on this one so I decided to make it the last. There was a lot of time between the 3rd and 4th so that probably didn’t help. This one was still sweet, also reminiscent of green vegetables but in no way as intense as even the third steep.

I liked the second steep the best. This is an amazing tea, grown in quite an interesting climate. I wouldn’t hesitate to get some in the future. Thank you again Nuvola for graciously giving me a sample of this tea.

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