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Let’s…don’t even…I can’t…the thing is…I…this…

This is not a tea. This is a miracle. Brewing this is brewing a tiny cup of miracle.

Even just the smell is spectacular – an experience. I could smell this tea from the top of my head to the tips of my toes. It is. So good.

It steeps to a beautiful dark gold color. I can’t describe the way it tastes with words like smooth, or creamy, or buttery. It is all of those things, but so are a lot of teas, and this tea is different. It is so satisfying, and the steamy smell tickles your nose the entire time you’re drinking it. It’s very good iced, but I think that hot is where this tea really shines. It’s an oolong, so you can get multiple steeps, but nothing like that first one.

I still feel like I haven’t accurately described this tea. It tastes like a hundred puppies climbing over you all at once. It tastes like winning a card game. It tastes like throwing a penny into a fountain and making a wish. It is so good.

You can’t buy it anymore. That is not okay. If you have a soul, you will email DavidsTea and beg them, BEG them to bring it back. It’s for the good of us all.

Aimee Popovacki

I know…. whyyyy do they have to stop selling it!? its my fave oolong from davids

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This tea is great. Since I’ve started drinking it, I am literally glowing. I save hundreds of dollars in electricity because I no longer require nightlights and I am GREAT at standing on cliffs and guiding ships safely home to harbor.

No but actually, it’s delicious. The claims are a little overblown, but I don’t even care because it just tastes sooo good. It’s okay iced, but warm it’s as comforting as an oatmeal cookie but elegant and graceful and floral and I am surprised by how much I enjoy it.

The smell of the dry leaf translates really well into the brewed tea. It’s balance of cinnamon, sweetness, and nature. I don’t really get apple – it’s our go to cinnamon partner fruit, but this is more generic. At the risk of sounding like a crazy person, you feel this tea more than you taste it. I can’t taste the nettles and rooibos, for example, but I can feel their presence in the flavor.

Aesthetically, it is a beautiful tea, and making it feels luxurious. There are roses in it! Look at you, drinking a tea with roses! Who are you, the queen?

Yes, yes you are. You owe yourself this tea.

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A pretty pink drink! Ironic, because actual passionfruits are actually kind of ugly (go google one – they’re purple, yellow, and gooey). BUT, they are delicious. The butterfaces of the fruit world :D

This tea smells wonderful. I could bring a little packet of it with me everywhere and just walk around all day smelling and smelling, but I think that would look like bizarre behavior on the subway. No big fruit chunks or leaves – this dry tea looks like it’s been pulverized.

I tried this iced. It looked lovely – a hue that’d please the Pink Panther; the smell was still strong and intoxicating. The fruit notes are sharp and bright without being tart and there’s a light sweetness. It’s refreshing, BUT, I had a realization, and this is my problem with all of the summer herbals.

This is not “tea.” This is not a “tisane.” This is not an “herbal.” This is juice, y’all. Fruit infusions like this are just DIY juice, in my opinion. I don’t hate that. Juice is fine! But if I want juice, I’m just going to go buy juice. I’m not like, a juice scientist and connoisseur who needs to create her own by steeping the essence out of real fruit and sweetening it to my exact specifications.

If you do really like fruit infusions, this is a good choice. Probably my fave of the three from this summer (Tropicalia, Mango Fruit Punch & this one). Nice punchy taste but without the tartness that MFP has.

Know what I like better than juice? Tea. But for DIY juice, this works. I bet it would be good as a TeaPop (DIY soda).

170 °F / 76 °C 5 min, 0 sec

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So I am a coco-NUT (hahahahahaha no really guys I need help) and I thought this tea was incredible. I lost my mind when the Coconut Oolong came out, and this made me find it, and then lose it again, because AAAAHHHHH.

Scrumptious. Where the Oolong is velvety, this tea is crisp. It’s good hot, but it’s INFINITY TIMES BETTER ICED. I’m sorry I keep typing in CAPS but I’m just really EXCITED. The coconut taste is a bit tropical – there’s some pina colada-y thing going on in the background, but it’s really light. This tastes like something you’d sip while relaxing on a beach in Vanuatu with a dashing foreign lover.

For me, this was the best tea of the summer collection and a must-buy. If you hate coconut (aka if you are crazy) this will not appeal to you, but if you love coconut, whoo boy. Buckle up.

185 °F / 85 °C 4 min, 0 sec

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This tea is not frontin’ y’all. It says Mango Fruit Punch and it IS mango fruit punch. The dry blend smells like mangoes and straight up Hawaiian Punch. Remember how you could always tell who’d been drinking Hawaiian Punch from their red-stained lips and teeth? Little kids running around birthday parties looking like little cannibals? And that weird mascot who was like, a human man wearing antlers?

Anyway, we’re off topic. This tea smells super, super fruity. It’s obviously artificial, but not necessarily in a bad way. Hot/warm it tastes sort of bizarre – I find all really fruity hot teas sort of make me think of NeoCitran/TheraFlu. Cold, it’s good. It’s definitely tart – probably the tangerine? I guess you could add sugar, but at that point, I start to wonder why I’m even drinking tisane and shouldn’t I just have a glass of juice instead? It’s refreshing.

Cool bonus: the steeped fruit afterwards is awesome. There are big, hulking mango slices, and they get juicy and delicious and to be honest, a little slimy. But like, GOOD slimy, if such a thing exists.

If really fruity herbals are your thing, you’ll probably like this. If mangoes are your thing, go eat a mango. It’s worth trying, but I’d grab it as an iced tea pack.

5 min, 30 sec

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drank Mint Julep by DAVIDsTEA
8 tasting notes

This tea snuck up on me! It’s a bit mellow, so it kind of got lost behind the HI WE ARE DELICIOUS FRUITSPLOSIONS PUT US IN YOUR MOUTH summer tea shuffle. The dry leaf has a rich mint smell – the mint itself is actually quite light and the pineapple chunks and coconut give bright and buttery back notes. Yum.

It brews dark. I find you have to focus on this tea while you’re drinking it – this is not something to pair with a spicy meal or a sugary dessert or anything else that will overwhelm your tastebuds. It will make the tea seem bland, but if you’re paying attention (because it is needy, co-dependent tea), it’s a treat. The spearmint is muted but cooling and refreshing, but the rest of the tea feels substantial. Good hot or iced, but I’d brew then chill it – don’t serve it over ice. I can see this tea getting really diluted.

Overall, it’s a more indulgent spin on peppermint tea. It’s not the most amazing thing I’ve ever tasted, but if you’re curious about it, you should try it. If the coconut scares you off, don’t let it – you can barely taste it. DON’T buy the iced tea pack version of this tea – it’s way more expensive that way. The other ones are all a deal, but this one is much cheaper to buy by weight.

4 min, 30 sec

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drank Ceylon Star by DAVIDsTEA
8 tasting notes

I wasn’t expecting this one to be so tasty! Last time I visited a DT store, they had 25g packets of tea for $3 for 2 for $5, so I snapped up a few just to try something new. I doubt I would have bought this otherwise, but after I tasted it, I went back the next day and bought four more of packets – $10 for 100g is a deal!

The anise flavor is very soft, and the blend was much creamier than I expected. I wish the overall taste was a little bit stronger, but this is a delicious, satisfying tea. Sumptuous, but light. A beautiful, simple pleasure – tastes like wearing a velvet-lined tracksuit would feel like :)

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Based on other reviews, it was better than I expected. You have to like pu’erh to like this tea, and I do! I expected the coffee flavor to be quite strong and to mask the rest of the flavor notes, but the caramel and almond were actually what I picked up the most.

There’s a roasted sweetness about the combo that works really well with the pu’erh IF it’s your thing in the first place. Because I found the flavors to be a bit artificial tasting, I’d probably just rather have pu’erh on its own. I got this tea as a sample with my last order and am not planning on buying it again.

Aimee Popovacki

I like this one if I need a kick in the butt in the morning. the coffee flavour tricks me into thinking i’m getting super caffeinated.


Cool, and I agree! Great morning tea. Have you tried jumpy monkey? I like mates, and I like coffee, so I was thinking of giving it a shot :)

Aimee Popovacki

blehhhhh I did try jumpy monkey… I used to mix it with coffee to wean myself off of drinking like five black coffee’s a day… the taste isn’t the best.. its quite nutty and unflavourful.

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