91 Tasting Notes

drank Bai Jian Yao by Wuyi Origin
91 tasting notes

Nose; Like a fruit Da Hong Pao, peach, apple, plumeria, toasted grain, slight aloeswood, lilac.
Palate; Peach, apple, lychee, pomagranate, slight toasted grain, plumeria

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drank Gong Xiang by Wuyi Origin
91 tasting notes

This is the only tea I have had from Wuyi Origin that was just a little disapointing, not bad, just not as amazing as the others. I am sure this is me, since I don’t care as much for this style of tea.
Nose; Sweet, light, hazelnut, tulse.
Palate; slight floral and vegetal, very much like a Taiwan Oolong or a Tie Guan Yin,

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A classic fruity Da Hong Pao with some nice complexity.
Nose; very strong fruit, lychee, raspberry, tulse, toasted nori, plumeria, citrus, ginger, galangal, slight herbal note.
Palate; plum, blood orange, redwood, limestone, strawberry, galangal, a bit dry, limestone.

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This is a good example and reminds me of the Verdant one.
Nose; Gardenia, orchid, aloeswood, celery.
Palate; delicate, slight cooked greens, orchid, pear, a bit like Taiwan Sourcing Oriental Beauty.

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Another stellar tea from Cindy! I have to say that she ( or whoever she has doing this ) is a master at tea firing/roasting, her teas never seem to be over roasted, and yet they have just the perfect processing to bring out flavor and aroma while insuring at least some longevity. I even tried to intentionally " burn " a couple and they held up really well. Another plus since this means the teas are very forgiving regarding brewing.
Nose; Vanilla, hazelnut, cream, very light boiled greens, plum, violets, incense, round.
Palate; light berries, cassis, vanilla, slight malt, hazlenut, chestnut, very light chamomile, slight spice.

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I found this tea to be one of the best black teas I have tasted.
Nose; beautiful florals, rose, gardenia, light tulse, parsnip, orchid, very light ozone, like a forest after a rain. delightful.
Palate; similar to nose with the addition of rambutan and plumeria, and a sparkling character.


This is actually an oolong. And probably one of Cindy’s best. I am thinking about purchasing another bag….

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drank Lapsang Souchong by Wuyi Origin
91 tasting notes

This is not a typical smoky version of this classic tea. Still it has some characteristics of the well known variety. Almost like a cross between Dehong and the title.
Nose; Malt, sweet potato, peach, apple.
Palate; sweet, malt, apple.

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A very nice example of JJM.
Nose; Malt, honey, sweet potato, rich
Palate, similar to nose, slight orange peel, butter, sweet.

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drank Mei Zhan by Wuyi Origin
91 tasting notes

Nose; Strong fruit, lychee, peach, red raspberry, toasted nori, plumeria, jasmine.
Palate; Slight blood orange, nice sweetness at back of palate, slight cinnamon and allspice, very light toasted flavor, round, brothy,, violets,

This is a really wonderful tea and if you like fruity this one is for you.

Flavors: Blood Orange

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Drinking tea is fairly new, but have had good wines for many years, so that is my perspective…
I generally brew in small ( under 200 cc and often under 100 cc ) pots either Japanese Tokoname or Chinese Yixing. I vary my steeping times a lot before I decide on tasting notes — I take a sort of experimental approach, gong fu one time, western short steeping another, vary the water temp, etc. to see what the tea will offer. Also, I will take notes on different days since what one brings to a cup one day will not be the same the next. I rate teas somewhat the same way as I rate wines, with over 90 being excellent, and over 95 being truly remarkable — even once in a lifetime. Over 85 very good, over 80 good.



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