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Moonday! I’m only barely hungover, but I have insurance class to sit through still. Stiles to the rescue for all the things! If Tumblr explodes sometime around 11pm US Eastern Standard Time, that means half of a slash pairing is probably dead :X I’ll be at home reading fic for the next several months, which is why it exists in the first place.


Oooohhhh, I should check twitter. I’m SO behind on tumblr it’s not even funny.

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Glow Cloud tea, reading in the sun, multiple spiders. That’s about right.

I don’t have any fic links to share, since all I read at lunch were babyfics, and so I won’t subject you to any of that. No no! But hey, werebabies.


I like it best when the werebabies shift. Then I imagine them going on rampages through the local bunny population back yard like real puppies with no coordination. (Babies are cute, but also somewhat terrifying.)


(Yes, terrifying!) That is hilarious. In fic, I kind of just shake my head – I imagine baby bodies with big furry shifted heads with sideburns hahaha. Maybe in season 7 or whatever we’ll get a werebaby when show jumps the shark.


Considering their track record with the ladies, I’m not so sure how that will work. Unless Scott ends up as the baby-momma… I mean, he is the hottest girl.

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A nice chocolate chip tea for the afternoon! I spent lunch time reading in the sun – Linpatootie’s Night Vale fics: http://archiveofourown.org/users/Linpatootie/pseuds/Linpatootie/works?fandom_id=933501

Her Sherlock stuff is great too.

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drank Rose Scented by Harney & Sons
103 tasting notes

This tea is the loveliest.

Also lovely? Every fic by this author. She can write AUs that are better than the original thing. (Which, yeah, doesn’t mean much considering how well the show runner writes his own show (THE WORST) but hey, I try not to ponder that too much.) I’ve followed her through like 3 fandoms. Anyway, I read this TeWo roommate AU at lunch: http://archiveofourown.org/works/1139289?view_full_work=true

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Ok, this is a mate! New to me, though I think the chocolate blends well with the earthy taste.

This is the last of the Nightvale collection – now I’ve tasted them all. Hmm, while the Teen Wolf collection was all about fruity-chai-green-green, this collection is more about the earthy-gunpowder. Makes sense to me.

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This tea was nice on a snowy morning. I just ran a trail half marathon on Saturday in 70 degree weather. Oh well!

Watching Neon Genesis Evangelion for the first time last night, so in the mood for an anime tea this morning. What a great anime! I usually save them for summertime, but summertime just isn’t getting here fast enough.

How much do I love Miss Misato??? LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS. She is my new role model.

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It’s a grumpy cat kinda day!

Here are romantic dubstep mixes: http://luvstep.com/

I am over it, ppl. I miss hanging out with teenagers. I want to do yoga on the beach.


Oh geez. Those mixes made me think of this.
How, why, I have NO idea. And now I have the album playing in the background.


I’ve never seen that video! So early 80s and trippy. I watched soooo much MTV in 1984, too. Thanks for the link!


I grew up with that album. My parents have a very interesting taste in music. :)

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I had this yesterday and didn’t review it. I’m really new to mate, meaning I am not sure if I’ve had it before? But yesterday was a rough day – I stayed up really late to watch the True Detective finale after HBOgo crashed and I had to use other methods – and then I had a 2-hour insurance class about statistics and I thought I was going to puke or die. Or maybe just pass out asleep. Bad associations with mate.

But hey, here’s a fic i read at lunch while sitting on the porch in the sun: http://archiveofourown.org/works/574904
It’s set in a diner. Which is like happiness catnip to me. Lonely diners. It’s a thing.


someone i follow who writes Avengers just posted a Clint/Coulson Coffee Shop AU. her first and probably only coffee shop AU. whyyyy are they sooo catnnip!?! they ARE so catnip!
ao3 research report: Destiel has 169 Coffee Shop AUs listed. Sterek has 115 listed, and Clint/Coulson has … 16. whomp whomp. i’ve probably read all 16 too.
(i added your fic to my pile. for future maybe reads.)


Claps hands.. Sighs.. Coffee shop and diner au’s are awesome. Adding this one to the list!


Y’know, Idk if I’ve even read a coffee shop AU yet. But I will now!

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I had a pot’s worth of a free sample this weekend, and I’ve had it before, but it was SO NICE. So nice. I’m reminded of all my favorite black teas I should try to have around, and a jasmine, genmaitcha, oolong, ginger/lemon. Basically, what do I want in my tea cabinet? A nice orange pekoe too. Some sugar cubes. Simple, with some pure tea flavors (and flowers).

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I was going to have Derek Hale tea, because my mind has been very Derek-focused this week, but then I forgot to have afternoon tea at all and decided to settle on Feral Dogs, because it was appropriately doggy (sorry, Derek – don’t grumpy face me). It’s pretty golden colored like my favorite IPAs, and spicy and warm. Very nice. Though I’m still disappointed there was no floating interdimensional bathroom kitty tea in this set.

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